How to Use Facebook Ads to drive traffic for Local Businesses

If you are looking for an easy and cost-effective way to drive traffic to your local business, learn how to use Facebook Ads effectively.

How to Use Facebook Ads to drive traffic for Local Businesses

For increasing your audience you need to use more efficient tools than printed ads, and Facebook ads can deliver local business traffic right to your store.


We’ll talk about official advertising services provided by Google and Facebook that will allow you to spend your funds rationally.


The point is, that Facebook Ads can be extremely helpful in local business improvement. Moreover, we’ll analyze these tools on existing examples so that you will be able to implement them for driving potential customers to your place. A great tutorial on YouTube that we recommend to save and rewatch as you’re runing your campaigns.


Ways of Using Facebook Ads for Local Business


The best method for driving new customers with the help of Facebook services is offering people something with no charge. In opposition to Google Adwords, potential customers aren’t looking for your goods/services, so you don’t have to expect that they will make purchases relying on your Ad, even if an offer is interesting for them. The power of Google Adwords lies in the fact, that you can demonstrate your products to your target audience NOW and HERE.


The Facebook ad tools work differently. Since you don’t know people’s intentions while they are on Facebook, you have to offer something of value to gain their attention and interest. Let’s look at a few examples:


  • Target the correct Audience


Regarding local businesses, Facebook has the most powerful targeting function – the option of targeting people according to your location. Moreover, you are able to target audience who is interested in your orders, and indicate age and gender if your products have certain specification. 


One thing that should be taken into consideration – the size of your audience has to be around 50-100 thousand people. This indicator can be tracked on the right side of Ads Creator of Facebook.


One more tool for targeting is Custom and Look Alike Audience targeting. This method allows setting audience configurations according Facebook Ads. In order to implement this method you need to synchronize a list of emails with your Facebook business profile. The algorithm will automatically select people to whom your ad will be shown.


This kind of targeting allows searching people with similar interest of your current audience. This option is extremely powerful for finding new clients in most effective and fast way. The matter is, that you don’t have to implement manual search. Like in Custom Audience, all you need to do is to load an email list on your Facebook. Facebook will match people considering their interests and demographic data. Then it will connect your Ad ti those people who can be representatives of your potential audience.


  • Motivate people to click


As it was mentioned above, within Facebook advertising services you need to create motivation for people to click. Probably, most people are not thinking of purchasing when they see your advertisement.


Taking this into consideration, you shall not only create motivation but also encourage them to buy your goods. And the best idea is a coupon!


You don’t have to provide up to 50% off, as even 25% discount will be enough for creating positive attitude and attracting people’s attention.


  • Facebook Ads tracking


So, you prepared your advertisement and a discount coupon. Then it’s high time for your ad statistics tracking.


The only one indicator you have to care is your conversion spending (per one). This information will demonstrate your budget outcome towards one sales lead within your business. Till the cost of one lead is higher than the sum you’re spending on it, your ads in Facebook may be considered profitable. That means you have to continue managing them.


  • Facebook Ads optimization


Many businessmen are not satisfied with their current investment return. The matter is, the more we get – the more we want. Thus, we’re always trying to find ways of improvement.


So, how can you optimize your Ads on Facebook in order ti increase budget returns? The first and the last method – testing! Particularly, A/B testing.


This kind of testing is about creating ads in multiple versions and implementing comprehensive analysis of their efficiency. Each version should contain only one difference from another. For instance, if you’re testing your headline, use few different variants but leave the same picture and description for each ad. That will help you find out whether it’s a headline that results different conversions or not.


The most effective testing can be implemented by comparing two ad versions at one time. It’s fast and affordable way for choosing the best version from the point of view of conversions. Moreover, you can test more than two samples at a time. But this requires more time and effort.


  • Contact the Audience via email


Even a claiming of your coupon cannot guarantee 100% sale. A person may postpone its usage and completely forget about it. So, you need to keep the interest and encourage to use your coupon for a purchase and, moreover, push for further purchases as well.