9 Expert Tips To Increase eCommerce Sales Using Google Shopping Ads

Using Google Shopping Ads should be the first thing almost every eCommerce store uses to increase sales, get 9 expert tips to help you out.

Increase eCommerce Sales Using Google Shopping Ads

In the world of eCommerce, Ads play a significant role. If you want to generate revenue and improve sales, you must focus on promoting your products and using Google shopping ads is a no brainer.


For eCommerce, Google Shopping Ads play a fundamental role in marketing your products online cost effectively.


Google Shopping Ads promotes products on multiple services such as YouTube, Gmail, etc. So as a business owner, you can increase eCommerce sales using Google Shopping Ads.


An Idea about Google Shopping Ads


Google Shopping Ads is a service of Google Merchant Center(GMC), which helps online business owners promote their products to reach more consumers.


Google allows its users to add and customize their product data on GMC. When you successfully upload your WooCommerce product feed on the google server, it will automatically show as Google Shopping Ads in relevant search results.


Google Shopping Ads will display your product on their search results when customers search related keywords. The ads will show the complete details about your products to the target audiences.


With the help of the powerful GMC promotion process, you will grow your eCommerce more efficiently and improve the conversion rates. 


Google is the most reliable source for most consumers. So if you follow the eCommerce google shopping strategy, it will help you build a dedicated consumer group. 


As an eCommerce business owner, you can easily add and customize product data on GMC.


Benefits of Google Shopping Ads for eCommerce

benefits of using google shopping ads

Let’s look at some benefits of adding product data to Google Merchant Center.


  • Improve Business Growth: If you add your product feed on Google Shopping Ads, It will display product ads on Google search results, and consumers can quickly locate your products. As a result, your product sales rate will increase and improve your website’s SEO ranking.


  • Broader Engagement: As an eCommerce entrepreneur, you can reach large numbers of consumers with the help of Google Shopping Ads. Because when you successfully add a product feed on Google Merchant Center, it will display ads on multiple Google platforms such as YouTube, Gmail, search result page, etc.


  • Better Data Optimization: You can easily locate how your product’s ads perform in search results. So you can add or remove particular products to improve the sales.


  • Measuring the review: This is one of the best advantages of using Google Shopping Ads. Google will show product reviews and ratings in the search results with full-fledged product information. So consumers can get the proper idea about your products, and you can also improve your product quality.


Types of Google Shopping Ads


Before jumping into the customization of feeds and shopping ads, let’s clarify the types of Google Shopping Ads. There are two types of Google Shopping Ads.


Product Shopping Ads: Product Shopping Ads promote your product ads for the appropriate consumers with details like title, price, store names, etc. It also displays the product ratings and reviews, which is beneficial for improving the website conversion rates.


Local Inventory Ads: The local Inventory Ads generally promote your product ads with store information to the local customers. It’s helpful for the growth of your local storefront, and customers can quickly get the details about your store and grab their desired products.


Depending on your type of business, you may focus on one or both of these ad types to drive highly qualified customers to your website or physical store. 

How to Generate Google Shopping Product Feed


To promote your eCommerce website merchandise, you need to create a product data feed for Google Shopping Ads. 


You can easily generate a feed with the help CTX Feed plugin. This plugin has features to generate a product feed for multiple channels like Google shopping, Instagram, eBay Ads, Bing Ads, and hundreds of other channels.


Install and active CTX Feed from the WordPress plugin store. 

*If you’re not using WooCommerce you may want to check out what 3rd party feed apps work with your platform.


Go to your WooCommerce Dashboard and select CTX Feed > Make new feed.


Now fill in the required information to generate a product feed, such as;


  1. Country name.
  2. Feed template.
  3. File Name.
  4. Product Type.
  5. Product Variation.


When you provide all the information, it will show the product feed attribute section. From this part, you can easily customize your product attributes based on your eCommerce business demands.

ctx feed plugin

After successfully checking all this information, click on the Update and Generate option.


9 Expert Tips to Increase eCommerce Sales Using Google Shopping Ads


1. Research on Keywords


One of the most important factors to consider when optimizing your Google Shopping Ads is to find the right keywords to target. 


Reaching the right customers with your ads is critical to increasing your sales, and the right keywords can make a huge difference. 


Luckily, keyword research is one of the most accessible practices to optimize your ads. Google Shopping Ads offers several tools to help you find the best keywords to target, such as the Google Ads Keyword Planner.


If you can’t find the right keywords, then your entire cost of the promotion will be wasted. On the other hand, finding the right keywords can increase your click-through rate ( CTR), which will result in more traffic and sales. 


CTR is one of the most important metrics you can track on Google Shopping Ads, so it’s essential to find the right keywords to target.


