Using Automated CRM to Better Serve Visitors to Your Website

3 ways to implement CRM on your website to automate your customer relationship management, improve your customers’ experience and boost your sales.

Using Automated CRM to Better Serve Visitors to Your Website

Properly used, customer relationship management software can multiply the effectiveness of your sales efforts.

Over six in ten companies that use mobile CRM achieve their sales quotas, compared to 22 percent of companies that are not using mobile CRM, according to Innoppl.

The average return on investment for CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent, Nucleus Research has found.

Greater efficiency, lower costs and higher upsell conversions help account for this excellent ROI.

However, achieving these results requires knowing how to use CRM effectively. Here are three ways you can implement CRM on your website to automate your customer relationship management, improve your customers’ experience and boost your sales.

Leveraging Webmaster Tools

One way to get more out of your CRM solution is by integrating it with webmaster tools that enable you to share your CRM data with other applications.

For instance, Google allows you to send your CRM data to Google Analytics for segmentation, report generation and the creation of remarketing lists that can be used in AdWords. You can then use AdWords for display ad campaigns or for remarketing lists for search ads.

I great example of how this type of integration can improve your business sales performance is if you use AdWords to bring in new customers for your business and you also use Salesforce’s Sales Cloud to track when new leads turn into paying customers.

Connecting the dots is going to be very critical so, how do you see which AdWords keywords, ads, and campaigns are doing the best job at driving the qualified leads and new sales that you track in Salesforce?

With AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce, you can automatically count AdWords conversions for any of the lead statuses and opportunity stages (we’ll call these milestones) that you’re already tracking in Salesforce. This lets you understand how your AdWords investment results in the most important milestones in your sales funnel. With the information you learn, you can then adjust your AdWords account to make sure you are driving the right kind of traffic.

Your webmaster can share CRM data with Google Analytics by using JavaScript, by using Google’s Measurement Protocol, or by uploading your data in CSV format through Data Import. The Google Developers site provides step-by-step instructions your webmaster can use for reference.

Empower Customer Service Representatives with Tools and Training

Another way to optimize your CRM deployment is to provide your customer service representatives with CRM tools and training.

A report by Destination CRM found that less than 40% of firms implementing CRM systems have end-user adoption rates above 90%.

Clearly just purchasing a CRM system will not guarantee universal adoption.

When your customer service representatives have access to CRM data, they can better understand the background of individual customers’ service inquiries, providing for a smoother and more customized consumer experience. They will also be better positioned to recommend upsells that fit customer purchase histories.

To apply this strategy effectively, a best practice is to make sure your customer service representatives are thoroughly trained in the features of your CRM solution as well as current CRM techniques. Resources and consultation for CRM training, including in-depth video tutorials and articles, can be found online.

Using Automated Messages to Improve Customer Experience

Integrating an automated messaging system with your customer relationship management app is another way that CRM can improve your customers’ experience with your site. Automated messages can be used to alert your team when a site visitor needs support for a sales or customer service issue. You can also use automated messages to send your customers personalized marketing offers, such as discounts for products they have recently viewed on your site or for products abandoned from their shopping cart.

Depending on the platform and workflow you’re using, setting up automated messages may require you to use an API to connect your CRM app to the app you’re using to send messages. You can hire a developer to create your own API, or you can use an app that allows you to define trigger events that automatically send messages or perform other designated actions.

The idea of automating personalized messages is nothing new – it’s been done in email marketing for years now; however some of the new technology available is pretty remarkable in terms of automating a very personalized customer relationship.

A great example of this is the Mobile Monkey chatbot platform designed for marketers who are tired of low mobile conversion rates and want to more effectively connect and engage with new customers.

mobile monkey chat bot

​With Mobile Monkey, you can build a chatbot for Facebook Messenger in minutes with no coding required. Mobile Monkey chatbots learn quickly to ask and answer any question about your business. Training your Monkey bot is as simple as reviewing and answering a few questions every couple of days.

Mobile Monkey chatbot can engage with your visitors through your Website, Facebook Page or even via ads. It can carry a “1 on 1” personalized conversations with visitors, and remember conversation history to pick up from where you left off.

Mobile Monkey chatbots are trained to guide visitors towards a conversion goal. It can effectively collect lead data, send surveys or help shoppers at check-out.

Leveraging webmaster tools, empowering service representatives through tools and training, and using automated messages to improve customer experience are three powerful ways CRM can enhance your website. Applying these strategies can empower your sales and customer service teams to deliver a better consumer experience that translates into higher buyer satisfaction and more sales.