Google Adds Store Visits and Distance Reporting to AdWords

Head’s up retail store owners: you can now find store visits and distance reporting data within your Google AdWords campaigns.

Google Adds Store Visits and Distance Reporting to AdWords


The Mountain View company announced this new reporting feature earlier this month, enhancing the effectiveness of its pay-per-click (PPC) platform for local businesses. Located under the Dimensions tab, it reveals how many people visited your brick-and-mortar store based on how far away they were when clicking your ad.


Granted, store visits data has been available for some time now under the geographic and user location reports (Settings > Location > View location reports), this new feature differs in the sense that it not only reveals how many people visit your store, but also where those customers came from, based on their geographic search data when clicking your PPC ad.


If you’re interested in using this new feature, simply log into your Google AdWords campaign and choose Campaigns > select the campaign or ad group or click “All campaigns” > click the date range menu in the upper right-hand corner > choose the time period that you’d like to review data for > click the Dimensions tab > click the View menu > click Distance > and you may now download all of the data for your store.

adwords dimensions tab


What benefits does this new reporting feature offer?

Well, for e-commerce and online-based businesses, probably not too much. However, if you run a brick-and-mortar business that uses PPC advertising to drive sales, you will almost certainly benefit from this new feature. Enabling store visits and distance reporting shows you where your customers are coming from. So if you’re receiving a significant number of customers from one area, you can increase marketing and promotional activities here.


If you own a brick-and-mortar business and are already running location extensions, you may be interested in seeing how your ads are doing when your potential customers are either near or far away from your store. Distance reports let you see your campaign performance within a radius around your business,” explained Google when announcing the new reporting feature.


Google is constantly updating and refining its AdWords PPC platform, and this new reporting feature is just one of the many ways in which it is doing so. You can learn more about this new feature by visiting the official Google Support page at: