5 Best Domain Authority Checker Tools Recommended by Experts in 2022

Trying to see if your website has authority? Here are 5 expert recommended domain authority checker tools to help.

Domain Authority Checker Tools


Find out why you need to know what your domain authority is and how you can easily check it in this post.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz. It predicts how likely a website is to rank on search engine results page (SERPs)” – Moz.

This score can range from 1 to 100. 

It is not an actual rank score used by search engines themselves. It is just a predictive score that can give you an idea about how well your site may or may not perform.

The DA score of a website is largely affected by external links.

Increasing your website’s domain authority is ultimately beneficial for your website in terms of how it ranks as well as whether or not others see your site as an authority. Actions you take to improve your authority directly helps your site’s SEO (search engine optimization).

But before you get to improve your site’s domain authority, you need to evaluate it first. And for that, you need a DA checking tool.

Here are five domain authority checker tools trusted by industry experts that you can use in 2022.

5 Best Domain Authority Checker Tools

1. Prepostseo.com

Prepostseo has a whole list of tools that are used for SEO. Their DA and PA (page authority) checker tool is one of them.

Prepostseo has a free version and a paid version. The free version is further divided into unregistered users’ and registered users’ versions.


Unregistered users can only check the rank of the 10 URLs whereas registered users can check up to 25 URLs.

The premium users can check up to 500 URLs at once. Premium users can also check the spam score for all sites they search. However, the free users can only see the spam score of the first two links.

Premium users can also see the IP address of these websites…which is also something that free users cannot do.

prepostseo premium

You get the option to exclude the same URLs and the same domain. This helps in preventing repetition in the results of your search.

The ‘Pages in Google’ category shows you the sitemap for that website. This is useful when you want to quickly grasp what a website is about.

All in all, this is a very well-rounded tool for DA checking.

2. Robingupta.com

The Robingupta domain authority checker tool is very comprehensive.

It is in the free category and does not have any advertisements. This tool offers multiple options that you can check off when entering the URLs of websites.


It allows you to measure the domain authority, page authority, spam score, IP address, and Google indexing of a website.

It also allows you to check up to ten URLs at once.

At no point does it say that some features are locked behind a paywall, or that you have to make an account.

You can just go to the website, measure the metric that you need, and leave.  

The results are comprehensive as well. You can see all the statistics in one neat little table. 


You can then download this table to your device. This is useful when you want to use this data in a report or a survey.

This is a great tool to find out the domain authority of any website.

3. DA PA checker.org

DA PA checker.org is an online tool that can find out the domain authority, page authority, Moz rank, and spam score of any website.

This tool can check up to 20 URLs at once. It is a completely free tool and it requires no registration to use. 

It is simple to use, the user interface is straightforward. You just need to type a URL into the text box.

You can type/paste up to 20 URLs, but each URL should be in a new line.

DA PA checker.org

It also comes with the option to exclude the same URL and same domain. This, as we have stated before, removes inaccuracy from the results.

After writing the URLs, you need to solve a simple captcha and then you will get your results.

As you can see the domain authority, page authority, spam score, and Moz rank are shown for each website.

DA PA checker.org

The “Pages in Google” option shows the Google results page. That page shows the sitemap for these websites.

All in all, this is a great tool to use for DA checking.

4. Accessily.com

When checking the DA score of your website, there are a lot of other statistics that can prove to be useful. With Accessily.com, you can get different metrics such as the number of inbound links as well as the server status.

This makes it a good all-in-one tool that you can use instead of going to different ones on the internet. 

One of its advantages is that it is free and there are no advertisements on the website.

As already mentioned, there are two unique metrics that this tool measures i.e., the number of inbound links and server status.

This is a great tool for when you need a little bit of different information than usual.

5. Softo.org

Softo.org provides a free domain authority checking tool that allows you to check up to 20 URLs at once.

This tool is developed using premium Moz APIs. The website boasts that using the premium APIs makes its results more accurate than most free tools.

The method to use this tool is simple; you need to write/paste 20 or fewer URLs, with each URL occupying a single line only.

Then you need to press the ‘Check Authority’ button. After a few seconds, the results will be shown in a table.

This table shows five values for each website. The values are as follows: Domain Authority, Page Authority, Spam Score, Moz rank, and Index Pages.

The Index pages will take you to a Google search results page where the sitemap of the website will be present.

You can download the results in the form of an excel report which is useful when you need to present this data to team members or superiors.

The tool is free so you have to deal with advertisements. Thankfully none of them are intrusive, so that means less annoyance to deal with.


In this post, we looked at what domain authority is, and why it is important for websites. Domain authority is a predictive score that can give you an idea of how high your website might rank in the SERPs.

Furthermore, we looked at five domain authority checking tools,

Prepostseo.com provided the free DA checking tool that had the highest amount of bulk URL checking capacity. It can check up to 25 URLs for free, registered users. 

The second tool we checked out was Robingupta.com. This tool can show you the DA, PA, spam score, IP address, and Google indexing for free. It also had no advertisements.

The third tool was DA PA checker.org. This tool can check up to 20 URLs at once. It did not show the IP address of the sites, instead, it showed the Moz rank. This is also a free tool.

The fourth tool was Accessily.com and it showed two unique metrics that other DA checkers do not. Those are the incoming links to a website and the server status of the website.

The final tool was Softo.org, it can also check up to 20 URLs. It is made with premium Moz APIs so the results of this checker are more accurate.

Looking for more marketing tools, make sure to check out some of the other posts on this site.