Help! How do I make my WordPress Gallery a Lightbox Gallery so that it doesn’t go to a new page when I click on an image?

So, you have a WordPress site that you’ve been building and for the most part you are really happy with, but all of your galleries don’t work the way you want them to. . .sound familiar?

Here’s A Two Step Down and Dirty – Trick to quickly turn your Native WordPress Gallery into a beautiful and much more functional Lightbox Gallery.

Native WordPress allows you to create galleries and portfolios, but the thumbnails all open to a new window showing an awkward post when you click on them. That’s kinda lame and it gets pretty frustrating clicking back and forth between your gallery page and different posts every time you want to view a different image. So, to allow visitors to view your images in full-size lightbox window without making them leave your main gallery page here’s what you do. . .


Install and activate the plugin: JQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries

jQuery Lightbox for Native Galleries Plugin




Go to Settings > jQuery Lightbox and select the lightbox theme you would like to use.

jQuery lightbox theme for WordPress



Go ahead and check it out for yourself.


Your new WordPress Lightbox Gallery should look something like this. . .

WordPress Lightbox Gallery Preview