How to Choose the Best Website Hosting for Students?

As a student, every penny counts right? Sometimes even cheap hosting seems unaffordable, but there are website hosting options for students, keep reading.

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To help beginners, many providers offer free student web hosting.

Can free hosting be good?

It can if it meets all your requirements. Beginners usually do not know what is important for them. Also, it is very difficult to predict how the site will develop. So you can always start with a simple one.

If you want to check the quality of the proposed future hosting, take a look at this post too:

Hosting for students

Usually companies do a combined offer of hosting and domain together. It is quite realistic to find a reliable and inexpensive hosting with an uptime of 99.5%. Also included in the package of services are:

  • 24/7 competent support;
  • Training resources to create websites;
  • Fast operation of sites on clean SSD disks.

How to order hosting for students?

Most companies create these rates specifically to start your project. It has everything you need. It will not be difficult for students to learn how to make sites on such simple hosting.

To buy student hosting, most providers will require a photo or scan of a student ID card. If you’re not a student or don’t have a student ID, they won’t approve your rates.

To get an inexpensive, reliable web hosting service, study its characteristics. You can do a full check using the service

Hosters also include a site name check in student rates. If such a name already exists, you will be prompted to replace it. Also, most student rates will register your domain for free for 1 year. Be sure to check in which zones a free domain registration is available and whether it suits you.

The package offered to students will help you:

  • Learn how to work with hosting;
  • Create a website by yourself without any issues;
  • Become a fashion blogger;
  • Start your own forum;
  • Open an online store.

Why pay for hosting when there is free?

Let’s be honest, of course there are free sites for blogs and free hosting in general. But believe me, in this case, as with the free cheese, there are pitfalls.

Here’s what you get on free hosting:

  • Extremely limited or no support;
  • Overloaded servers and slow performance of the site;
  • The minimum amount of resources that are not enough for a stable and fast website;
  • Free hosting advertising on your site;
  • Restrictions on the subject sites that can be placed;
  • Very strict public offer, in which the hosing provider is not obliged to do something and can do as he wants only.
  • And here’s what you get if you choose the basic paid rate:
  • Support service that responds instantly and works 24/7 without interruption;
  • 100% load control on the servers, the sites work much faster;
  • Enough resources for the normal operation of the site;
  • No advertising! What will be placed on your site, you decide for yourself;
  • Site of any content within the law can be placed.


You can read everything you need to start working and develop your resource. Hosting providers have a special section in Wiki, Knowledge Base and articles on the blog, which will explain where you need to start after you buy hosting, how to create a website and how to work with it further.

It is also very useful to watch video instructions. Providers who care about their customers create special instructions. For example, a video series of instructions on working with auto-installer scripts for a blog, forum, online store and so on. With such a script, installation of any CMS will take 5 minutes, CMS settings, plugins, themes and everything you may need for the site.