The Potential of Branded Apps for Businesses: 5 Ways Apps Help You Grow

You already know how important user experience is, why not pair that with branded apps to control everything about it?

Potential of Branded Apps

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Should you invest in your own, branded app?

The short answer is definitely yes, but it’s understandable if you still believe that a mobile-friendly website is all you need to appeal to the modern customer base. Indeed, mobile optimization is the name of the digital game right now, but you also have to be mindful of another very important fact: the mobile demographic is constantly growing. This begs the need for companies to create a more seamless approach to mobile browsing and a more streamlined user experience across the board.

And what better way to do that than to have your dedicated app where you can control every aspect of each user’s experience? Branded apps hold immense potential in today’s overly-competitive online market, and your app can set your brand apart, help build customer loyalty, and achieve many other mission-critical objectives. But enough with why you need an app, let’s take a look at how an app can transform your company and how to leverage its full potential. 

Reducing customer effort

Among the many benefits that mobile applications bring to the users, reduced customer effort is one of the most notable perks. The fewer clicks they need to reach the desired outcome, and the fewer hoops the users need to jump through to achieve their goals, the happier they are with your brand, your service, and your products. It’s a simple formula that never fails to deliver, and a branded app allows you to reduce customer effort more than ever.

With your own app, you can tweak and optimize every aspect of the user experience to eliminate unnecessary steps, create a more intuitive design, and curate the in-app content and offers to the exact needs of your users. The end result should be a fast, seamless browsing experience that allows them to complete a task quickly in a couple clicks and swipes. 

Bringing a personalized experience

Developing a branded app gives you a unique opportunity to take personalization even further, and enhance your lead generation and conversion efforts. Now that personalization is more important than ever before in the oversaturated online world, you need the means to interact with your customers in a way that speaks to their exact needs, aspirations, and goals. Simply put, there’s no better way to do this than through a dedicated app.

Your app can collect invaluable user data to help you optimize and personalize the user experience across the board, and the data you collect can translate your entire personalization strategy outside the app. Using machine learning, your app can quickly adapt to the user’s preferences and in-app behavior to deliver a more intuitive and personalized offer. This way, your users will always have a reason to keep using the app, because they will always find something that’s tailored to their needs, be it a selection of products, curated services, or personalized content. 

Apps are customizable and intuitive

No matter the industry you’re in and no matter the kind of audience you’re talking to, you can always optimize your app to address their unique needs and pain points. Developing a highly customizable and intuitive app experience is one of the best ways to stand out in competitive markets nowadays, such as Australia or the US.

In Australia, for example, extremely competitive markets like Sydney or Melbourne demand apps to bring something new to the table every time. That’s why app development in Sydney is nowadays heavily focused on intuitive scrolling and customization, to allow the user to tailor the in-app experience to their exact needs. This type of flexibility and app agility keeps the users engaged and makes them feel like the app is built specifically for them.

Regardless of the market you’re operating in, though, developing this type of customizable app can be a true gold mine for your business in the long run.

A direct communication channel with users 

Modern customers are always looking for ways to communicate with their brands in a more efficient and effective manner. Long gone are the days when people will wait for you to reply to their email, and you can bet that the millennials or Gen Z-ers will rather switch brands than pick up the phone to call you.

So, what you’re left with is the need to create a direct line of communication with your users. Naturally, having your app on their phones is literally the best way to interact with them on a daily basis. Not only is an app a great tool for them to get in touch, but it also allows you to get your messages, notifications, and content directly in front of your users in real time. It doesn’t get more targeted than that.

Improved security for sensitive user data

It should go without saying that cybersecurity has become a top priority for business leaders around the world nowadays. Given the astronomical costs of cyber-attacks and that a single successful data breach can ruin your business for good, you need to invest heavily in strengthening your security systems in 2021.

To battle cyber-crime and keep your customers safe while storing their data in secure locations, developing a dedicated app might be the best long-term solution. Not only are apps filled with security features like two-step authentication and firewalls, they also allow the user to restore data quickly from the cloud, and back it up directly from the app into a secure, decentralized location. 

This kind of security not only protects your brand’s reputation, but it also empowers the user to keep using your app, knowing that it’s the safest place to keep their data. 


There is no denying that a branded app can take your business to the next level in 2021. Will you invest in your very own app this year to conquer the competitive global market? If yes, then make sure to use these tips to unlock the true potential of your branded app.