9 Orthodontic Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Practice

Need to promote your new orthodontic practice and looking for orthodontic marketing ideas specific to your niche? Read this post before searching further.

Orthodontic Marketing Ideas

Just like many people’s teeth, the orthodontic industry is overcrowded and everyone is looking for unique orthodontic marketing ideas to stand out.

Fortunately, there are so many people out there who want to have straight teeth. Whether they want to build confidence or simply because they don’t like how crooked their teeth look, there will be enough people to build a successful ortho practice of your own.

However, before you can effectively promote your practice, you need to know what you’re doing. This post presents 9 unique orthodontic marketing ideas to help you draw in new customers.


Think Local

One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness is to improve your brand’s visibility and relevance in the search results. People trust the brands and websites that Google trusts, so if you manage to get constant first-page rankings in the local SERPs, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a flurry of new traffic, quality leads, and of course, long-term customers to your doorstep. This is why local SEO is so important, and why it should be at the forefront of your strategy.

There are so many people out there who want straight teeth that you could probably find an orthodontist in your state if you simply searched by your zip code.

The first step in improving your local marketing strategy lies in knowing your audience. That means you need to start with demographics, finding out your ideal customers’ age group, gender, occupation, income level, etc.  When you pinpoint that, it’s time to dig deeper into their interests, needs, and wants. This is what you’ll build your marketing campaign around and it will also help you identify keywords.

But you shouldn’t stop there. Research the types of events happening in the community, what issues are they facing. The best advertisement is the one that offers precise solutions to their problems.

Even starting with a local focus there are so many options, it can be hard to know which direction to take when attracting new patients. And even if you think you’ve found the perfect marketing strategy for your practice, it’s essential to ask yourself whether the method really brings in new patients or just holds onto existing ones.


Beyond ‘thinking local’ the following 9 orthodontic marketing ideas will help you shape your practice specific strategy.


1. Creating a Marketing Plan


For any successful orthodontic practice, marketing is a must! It’s the backbone of your orthodontic practice ideas. So, how do you make sure it gets the attention it deserves? That’s where incorporating lifestyle marketing principles comes into play.

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Develop a comprehensive marketing plan that will help you achieve your practice’s long-term goals, including how you can attract new clients and maintain or increase existing ones. 


2. Create a Website


Create a website that is informative, easy to navigate and easy to update. Be sure that you have a professional-looking website that is mobile friendly so that it loads quickly when someone is searching online for an orthodontist in your area, either by phone or computer.


Use a professional website designed by an expert web designer to market your practice more effectively and online advertising such as Google AdWords and Facebook ads to reach potential customers who have expressed interest in your practice.


3. Build a consistent brand image. 


Like it or not, today’s world is all about branding. Even orthodontists are judged by their brand images instead of the treatments they provide. The most successful orthodontic practices do not depend solely on referrals; they make sure their brand images reach even their potential clients in cyberspace. 


It’s important to appear confident and competent. Your website needs to reflect your professional image, so consider hiring a designer or using affordable WordPress themes if you don’t have the time or expertise to design it yourself. 


4. Create a Team of Resources.


In order to promote your practice, you must first recognize that you cannot do it alone. You need the help of others. In fact, I’m sure that promotion of your practice would go a lot faster and easier if you were part of a team. So how can you build a group for your orthodontic practice?


Create a team of resources that can be easily spread across various platforms, such as orthodontic specialists, assistants and office staff — all members of your team should share a passion for all things orthodontic (and hopefully, the same language).


Whether you are just starting or have been in your orthodontic practice for years, one of the most underrated strategies for promoting your practice is building a team of resources. I am not talking about getting employees on board, but individuals who are high in value can help you establish yourself in the marketplace. This could include an accountant, advertising/marketing firm, insurance company and more.


5. Leveraging the Internet. 


The Internet is the most powerful marketing channel for dentists and orthodontists. It allows you to reach people all over the world. You can use many social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ or LinkedIn to grow your followers and drive traffic to your site.


Take advantage of the Internet because it is the most powerful marketing channel for orthodontists and dentists. It allows you to reach people all over the world in real-time. 


6. Use Social Media. 


Social media is a great way to connect with others that might be interested in your practice. Consider using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness of your practice. These sites often have a free option that is accessible by anyone with an internet connection, making them a good outlet for promoting your course. Facebook is the most popular platform, but there are plenty of alternatives like Twitter and Instagram. There are also community groups on LinkedIn that you can join, and Pinterest is a great place for visual images.


7. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 


Many people think that when they begin their journey with orthodontics, they purchase a computer for their office and then just wait for patients to find them on the search engines. 


There’s always that association that they can get more traffic by paying money for ads on Google or other search engines, but the reality is, if you don’t do SEO properly, you can get lost in the noise. SEO will help drive more people to your site (and keep them there). This approach is very unwise. You must use search engine optimization (SEO) to promote your orthodontic practice and ultimately get more new patients.


Remember, In this day and age, it’s not enough to rely on traditional marketing techniques. If you want to compete against larger competitors in your practice area, you need to think of new ways to reach out to potential patients. By adding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your list of marketing strategies, you can boost the number of people going to your website, ultimately leading to more dental patients. 


8. Build a Network. 


One of the most effective ways to promote your practice is through networking with other local dental professionals. Many dentists and orthodontists have already built relationships with one another by attending meetings and functions together. Coffee hours and breakfast meetings are the perfect way to connect with other colleagues and start networking.


9. Focus on the patient experience. 


What do they say on message boards, on Yelp and on Facebook? How do they describe their experiences with you? Focus on these words or phrases and use them in your marketing materials (website, brochures, business cards) and advertisements.


To create a successful new patient experience, it’s important to understand the various roles involved. It’s crucial, both inside and outside of your orthodontic practice, for everyone on the team to clearly understand their position. By having your area of expertise (areas of interest), you can focus on providing the best care possible.




The biggest takeaway from this article is that marketing your orthodontic practice should consist of more than just telling people you provide orthodontic services. You must take other steps to ensure that consumers know you’re there and what you’re offering. There are several orthodontic marketing ideas to garner attention, including search engine optimization, PPC advertising, email marketing, and blogging. Still, for these mediums to be effective, they must be executed correctly.

If you’re in need of more creative orthodontic marketing ideas to promote your practice, come back and take a read through other posts on this site.