4 Ways to Increase eCommerce Delivery Performance in 2022 (Plus Infographic)

Your eCommerce Delivery Performance accounts for a massive portion of your customer retention, you should always look for ways to improve it.

Up eCommerce Delivery Performance

Did you know that loyal customers are 25% more profitable for brands than new converts?

It actually costs five times more to attract a new customer to an unfamiliar brand than to get a loyal consumer to make a purchase. Your current customer is likely to pay for your products because they already know the quality delivered by your business.

Currently, there is no market as competitive and oversaturated as eCommerce. Sometimes, reinventing the wheel is necessary, not only to succeed but to remain afloat in the first place. One thing that remains consistent is that it is absolutely vital to optimize customer satisfaction when it comes to e-commerce delivery to succeed.

Essentially, your goal should be to increase your eCommerce delivery performance, and you can do so through several different business aspects. In that sense, it’s imperative to stay up to date with the current and predicted trends, especially when it comes to technology and digital marketing advancements. That said, the following trends will definitely boost your eCommerce delivery performance.

This post has 4 powerful techniques to boost your eCommerce delivery processes, and it also includes a BONUS Infographic that covers the 4 Cs of enlightened eCommerce delivery!

1. AI-Powered Social Commerce

While your eCommerce website is still your main selling tool, it’s time to spread your wings and utilize the concept of social commerce as well. This year has set in motion the need to buy products/services on social media platforms, most notably Facebook and Instagram, and the trend is only expected to grow in 2022.

Social commerce brings the need for more staff who will manage social media channels. This is precisely why many small businesses decide to ignore this rather lucrative practice. However, technology has advanced enough that AI-powered chatbots can do great work in assisting customers with simple queries and sales.

Now, you might wonder what this has to do with your delivery performance. Well, modern-day consumers are often very interested in learning more about the shipping policies and delivery methods. It’s not uncommon for people to leave a site or abandon their cart simply because they can’t be bothered to read through the policies or can’t find the info about it. Sending a message on social media, on the other hand, will grant the customers a quick and easy answer.

2. Efficient Internal Business Processes

It’s not just about what your business can offer to the customers; in order to succeed and up the delivery performance in 2021, you also have to think about synchronizing your internal business processes.

There are several different aspects within a business organization that happen between the order and the delivery. For a start, there’s product manufacturing and material sourcing for a start. And you also have to think about adequate storage practices as well as the final shipping and delivery. Even your sales and marketing departments have to be kept in the loop in order for everything to function smoothly. Essentially, everyone involved in your business has to work as a team for a delivery performance boost to happen.

As mentioned, the advancements in technologies are great and growing, which is why achieving the perfect harmony of your internal business processes is more than possible. For instance, why rely on a bunch of different tools and outdated methods for your supply chain management when absolutely everything can be controlled via one cloud-based MRP software? Not only will you get to automate and streamline all of the essential processes, but you’ll also get to access data history about your inventory and keep track of all supply chain processes in real-time.

3. Speedy Courier Service

If a courier fails to deliver goods in time, it’s your business that will take the blow. This is a rather simple equation; if you’ve come to realize that your company is being ostracized due to one too many package delays, it’s time to change the courier service. 

Take a look at who your biggest competitors are working with. Make a list of the best available services and decide which one suits you the best. Make sure that they match your business by checking how reliable and fast they are, the cost of their delivery, how satisfied consumers are with their service, as well as their security policy.

4. Solid Inventory Forecasting

One of the biggest issues that eCommerce businesses face nowadays is overselling. Not having enough products in the inventory causes delays, which makes for serious reputation damage. Chances are, the customers will turn to your competitors in order to get what they want immediately instead of waiting for you to stock up. If your goal is to up your delivery performance in 2021, you simply can’t let this happen; and investing in inventory forecasting is a way to deal with this properly.

Essentially, inventory forecasting provides you with a clear estimate of your inventory so that you can meet the customer needs quickly and efficiently, with no to minimal delays.

It’s time to utilize data and keep track of the industry trends. By analyzing your customer behavior, purchase history, and product popularity, it’s possible to assess the right inventory levels you’ll need in order to cover future orders at all times. Even during the busy holiday seasons.

If they know that they can trust a brand with consistent product availability and delivery, customers are also more likely to come back to you time and again. On the other hand, if they experience delays and “out of stock” signs too often, they are just as likely to forget about you. By investing in inventory forecasting, you’ll also get to avoid overstocking on less popular products, which will, in turn, help you manage your storage needs better.

Good organization, data, and technology are the way to climb up the eCommerce success ladder in 2022. Even if it’s time to transform your entire business model, don’t fear the change. The effort will be well worth it in the long run. 

Before you abandon this post, don’t forget to take a look at this infographic from our partners in E-Commerce Shopping Cart Development:


4Cs of eCommerce Delivery