6 Tactics to Improve Your Company’s Digital Presence

Digital presence is your company’s online visibility, if people can’t see your business online, it’s time to work on yours.

Improve Your Company's Digital Presence

In the digital age, you need to make sure that your company has a digital presence, right?

With so many of your customers and clients doing research online before coming to a final decision to purchase your products or services, it’s more important than ever to make sure that you have a digital strategy that promotes website traffic and improves the overall user experience


Digital presence is the practice of marketing your business online instead of opting for traditional marketing methods like newspaper advertisements and commercials. Digital marketing is much more affordable than traditional advertising and is easier to measure so that you know what results you’re getting, making it far more effective for small businesses. 

So, how can you start improving your company’s digital presence? Let’s take a look.

How to Improve Digital Presence with 6 Tactics 

1. Create a Website with Conversions in Mind 

It was once enough just to have a website. However, your business website now needs to attract visitors and convert them. Odds are you have tons of competition, so it’s important that you stand out and make your website the place potential clients and customers go. 


Conversions are essential because they mean that your website is successfully bringing your company business. A conversion is any type of action taken on your website by the user, such as signing up for your newsletter, clicking the phone number to call you, or filling out a contact form. If you’re an eCommerce website, a conversion is also a website purchase. 


It’s simply not enough to post a product online and hope for conversions. Your website should include some form of funnel that leads prospects on a journey that ends in them making a purchase or deciding to call your business. Make sure that your business website includes informative copy about the products or services you offer and reasons for why someone should contact you over your competition. 


Another thing you can do to improve your website conversion rate is to include reviews of your products, services, and company on your website. You can collect reviews in a number of ways, but integrating your website with an email marketing platform can make the process easy and efficient. 


The overall user experience of your website will also impact conversions, so make sure that your website is easy to navigate, has a fast loading time, and provides value. 

2. Invest in SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an absolute necessity if you want your website to rank organically. Instead of spending thousands of dollars a month on ads, your leads can come to you organically based on their search results. 


Let’s say that you want to use your website to bring in people who are interested in home ownership. Consider the type of search queries that they may type into Google to learn more about buying a home, mortgages, and more. By considering search intent and optimizing your website content, you can bring in more leads organically. 


SEO goes beyond using the best keywords for your industry. Technical SEO includes the backend of your website and code that can help improve your chances of ranking in search engines, while off-page SEO focuses on building backlinks to help your page get more authority. 


Unfortunately, SEO takes time and expertise. It’s not enough to simply load up your web pages with keywords. Instead, work with an experienced agency that understands your niche and can form a strategy for long-term results. 

3. Create a Google My Business Listing

Google my Business Listing

Google My Business is an account through Google that provides you with a business listing on Google search results pages (SERPs) so that people can find your business, its location, and its phone number online. Not only that, but you’ll get a free profile that allows you to connect with customers and clients. 


A Google My Business listing can help you collect reviews that are necessary for convincing potential customers to buy your products or services. Unfortunately, Google My Business listings are only available for businesses with physical locations. That means if you’re an eCommerce business, you won’t be able to have a listing unless you have a headquarters or corporate office. 

4. Improve Social Media Management 

If you want a cheap and easy way to connect with your potential clients or customers, social media is the way to go. Not only is advertising on Facebook and Instagram one of the cheapest ways to advertise online and off, but social media also allows you to engage with your customers to build trust and establish a long-lasting relationship. 


Gone are the days when people would purchase products from a company based on the product alone. Now consumers are looking for products from companies that they care about. By showing your customers that you’re actively engaged on social media and responding to their messages and comments, you can build a valuable relationship that keeps customers and clients coming back. 

5. Try Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the method of finding influencers and forming a relationship with them so that they promote your products on their own channels to all of their followers. There are tons of influencers for every niche, especially if you sell a product that’s visually appealing or has tons of benefits. 


Influencer marketing is great for all types of eCommerce businesses. Influencers are typically seen as thought leaders in their industry, and they are trusted by their thousands of followers, which means that working with an influencer can help you reach thousands of potential new customers without having to find them yourself. 


Implementing an influencer marketing strategy is easy. You can even track your influencer marketing ROI with different analytics tools


Remember to always make sure that you have a written agreement with your influencer so that they understand what you require of them. 

6. Create Better Content

If your website is loaded with just images or just copy, it won’t offer a great user experience. Instead, create better content and use a variety of it, from images to copy to videos to create the best user experience. 


Depending on what your company does, you can include infographics, video testimonials, and more. Make sure to use visuals and keep your paragraphs short and easy to read to attract the most customers and clients. All of your content can then be shared on your social media profiles to bring customers back to your website. 



If you run a business, maintaining an online presence is essential nowadays. The internet allows you to branch out and reach a wide audience around the world. By implementing one or all of these tactics, you can strengthen your company’s digital presence and reach more customers than ever!