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Just a few short days ago, I wrote a quick overview on how to create effective headlines for your sales landing pages. This was primarily for my Ecommerce audience; however headlines are important to all online marketers publishing content and that’s when my friends over at Copypress, said “hey Chris, we just published a white paper about crafting killer headlines.” And of course I checked it out.

I was like, “Dave… This puts my little post to shame, just send me an infographic and I’ll direct people to your white paper.”

The white paper starts with the basics of creating an effective headline and covers great tools that will help you craft the perfect one. It will also teach you how to brainstorm unique hooks just for your audience as well as where and how to do the ‘right’ research.

Here’s a couple quick snippets to peak your interest:

You might have the best headline concept in the world, but if that idea doesn’t click with your audience, then you’ll be ignored at worst and receive hate mail at best. Now that you have a bank of catchy titles and headlines, let’s find the ones that will actually click with your potential readers — and maybe make a few adjustments.

If you’ve been blogging for years but still lack inspiration, it’s OK. You may struggle with the initial idea. We recommend using the following tools to generate titles and headlines, and then work backward through your content to come up with something better.

Are you ready to start creating headlines that real in the clicks? Check out this infographic courtesy of Copypress and then download their free white paper.

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