How Do You Get People to Click Through Instagram to Your Site?

Most people are on Instagram to browse Instagram, so how do you get people to click from Instagram to your website? Let’s find out.

click from Instagram to your website

Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay


Instagram has changed the way of marketing and advertising for businesses and individuals. Almost everyone is attracted to this platform because of its unique features. You can apply different strategies to attract more customers to your brands.

Although it doesn’t allow you to share links directly, whether in comments, captions, or through any other way.

So that people can click on it and can directly reach your website. Either you can write it in the form of the text so another person can copy-paste and paste or you can share it in the bio only in the clickable form. Not being link friendly doesn’t mean that you cannot drive traffic or attract your targeted audience to your brand or website.

Ways to Get More Traffic on Your Site

We’ll help you find the strategic ways through which you can add links and bring in more of your audience from Instagram.

1. Make Use of the Bio Link

Bio is the first impression of your Instagram account because whenever a visitor visits your profile, the first thing they overlook is your bio section. When you set your profile don’t forget to make your bio look attractive, it should be simple as well as appealing at the same time. In your bio, all aspects of your profile should be written. Add a link to your website and keep it there for a long time. Although you can update that link whenever a new thing is added to your website, either a catalog, new product, or just a campaign page. Now the thing is how you can promote that link and urge people to click on that link. Well, you can add a call to action in your post captions, and describe the value of that link to your visitors. Such as if there is any new launch, mention it in your post and ask your followers to click on that link in your bio if they want to purchase. If you are a blogger you can add an incomplete story in your post and mention the link. This will urge them to click on that link out of curiosity and go to our website and read the full story there.

You can even buy Instagram followers UK to increase the reach of your profile. You can even change that clickable link but what you can do with old posts, what if someone clicks on that link in the bio and goes to an eight-month-old post? Here comes the idea of the ‘link in bio’ tool through which one link can rule them all. You can choose any tool to manage this, as different tools work differently to accomplish this task. When a visitor clicks on that link, a page will be shown similar to an Instagram feed but its images will be clickable. You have to be consistent as this link will not work like a magic and you wouldn’t be able to achieve results overnight. You can also add a call to action button in your Instagram bio and this will work wonders in increasing the traffic of your website through Instagram.

2. Tag Products with Details

Just like you can tag friends or followers in your posts, now you can also tag products in your posts. Along with all the details of your products and make it a shoppable post. You can add 5 tags in a single photo and a maximum of 20 tags in a carousel post. In which you can show your content in the form of slides just like a lookbook. You can also add a swipe-up button in your Instagram stories to shop for products from your website. You can get organic followers and targeted customers with these methods but before that, you have to meet the eligibility criteria of Instagram and connect your catalog with Facebook. Also, you need to sign up on Instagram with a business profile.

3. IGTV Posts Contains Links

You can add IGTV posts and provide clickable links in their description but the description can only be seen after tapping the title of the post. You can urge people to go to your description by opening the video, this will help you get more traffic. Ask yourself to people to click on the link while making the video. Or you can just buy Instagram likes UK to gain maximum engagement rate on your posts.

4. Adding Links to Stories

Adding swipe-up links in your Instagram stories is a simple and effective way to get traffic. Let them know about your latest product or launch in your stories and add a swipe-up link to redirect them toward your website. Make your story attractive by editing and adding other features, also the swipe up or shop now button should be clear. You can avail of this swipe-up feature of stories only if you have more than 10,000 followers or if your account is verified.

5. Instagram Story Highlights

You can create Instagram story highlights that’ll remain there even after 24 hours of posting. You can feature these story highlights and keep them there for as long as you want.  That doesn’t mean that you should highlight every story because in that way you’ll lose the worth of your story highlight. Only a few main stories need the spotlight.

6. Send Links in DM

Stay connected with your followers and build a good connection to get more engagement. You can start a conversation with your audience by asking them to give suggestions. That doesn’t mean that you should adopt this approach for every single new follower. Although you can set up a quick reply and send it in a direct message to avoid typing again and again. In that way, you would get an idea about your audience that what are their interests, and what sort of content you should work on.

Final Thoughts

With the right strategies and posting unique content, you can get more visitors to your profile and you can redirect those followers or visitors to your website easily. Follow the above tips or keep your audience engaged with the right type of content that they are looking for. Just don’t forget to add clickable links and relevant hashtags.