Reach and Convert Potential Customers Online With These Tips

Potential Customers Require Brand Value, Follow These Essential Tips To Help You Land Potential Customers Online & Grow Your Business


convert potential customers

If you want to know how to make your business flourish online, keep reading to learn how to convert those potential customers…


A business should have the ability to offer value to its customers. However, a simple glitch in operations can cause the majority of consumers to not even be aware of your business brand. Perhaps, your business is be stalling and consequently, growing your customer base has become a seemingly impossible challenge. This is exactly why I’m providing strategies and tips in this post to help you share your brand’s value with potential customers.

The strategies I’m discussing here, will help your business to establish a well-defined online brand recognized by the masses.


There are so many approaches available for use too to help your business flourish and grow online.
Effectively, applying these techniques can positively impact your business growth online, so I’m going to be highlighting the best approaches for your business.

Hubspot’s 2018 List of Marketing Statistics indicates that 80% of companies that do not meet their revenue goals have 10,000 visitors or less each month. Nowadays, 51% of all people who discover a new product, service, or brand do so use a smartphone.

Having a plan to elevate your brand’s online presence is a key factor, in growing your business in the digital era.


Let’s get into two of the most powerful techniques for growing a brand online presence and enhances customer value. The techniques are inbound marketing and website optimization. In each technique, are tips you can replicate in your online business to allow it to flourish.



Tip # 1: Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing relies on social media and value-driven content in providing tailored experiences that engage the interests of potential customers. Effective website optimization and relevant content is a powerful recipe here for flourishing a brand online.


Provide Creative, Value Driven Content


In building a brand’s online presence, informative videos, blog posts, or well-designed infographics can help you connect with existing and potential customers.

According to Hubspot, 96% of B2B consumers prefer web content that has input from industry influencers.

To build an online brand, it is essential to have a content strategy that considers the message of the brand, the persona of your audience, and the goals for your business. The CMI recommends the use of informative videos as the best form of online content strategy. It estimates that about 29% of users consume blogs while 55% prefer to watch videos.


A business can establish its online brand by, having relevant content that will provide value to its customers. It is important to carry out research to determine how your target audience consumes information. This offers you the opportunity to tailor relevant content to users.



Lead Generating Email and List Building


Email marketing is considered to be the best form of online marketing to reach potential clients. If you have the email address of a potential client and permission to use it, you have easier access to their mailbox.

According to Econsultancy, two-thirds of online marketers consider email to offer an excellent ROI.

Reports by Hubspot shows that 86% of consumers prefer to receive emails on a monthly basis from companies they conduct business with.


You can attract potential customers by starting to grow your list through creating a free lead magnet. Based on the needs of your customers, you can send them personalized emails. According to Hubspot, 58% of all the revenue is generated by emails targeting potential customers. You can enhance engagement with customers by ending your emails with a call-to-action button rather than an HTML link.

Campaign Monitor was able to achieve a 28% rise in clicks when they started using a call-to-action button.


Email marketing creates a more personal touch as a form of content marketing. It places you in direct interaction with your customers. This strategy of marketing will enable you to have a lead magnet and create meaningful engagement with clients.


Leverage the Power of Social Media


The perfect place to engage with your customers is through the use of social media. Various platforms enable you to connect with customers and share value-driven content you have created. Over the last two years, Hootsuite saw an increase of 2.5 times in the volume of users tweeting brands through different social media platforms.



Tip # 2: Website Optimization


Your website personalization software is your business brand’s digital home. It is essential to optimize the website for SEO; design it to create leads that will grow your business. You can create a website that connects with clients and personalizes applications in a best possible way.



Use Strategic Keywords


SEO is important to reach potential customers and show them that your business can meet their needs. Through choosing the right keywords, it will lead to overall success of SEO. According to the CMI, you should choose the keywords based on their relevance to the goals of your business. Through having well-researched keywords, it will be easy to incorporate them into your site. It will ensure your content reaches the top of the search results. This offers value to your customers in the best way possible.



Build a Mobile Friendly Site


According to Hubspot, one-third of people access the internet using their smartphones. The number of smartphone users is expected to double by 2020. Thus, you should consider integrating a responsive site design that is mobile friendly. According to Mobify, 71% of smartphone users expect the sites they visit to load faster compared to computers. Also, you should consider not to have pop-ups adds for smartphone users since they are disruptive.



Secure your Website


Securing your website is an essential tip as your business might shatter with any breach in your online system. Try adopting secured gateway portals to protect the personal information of your customers for transactions online.



Adopt Growth Driven Web Design Tactics


Adopting the use of growth-driven design (GDD) is a user-centric approach that presents a good impression of the website to the user. GDD allows your website to make improvements that are based on real-time analytics.

A Missouri S&T study shows that users visiting the website, in two-tenths of a second can form the first impression.

A website should be up to standards to avoid losing potential customers. GDD enhances your customer’s experience since they will appreciate the content that is presented appealingly.



What Will You Do?


The main goal of any business is to achieve consistent growth. Growing your business online requires a lot of dedication and hard work. However, the payoff that is achieved by introducing new clients to your brand that is value-driven is worth all the efforts. These expert strategies offered are essential to ensure your business flourishes and grows online. Through following these strategic plans, you can be assured of a strong and successful business brand online.