What Are the Best Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes?

The Best WordPress Themes are the ones that work for your business, so this post will cover the absolute best Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes as well as some Premiums!

What Are the Best Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes?


Your website is a valuable tool for communicating with your customers, building leads and driving sales. Website design often plays a significant part in ensuring the success of a company. To help businesses create great looking and highly functional business websites, WordPress offers up ready-made themes. And why not? WordPress powers more than 74 million websites and counting, WordPress is the world’s leading content management system (CMS). It’s fast, efficient, easy to modify, and well supported by WordPress Web Developers World Wide.


I’ve seen some business managers cringe at the phrase ‘WordPress’, but I’m not sure why this is… WordPress is most certainly NOT an inferior platform. It’s the most widely used platform for website developers to build on for a reason, and not just little Mom and Pop sites. Some of the biggest, baddest website are powered by WordPress.

Search Engine Journal stated that some of the sites powered by WordPress include brands ranging from NASA, CNN, Forbes, The New York Times, TechCrunch, IZOD, Best Buy, GM, eBay, and even Jay Z’s LifeandTimes.com, to name just a few. Even Google’s Matt Cutts is a fan of WordPress, calling it “a fantastic piece of software.”


  • 8% of the top 100 blogs according to Technorati are managed with WordPress.

  • 2,645 of the top 10k websites on the web use WordPress.

  • 22,111 of the top 100k websites use WordPress.

  • 297,629 of the top 1M websites use WordPress.


WordPress themes can definitely allow you to have a professionally designed website without the pain or expense of hiring a professional web designer. However, because WordPress is an open- source platform, there are plenty of free themes and plugins, but that doesn’t mean that they are all created equal. In fact, there are a ton of just plain bad plugins and website themes out there ready to hinder your online business.

There are also literally thousands of professionally designed Free SEO friendly WordPress Themes that are great.

With over two thousand free themes available in the official WordPress Theme Directory and even more available for a fee at commercial sites like Theme Forest, StudioPress, and WooThemes, how in the Hell do you choose the BEST responsive SEO friendly WordPress Theme?

When choosing a Free WordPress theme or even a premium theme to customize, you should make your decision based on the number of active installs, user reviews and support responses. Here we have come up with the Best WordPress themes both free and paid for making a truly excellent SEO and mobile friendly website.

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The Absolute Best and Most popular SEO friendly WordPress themes for web design

Figuring out how to choose the best free SEO friendly WordPress Theme can be a very confusing and tiring task. So, to help ease your burden, I’m providing a list of the best and the most popular responsive themes on WordPress. These themes are custom built and also provide the features required to run and promote your business.


Hestia Free WordPress Theme:

Hestia Free Seo friendly WordPress Theme

Hestia is a free and highly praised WordPress Theme for providing many advanced features that typically come with paid themes. It is 100% translation ready, and most importantly, it is SEO friendly, and thus is popular among start-ups. It provides options for custom backgrounds, and live customization is speed optimized. Just like Avada, integration with WooCommerce is also offered, and drag-drop contents builders are easy to operate as well.

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Sydney Free WordPress Theme:

Sydney Free WordPress theme

The theme is responsive and uses a parallax background. It is customizable, and it also provides full access to Google fonts. Along with it, it is 100% translation ready in any language. Sydney is a powerful business theme that provides a fast way for companies or freelancers to create an awesome online presence. Sydney makes it super easy to control color, layout as well as your logo upload, full screen slider, header image, sticky navigation and much more. Also, Sydney provides all the construction blocks you need to rapidly create an engaging front page.

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Avada Premium WordPress Theme:

Avada Premium SEO friendly WordPress Theme

Avada creative is THE #1 Selling WordPress Theme of all time developed by ThemeForest. It is responsive, clean and follows a minimalistic design approach. Nicknamed thr “Swiss Army Knife,” it is entirely customizable and provides integration with WooCommerce, comes with Fusion Slider as well and incorporates drag- and- drop fusion page builder. It’s the number one theme for a reason — newbies and experienced developers can use Avada as a foundation for any online business.

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Astrid Free WordPress Theme:

Astrid Free WordPress Theme

Astrid is a pretty minimalist theme specially made for small businesses which require simple web design. Its formation is modernist which makes the website very professional in look. It has way too many fonts and colors as well as full-width header image (usually comes with a cost).

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Total – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme:

Total - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Total is used by more than 22,500 customers and has the 5 star rating to support how awesome it is. Along with its drag and drop options, responsive design and SEO optimization, it has more than 50 builder blocks which help in creating amazing layouts. It has advanced customizer where one can customize nearly anything, and it makes editing pretty easy. It is translation and Child Theme Ready. It’s surprising how light weight and fast this theme operates especially with how feature rich it is.