2. Focus on Product Reviews and Ratings


As an eCommerce business owner, you must know about the consumer’s reactions to your products.

When someone wants to buy something from the internet, they search on google to know about that product most of the time. After successfully researching the product review and price, they decided to buy that particular product.


So if you can optimize Google Shopping Ads properly, there’s a higher possibility of getting more customers. Overall, it will increase your sales.


3. Utilize Ads According to Performance


Best performing ads always impact the overall growth of an eCommerce business.


Suppose you promote your ads randomly. But if the product ads don’t match the requirements of the audience, then they will never click on that ads and go to your website.


At first, you have to signify the most sold products which are very popular with the consumers. After successfully finding these products, now you have to spend more time on the promotions of these products.


Because when customers get the relevant product ads in the search results, they can easily buy that, which will increase the sales of your eCommerce store.


4. Customize Product Information


Product information is the most significant part of any eCommerce website, and it defines your products to the customers. 


If the consumers don’t get clear ideas about what they are looking for, they will not engage with your eCommerce store.


You have to utilize better quality product images which will be better for CTR performance. Setup appropriate product category and description is helpful for the search results to display product ads right time in the right place.


If you incorporate such tags, Special offers, Huge Discounts in the description will attract more customers.


Google Shopping Ads includes product information such as product images, product titles, product categories, and descriptions. GMC primarily focuses on product attributes rather than keywords while running an ad campaign.


5. Focus on Remarketing Process

Image Source: Google


Remarketing when using Google Shopping ads lets you reach people who have recently shopped for products not only on your site, but similar products in the Google Store and Google Shopping. 

You can use remarketing in your Google Shopping ads to retarget current customers who have shown interest in certain products and websites or people who have visited specific locations or visited certain pages on your website. 

You can also use remarketing to advertise to people who have visited a competitor’s website or people who have entered a promotion code or coupon in a shopping cart but haven’t completed their purchase. 

In Google Shopping Ads remarketing strategy can be a powerful way to increase your eCommerce websites sales.

6. Remove Unprofitable Ads


While declauterring your ads, it’s better to remove the unprofitable ads. Running those low performing ads results in losing your time and money. 


This may result in a lower quality score, lower placement in the search results, and lower click-through rates. Also, your ads are placed in the “Not recommended” or “Low quality” warning sections.


First, determine how much you cost for each product ad, locate the unprofitable ads and turn them off. It will save your money and time both. It will be beneficial for your business in the long run. 


However, these unprofitable ads could also be beneficial if you can optimize those properly. Check the product title, image, description, and update those accordingly. Hopefully, you can convert those ads into a profitable one. 


7. Customize Ads According to Demographics


Along with the promotion, you have to research customers’ information and interests in eCommerce called Buyer Persona, which contains complete-fledged information such as gender, age, and location of target consumers.


You need to focus on customers’ interest in particular product brands. Boosting those product ads campaigns is beneficial to increasing your eCommerce sales.


Also, researching consumers’ demands and solving their issues will help you grow a better buyer-seller relationship.


Suppose you primarily promote high-priced smartphones, but your target consumers are not in an economically strong position. As a result, the consumer will not be interested in buying your products.


The geographical location of the customers is also essential during the promotion of your products on Google Shopping. If you advertise those products that are not available in your target audience’s location, that will become a total waste of money.


8. Customize Landing Page

You have spent enough money and time customizing the product feed and catalog, but it’s to focus on your product landing page.


When consumers click on your product ads from search results, they are directly redirected to the product landing page. 


If the landing information doesn’t match your product ad, consumers might leave your website, creating a lousy impression about your eCommerce business.


So you have to customize the landing page with correct information about products, such as product price, currency, description, title, etc., which will create a clear view of the product. Also, target audiences will be satisfied when purchasing any product from your website.


9. Testing Google Shopping Ads


The central part of the Google Shopping Ads is the included data in the product feed, and if you customize those data, it will impact the overall performance of your business.


Along with accurate data, the product feed also represents consumer interaction. So if you change any data of the product feed, you need to test how changes affect the overall performance.


You can easily test your product feed with A/B testing. With the help of A/B testing, you can identify what changes needs to the product catalog and compare it with previous results. 


So you can determine the problems of the feeds and improve them to provide a better customer experience which might help increase sales of your eCommerce website.




If you want to become a successful eCommerce business owner, then you must promote your products to your target audiences.


Using Google shopping ads makes perfect sense as Google is still the largest product search engine and it provides highly targeted traffic at a lower CPC for most eCommerce stores. If you’re looking to maximize customer outreach — using Google shopping ads is the best place to start.


This article has discussed 9 expert tips to increase sales using google shopping ads. We hope that it will help you to grow your eCommerce business.