How to Build a Winning Video Marketing Strategy

When you search a ‘how to’ online do you click anything other than a video? That’s why you need to learn how to build a winning video marketing strategy.

Winning Video Marketing Strategy

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Let’s admit it, most of us prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to operate something better than reading the text-based step-by-step guide with static images on it. Whether it’s makeup tutorials, how to cook perfect hard-boiled eggs, or 10-minute morning yoga, everything will seem more actionable when we learn them visually by watching the demonstrations. 


According to the stats, more than half of internet users (55%) would prefer to watch a video over reading text when they land on a new website. That’s the reason why video marketing has now become an essential part of every savvy business. Today, more than 86% of businesses have jumped onto the video marketing bandwagon to make sure that they don’t miss the big opportunity.


With all that said, a winning video marketing strategy isn’t child’s play. It’s so much more than visualizing your messages and uploading them to the internet. There are some other tactics you should consider doing so that you unlock video marketing’s full potential and reap all the benefits you deserve.


Here are some essential steps you should take to build a high-performing video marketing campaign.

Step #1. Video Content Planning

A winning video marketing campaign always starts with a well-thought content planning process.


Video content planning includes determining what goals or objectives you want to achieve, what type of videos you will create, topics you will cover, and the overall strategy. 


This process begins with understanding your business personality as well as your audience and their needs. What are they struggling with that you can help them solve through video content? Once you know this information, start brainstorming ideas for valuable video content that will address these issues.


When you nail the video content planning, the next step will be on track and keep you focused, so it would be much easier to execute your overall video marketing strategy. We can say that this first step is the foundation of your successful video marketing campaign.

Step #2. Video Production

When you have already defined your goals, target audiences, expectations, strategies, and content ideas for your upcoming videos, it’s time to start thinking about the video production.


Video production is the process where you translate all of your ideas into engaging visuals. While creating a video, always keep your target audience in mind. What style and tone will resonate with them? 


Make it all about them and avoid using hard-selling jargon. It’s always better to think about how you can help solve your audience’s problem than selling them something. In today’s marketing field, no one wants to be a target customer. So, you need to convince them that you’re a friend who just wants to help them solve their problem without expecting anything in return.


The production quality of your videos is also important to consider. Invest in high-quality equipment and hire a professional video company if needed. This will ensure that your videos look polished and professional, which will give off a positive impression to audiences.

Step #3. Video Optimization

No matter how brilliant your marketing videos are, if you don’t optimize them, you won’t be able to get the most out of them. 


Remember that the internet is a chock-a-block place with videos, which means that it’s super easy for your marketing videos to get lost. In this case, video optimization will help your videos rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), making it much easier for you to get more exposure.


Videos are indexed on search engines like Google and YouTube, which means that they will show up when people do certain searches on these platforms or on other online video websites. 


This includes using the right keywords and tags, as well as adding a brief but informative description of your video. You should also make sure that your videos are embedded on your website and other online platforms so that people can easily watch them without having to leave your site or page. 

Step #4. Video Distribution

Creating an ideal marketing video is one thing, but creating the right distribution channels is another. Well, you don’t create a video just to leave it on your website, cross your fingers, and hope for the best, right?. You need to put in some extra effort to get it out there so that more people can see and enjoy it.


Make sure that your videos are seen by more people through various channels, including social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, video hosting sites such as YouTube or Vimeo.


The key here is to understand where your target audiences are hanging out. This will help you find the right platforms to focus on so that your videos can be more visible and accessible for them, which enables you to achieve all of your video marketing goals. 

Step #5. Finalize Your Strategy with Monitoring

Video monitoring will help you to track how your videos are performing and whether they are achieving the results you desire. By tracking video performance, you can determine which ones are resonating well with viewers and which ones require more improvement.


You’ll also be able to track the number of views, likes, shares, and other engagement-related metrics to help you measure your overall video marketing success. This will help you tweak your video marketing strategy as needed so that you can continue to produce high-quality videos that resonate with your target audiences.


Try to do video monitoring every month– ideally at the end of each month. You can then compare your performance against previous months to understand how you are progressing. If anything, video monitoring is a great way for you to learn more about what works and what doesn’t in your marketing videos so that you won’t make similar mistakes again in future campaigns. 


This can be done if you monitor your campaign with a margin calculator to check whether you’ve made a successful attempt in promoting your product using video marketing. You’ll then decide if the existing effort is worth your time or not.

Final Thoughts: Revamp Your Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing has been proven to be a valuable asset for many businesses and marketers because of its high ROI. If you want to stay ahead in this competitive world, start building a winning video marketing campaign today. However, one thing you need to bear in mind is that video marketing is a long-term strategy, so don’t expect immediate results after releasing your first few videos. 


Those steps mentioned above will give you a good head start. To help you get even more solid insights into a professional, high-performing video marketing campaign, we’ve created a complete video marketing checklist:


The Complete Video Marketing Checklist for 2022
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