Simple Ideas for Creating An Effective Ad (That Works!)

Small businesses are making good use of video, online tools and social media for advertising, learn how to begin creating an effective ad for yourself.

Creating An Effective Ad

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Marketers are learning that if a picture says a thousand words, a video must say millions.

While video advertising is nothing new, the applications of social media and technological advancements have made it more accessible and relevant than ever.


If your company is exploring the benefits of video advertising, use these simple ideas for creating an effective video ad that works.


Use a Video Ad Template

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Creating video ads for social media can be tricky. There’s a delicate balance between using the right formatting for the various social media platforms, creating a visually compelling video, and effectively conveying your message. The best way to find that balance is to use an existing template for your video.


In addition to saving time while creating an effective product, using templates also makes your campaigns easier to replicate. You can determine which templates were most effective in attracting customers so that you can replace the content while maintaining a consistent structure. Check out these sleek templates for video ads no matter your business, to get a better idea of the process.


Choose the Right Soundtrack

Music and sound effects play an important role in setting the tone and sparking an emotional response when consuming video content. Try watching a scary movie with the sound off, and you’ll understand.


The music you use for your video ad should be aligned with both your brand and your message. To find the best soundtrack for your video, look beyond the offering and consider the value and emotion you’re trying to convey. This could be anything from confidence to lightheartedness to nostalgia. 


It’s also important to consider whether the soundtrack will be a dominant part of the ad or a background element when choosing your music.

Use High-Quality Visuals

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Many small business owners are fortunate enough to have access to high-quality recording and photography gear that won’t break the bank. However, your video shouldn’t look or sound like it was recorded on a smartphone.


It’s worth investing in high-quality visuals when making an ad. If you’re using a photo slideshow-style advertisement, work with a professional photographer or use relevant stock photos. If you’re creating original video content, work with a videographer, or rent professional equipment.


Incorporate Text Elements

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One of the most compelling benefits of using video ads is the potential for a multi-dimensional approach. In addition to varying visuals and audio components, you can also add sequential text to amplify your message and improve accessibility. 


Consider it this way: your ad might reach the intended audience while they’re on the move. YouTube reports that 70% of the videos watched on its platform happens on a mobile device. Your intended audience may see your ad while in a public area with their sound turned off. Without text components, your message could be lost in translation. A few lines of supporting text can be the difference between campaign success and failure.

Clarify Your Message



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When creating a video, clarify what your business is conveying to your ideal customer. Perfume ads have long been the subject of criticism for their apparent lack of clarity and direction. Learn from perfume ads and head in the other direction.


Ensure that your message is clear and concise when creating a video ad. Don’t hesitate to test it with a small focus group before launching it; what’s clear to you, as the creator, might not be clear to the customer. 

Outline the Next Steps

The work doesn’t stop when you hit publish on your video ad. Consider the next steps of the customer journey after the ad is published. Create a clear call-to-action that directs customers toward the target destination, and ensure that the destination (often a landing page or shop) is optimized to receive visitors. 


Use these simple tips to create an effective ad that attracts and converts customers.