7 Ways to persuade people using the book “Influence” by Robert Cialdini

Selling your products or services online is all about persuasion and many of the best online marketers today are putting the practices found in the book “Influence” to work for them. Find out how…

influence by robert cialdini

The six principles of persuasion as stated in the “Influence” could always be applied in practice. However, the principles are easy to read, not necessarily easy to transform in to application to persuade people to buy the book itself. Following are some ways that are based on the same principles albeit in a much simpler way to influence people to buy the book: –

  1. Grooming people: – wonder what that means? You would be surprised at how simple yet effective grooming can be. Before you say anything in favour of the book, you can first groom the listener to create a mind-set of acceptance for the book.This is a trick popular with professional con artists and magicians. e.g. if in a subsequent sentences, the words “foot” and “ball” are used and the third sentence carries a question to think of a sport, a vast majority of people end up with “football”. Similarly, you can use small words related to persuasion or influence and a book that deals with self-improvement to create the desired background.

  2. Use reciprocity: – The principle stated in the book could actually be applied in practice to influence people to buy it. While grooming is important, you also need to ensure that people you want influenced are being heard well with their thoughts. Grooming ensures that they are already thinking what you prefer. So when you listen to them carefully, they too feel obliged with utmost care to what you want to say- all in exchange for listening to what you anyhow want them to think!

  3. Establish scarcity: – While grooming and applying reciprocity to people, ensure that you have already mentioned how there is a dearth of quality products in the market that teaches what is desired. Establish the statement by mentioning how people writing such books are not all experts while mentioning the expertise of the author Robert Cialdini. It would help in proving that in a market where a quality product from an authentic source is scarce, this book is the exception that stands out.

  4. Utilize social factor: – The impact of your approach is dependent on two tings; firstly, your equation with the target audience and secondly, how well your words are in sync with reputable sources like major brands, accredited intellectuals and so on. Hence, it is wise to keep a few names handy in advance whose words and line of thinking match your approach about the book. You could always sneak in a reference of the same to add credibility to persuade people better.

  5. Beauty of symmetry: – Most people buy not a product but the sales person. What it implies is that most people buy what they like, with respect to the seller and not the product. People would like the book when they read it; till then they only know the person influencing them to but the book. People are more likely to appreciate you when they find similarity in thoughts and opinions with you. Hence, even if you want to say something in contrast to their belief, agree to disagree. Choose an appearance that your target audience would like. All these elements together enhance the probability of their being persuaded by you successfully.

  6. Appreciate and compliment: -If you want people to appreciate your thoughts, appreciate theirs first. And you need not fake it; even a difference of opinion can receive appreciation. When people see that you appreciate even an opinion different than yours, they are more likely to listen to you carefully with acceptance. That is the best time to talk about how the book works in their favour.

  7. Use authority: – It is a little different than social influence. While talking to people about the benefits of the book, you can refer to entities known to be authorities in literature as well as the domain of self-improvement who appreciate and prescribe the book. Your target is more likely to be persuaded successfully by doing so.

All of the simple ways mentioned above could also be applied through digital marketing to persuade people. All it requires is a good partner like Brave Solutions who understand your goals and needs to the core and help you achieve what you want.