We’ve fount that not everyone wants to show the shipping and tax estimator used in the BigCommerce cart. Perhaps, yo want your customers to call for a shipping quote or you have local delivery fees or you simply want customers to see the shipping and tax amounts at the checkout stage. Whatever the reason, here’s how you remove the shipping and tax feature from the cart page in BigCommerce. . .

1. Make sure to log in to your stores admin area then click on the “Design” link followed by clicking on the “Template Files” tab.

template files in BigCommerce


2. Scroll down the list of template files until you get to the “Panels” Folder. Click on the + box to expand the panels folder.

BigCommerce panels folder

3. Scroll down some more until you get to the “CartContent.html” File. Click on “Edit” link shown to the right to open that file.

CartContent.html file in BigCommerce

4. On Line 42, Change the text from %%GLOBAL_HideShoppingCartShippingEstimator%% to display: none;.

hide global shipping and tax

Note: the following screen shot shows the changed version.

display none


5. Click Save and here’s what you get. . .

no more shipping and tax