Film Making- The Process of Video Production

Video Production can be an effective marketing tool for small businesses as well as large; this post will help you get familiar with the process of video production to the benefit of your company.

the process of video production


Producing a good video is necessary for attracting and sustaining the attention of the target audience. Producing videos refers to a process that typically consists of three key stages. The process may be regarded as simple or complex depending on the type of video that is being made.


The first part is commonly known as pre-production during which preparations are made for filling. This involves agreeing on the storyboard, developing it and determining how long it will run. It also includes producing the script that will be used for shooting and selecting different types of equipment that rang e from cameras to lights.

During pre-production, the locations, sets and props among other facilities are chosen. The team that will be involved in production is put together and may include presenters, actors, directors, sound engineers and videographers.


The next part is production and this is when the actual shooting of the video takes place. It involves rehearsing to ensure that everyone is aware of what will be going on in each scene. It also involves making changes to the script and handling any production issues that may arise. Filming or shooting often requires numerous takes for a single scene. Sound recording may happen during shooting or take place separately to facilitate special effects.


Post-production is the last stage of video production where different aspects are brought together to finalize the video. This includes producing graphics and special effects, generating captions, editing, incorporating music and sound effects.


  • Videos usually require a producer who is responsible for managing the resources that are used and ensure that the production fulfills the requirements of the client’s brief. For simple videos, one person can handle various roles such as producer and director.
  • Producers may also be in charge of finances and monitoring costs. They make sure that all the required permits have been granted such as the right to use certain music and filling at public locations.
  • The widespread availability of affordable and user-friendly video cameras and software has made it possible for individuals and businesses to produce their own videos. However, there are skills that are required for effective video production. Without such skills, the result may not meet expectations.
  • Professional production provides several benefits, including quality and producing videos that will make a significant impact.


The productionprocess basically incorporates writing, filming and editing. A script or outline serves as a guide that makes it possible to shoot images that correspond with the script before editing and bringing the images together.


While shooting, it is important to remain consistent and identify the style that you will use to avoid random shots that feel and look different. Lack of consistency can distract the viewer and unless it is a type of music video, excessive and shaky movement is unnecessary.


After gathering all the footage or shots you need, you need to put it together. The main challenge experienced while editing is deciding which shots you should leave out. If particular shots do not advance your content or story, they should not be included. Editors focus on the relevance of each shot.