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Zerif Lite Free WordPress Theme:

Zerif Lite free responsive WordPress Theme

Zerif is a beautiful theme that comes equipped with WooCommerce, and also has an advanced live customizer. Zerif Lite is SEO ready and pretty easy to set up as well (takes less than a minute), and it provides demo content to the potential users. It is smart theme well ahead of its time and is optimized for speed. The only negative side it possesses ii that it is not free.

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Spacious Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme:

spacious multipurpose WordPress theme

Spacious is free SEO friendly WordPress theme which has a minimalistic design with a playful and clean layout. Though it only provides 13 widget areas — this is not a timid or weak structure. Since it is free, it has four-page layouts and two-page templates as well. Because this site is somewhat limited it may not be ideal for designing business websites, but can be a great personal website foundation.

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Jevelin Multi-Purpose Premium Responsive WordPress Theme:

Jevelin Multi-Purpose Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

Jevelin is a premium multi-purpose WordPress theme which provides a robust set of templates, plugins, and tools. It is designed to harness the advantage of WooCommerce plugin. Its highlight is that it offers a library of full-fledged demo websites and has six portfolio layout options along with many custom settings.

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All of these WordPress Themes make editing your website’s content pretty darn easy with build in page editing tools:


All of these Free and Premium WordPress Themes come packed with unique page layouts and templates, including a variety of portfolio options. These page designs can be mixed and match to help you create a totally unique website. As they’re all fully customizable, it’s easy to make your website match your brand. Countless Customization Options Thanks to the intuitive theme options control panel, you can customize almost every aspect of your website without ever touching a line of code. Creating custom color schemes, changing the fonts, and adjusting the site layouts are just some of the modifications you can make using one of these WordPress Themes.

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What Makes These the Best Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes?

When it comes to website platforms for SEO purposes, WordPress is the only one that actually comes Google recommended. Another interesting fact, Websites run on WordPress see 93% more inbound links. It’s no wonder, that companies like Profit Surge (http://www.profitsurgeseo.com/kansas-city), a well respected SEO service provider use WordPress combined with social media platforms to drive powerful results.

The real beauty of WordPress is its ability to encourage higher search rankings with minimal effort, and the Free and Premium Themes mentioned above are set up for optimal SEO right out of the box including:

Search Engine-Friendly URLs

Rather than using generic, nondescript URLs (e.g. www.yoursite.com/xyz123), you can set up WordPress to create new pages using a more meaningful URL structure such as www.yoursite.com/marketing-tips. This is done by logging into the WordPress dashboard and choosing Settings > Permalinks, at which point you can choose from several different formats. If you want your site’s URLs to contains the respective page’s title, select “Post name” – this is the recommended option, and it works for both post and page URLs.

Auto Pings New Content to Search Engines

It’s not uncommon for search engines to index new WordPress posts and pages within minutes of it being published. How in the world can Google find, let alone index, your website’s content in such little time? By default, WordPress notifies pingomatic.com when you publish new content, which then notifies all of the major search engines.

While pingomatic is the default pinging service used in WordPress, you can add your own to the list under Settings > Writing > Update Services.

Post and Page Scheduling

If you keep up with our blog here at PixelProductionsInc.com, you’re probably well aware of the importance of publishing fresh content to your website on a regular basis. According to Google, content is the single most important element on a website, so this is one step you shouldn’t overlook.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to research and write high-quality articles every other day, which is where WordPress comes into play: it features a nifty scheduling tool that allows users to schedule posts and pages to be published at a later date. Using this tool, you can create several articles, scheduling them to be published every couple of days.

Visitor Commenting

The SEO benefits of WordPress don’t end there. This highly popular content management system comes with a built-in commenting feature. If a visitor wants to share their thoughts or ask a question related to an article, they can do in the commenting section.

How can this benefit your site’s search ranking? Each time a visitor leaves a comment, it creates new content for your website – content that search engines LOVE. Yes, you’ll probably receive some spam comments (consider it a badge of honor), but you’ll also receive some constructive comments from real human visitors, and those are the comments that will boost your site’s ranking and overall level of engagement.


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WordPress themes have been providing an extensive alternative to traditional web design culture. Many WordPress themes, including the ones listed in this post are developed by experienced web development firms who are well aware of current market trends, user requirements, and solutions to delivering content to consumers most effectively.

Using WordPress themes for web design and development can definitely provide your business with a competitive edge and at the very least provide your business with a solid foundation for seo and delivering mobile content effectively. As a business manager, you have enough hurdles — why not join hundreds of thousands of other business owners in running WordPress to make some of your daily marketing tasks a bit easier?