5 Ways to Optimize Your Business YouTube Channel

Everyone’s ambition with YouTube is “to go viral”, but even without going viral businesses have the opportunity to capture a massive audience by Optimizing their business YouTube Channel.

business YouTube Channel

According to YouTube, more than one billion users watch hundreds of millions of hours of video on YouTube every day. That number breaks down to almost one-third of all people online. YouTube has also paid out more than $1 billion to rights holders who have monetized their channels since 2007. But to get a piece of that viewership and revenue, your business needs to optimize its YouTube channel.

Every business will have different needs and optimization methods to attract viewers. But there is a universal method to optimization from developing a content strategy to choosing the right keywords. Here’s how to get started optimizing your YouTube channel.

Develop a Video Content Strategy

Before you start uploading videos to YouTube, develop a winning video content strategy. That strategy can differ widely depending on your brand and what you’re trying to accomplish. For example, create how-to videos on using your product, give a product demonstration or record client testimonials.

Other businesses are looking to entertain and win over fans while raising awareness about their production. For example, Captain Morgan super-imposes its trademark captain head onto its commercial actors for fun and memorable videos. They also include their brand name in every video they upload.

Create Your Channel Art

Don’t skimp on the artwork of your YouTube channel. From your user icon to your logo and banner art, choose something compelling that speaks to your brand. For example, Disney’s YouTube channel features a banner with a colorful and modern Mickey Mouse, sketches of the infamous mouse and the company’s logo. The artwork is simple, but it immediately sparks an emotional connection to the Disney brand.

Remember to include video thumbnails as part of your channel art strategy. When YouTube viewers pull up a list of your videos, all they see are tiny thumbnails with a brief description of your videos. Keep the thumbnail as engaging as possible and choose a click-worthy image that engages curiosity.

Make an Intro Video

What happens if new YouTube viewers stumble across your channel? Make sure they know what you do and what you are all about with an intro video. Think of it as a sneak peak, or a movie trailer, into your content. Give an overview of your brand and products, and remind them to subscribe to your channel. Keep your brand messaging consistent with your other videos whether you’re using your logo at the beginning, a certain style of music or particular sign-off.

Create a Call to Action

Create a call to action throughout your YouTube Channel, or miss out on an opportunity to connect with fans. Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel or sign up for a free resource at your website at the end of every video. Next, include an annotation that prompts viewers to subscribe by clicking directly on your video. Some YouTube channels ask their viewers a question at the end of every video to see if they were paying attention.

Toy review CookieSwirlC asks her “cookie fans” about a particular moment in the video and asks them to leave their answer in the comments section. Her audience loves being the first to leave their answers, and it prompts them to watch her entire videos.

Use Keywords

Choosing the right keywords isn’t just important to draw YouTube users, it can also affect your Google search ranking. Google reserves a portion of their front page rankings for videos. Pick keywords that fit your brand and products to attract relevant views. It’s also wise to browse through keywords and titles your competitors are using to see if you’ve overlooked anything and get inspired.