A Guide to Outsourcing Functions for Startups

Find out how your startup can benefit greatly from outsourcing functions in the right areas to help your business grow effectively.

Guide to Outsourcing Functions

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People tend to associate outsourcing with large organizations that have excess money to spare. However, businesses of all sizes can benefit from outsourcing certain services to a third-party vendor. In particular, startups often lack the resources to actually complete all business functions internally. Outsourcing functions enables startup owners to receive professional support and expertise at a low cost compared to hiring a permanent, in-house team. With the help of specialist companies, startups can maximize their resources and focus on core business objectives. Here is a guide to outsourcing functions to help startup owners scale their businesses.

Benefits of Outsourcing Business Functions

If you are to outsource functions of your business, you need to know the benefits of doing so. Keep reading to find out more. 

Focus on Core Goals

One major benefit of outsourcing business functions is that it allows startups to focus their full attention on their primary tasks and developing their business instead of trying to keep on top of other duties. By outsourcing services to a professional third party, you do not have to get involved with processes you are not familiar with. Instead, startups are able to utilize their resources more efficiently, which helps boost productivity within the core startup team.

Cut Costs

Maximizing the cost-effectiveness of your small business should be a top priority, and outsourcing functions can drastically cut your expenses. Specific business functions require professionals with expertise in their field. From wages and benefits to overhead costs and operating expenses, a growing workforce takes capital. Outsourcing functions to a vendor means that you do not have to pay high, ongoing expenses to receive top-quality services. Not to mention, a small workforce does not require much room to work, while a growing team will need a larger workspace. Relocating can add on extra costs, and finding the right place can also eat up valuable time.

High Level of Expertise

When recruiting for a new position, you need to make sure the candidate is well-suited for the role. Hiring in-house could limit your selection of suitable candidates, and you may need to make compromises when choosing the best person for the job. For example, a candidate may possess all of the qualities you are looking for, but they can only work certain days, or a potential employee might be able to work all of the hours you set, but they are lacking in certain skills. When outsourcing a service, you can rest assured that a third-party vendor has the experience, expertise, and equipment required to complete your job.

Latest Technology

Startups simply do not have the resources to stay up to date with all of the latest technology, which means taking the DIY approach to all business operations can cause your business to lag behind competitors. For example, Information and Technology is complex, and a proficient IT infrastructure has many components. It can cost a huge amount of money, which your business probably doesn’t have. IT support outsource companies will already have advanced technology and the latest software and systems to help you with your tasks efficiently. IT specialists can use all of this advanced tech to provide IT support for your startup.

Services Startups Should Outsource

So now that you know all of the benefits, what areas of your business should you outsource? 

Web and Software Development

It doesn’t matter what you sell or what industry you are in; all businesses should create and manage a website. Whether you want your website to inform or to sell, you need to determine the primary purpose of your site so that you can tailor the design and content to your target audience. Furthermore, your website should represent your essence as a business, and your brand should be incorporated throughout the site. Nowadays, many people attempt to build their own websites using web building platforms. However, your website will probably be the first point of call for many potential consumers, so you want to make sure first impressions count. Enlisting the help of a reputable company, such as ScrumLaunch, will ensure your website is attractive, easy to navigate, and fully optimized. ScrumLaunch employs experts in software and web development. They offer training in web development in Ukraine for promising developers who use this training to help businesses build a high-quality end product.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses a variety of tasks, some of which can be completed without the help of a professional. However, taking the DIY approach to digital marketing can cost you a lot of time. For example, a social media campaign might be easy to execute but creating content, perfecting the post, and using professional imagery requires time, patience, and a good eye for detail. Outsourcing this function to a social media expert will ensure your content is always relevant. In addition, your posts will be scheduled for times that are best for your target audience. A third-party vendor will also be able to help you create content to be posted on different social media profiles.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) describes the process of optimizing a website in order to increase the number of site visitors who perform a desired action on your website. The desired action can vary from making a purchase, signing up for a subscription, filling out a form, to even just clicking on a link. If this already sounds a bit too complicated to tackle yourself, make sure you delegate the task to a CRO specialist. These guys optimize your website by testing site elements, such as content and call to action buttons, and they can help identify bottlenecks in your company. Once your CRO factors have been fulfilled, site visitors should begin to convert to customers.

HR Services

Human resources make up a significant part of a business, and there are a large number of functions that can be outsourced to third-party companies. As with certain digital marketing tasks, HR services are often considered simple and easy. Unfortunately, this opinion can lead to a waste of time and effort. Not to mention, it can also result in noncompliance and heavy penalties. HR services that are popularly outsourced include recruitment, onboarding, training, payroll, and employee relations.


Outsourcing isn’t a negative, it’s a great way to get things done efficiently and much more cost effectively. At the end of the day outsourcing functions like the ones listed above will save you a lot of time, effort and money.