5 Apps to Help Your Marketing Strategy

If you are a business owner looking for the right assistance to market your brand, here are 5 apps that will be your best friends for marketing.

Marketing Strategy

These apps will help you make sure that your marketing campaigns take less labour with better outcomes. Exactly how it should be!


You translated your big idea into your own brand with great enthusiasm, you hoped that it would reach great heights. But, even after a lot of hard work, the business is not giving the expected results.


The idea is good and workable, you have put the right amount of labour into it as well, but the point where you are lacking is ‘Marketing’. And this marketing problem is common to many businesses. 


A lot of people know how to do business right, but marketing is one skill that many don’t have. The reason being marketing tactics keep changing and adapting to change helps you sustain in modern times. It is one mandatory skill that needs to be learned and honed. In dynamic times like these, you need to be well-aware of all the new marketing tools. You need to keep updating your marketing knowledge, and the best and simplest way to do the same is to learn about new apps that help you in this marketing process.

Why is marketing important? Especially digital marketing?

You have a good product, and you know it. But how will your potential customers know that you have a good product? That’s exactly where the role of marketing comes in. It bridges the gap between the product and the people. It helps them identify the products and understand how it is going to be a utility for them. 

The reason why marketing online is so important these days is that it’s popular, cheap, and convenient. You just have to create a simple marketing plan, and there is no need to spend a lot to advertise your product. 


Mobile Apps


In this blog, you will get to know about 5 marketing apps that will aid your marketing strategy and help you bring out the best results. 

1. Socioboard

All of us know how important it is for your brand to be contemporary and be present on all social media platforms. And we also know how difficult it is to do the same. Gets a little frustrating sometimes. Isn’t it? To prevent yourself from pulling your own hair, use Socioboard


It is an app meant for businesses of all kinds. A great open-source social media marketing app that allows you to manage multiple profiles. It helps your brand with 360-degree social media lead generation without any hassle. Marketing, customer support, and engagement automation lead generation. They have everything you will require for the social media marketing of your brand. It’s a magical app that will save you a lot of time and trouble!



  • Smart Inbox: All alerts from all the social media profiles are driven to the app. 
  • My Tasks: A feature where you can assign and schedule tasks for your team members.
  • Schedule Messages: You can schedule your messages and send them to multiple users at a specific time. 
  • Reports: The app measures your social media performance, which enables you to come up with efficient strategies.
  • Convenient User Interface: The user interface is intuitive, which helps you use the app very easily. 

2. Google Drive

You must be aware of Google Drive, as you have used it. Though, a lot of you wouldn’t know that it is a great tool for managing and storing all your marketing content in the cloud. It costs you nothing like the online pokies and gives you the maximum benefit. Unlike the hardware that can be easily destroyed, Google Drive is immune to any physical damages. As long as you have the Internet, you can access the data from anywhere, at any time. Most importantly, it also syncs the changes across all the connected devices. 


  • Collaboration: Promotes the involvement of sharing data amongst team members.
  • Automatic Saving of Data: Just in case you miss out on saving the document, the system will automatically update without giving a command.
  • App Collection: It integrates all the important Google apps like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, etc. 
  • Work Offline: Even without any Internet connection, you can easily work on Google Drive. 


3. Adobe Premiere Clip

No mobile video editor is perfect, but Adobe Premiere Clip comes closest. It’s your go-to app for video editing. Very quick and easy to use. It helps you create those interesting and engaging videos that will pull the attention of the audience, converting them into customers. No hours of labour on your laptop, just an app on your phone, and you can simply light up the social media handles of your business. It’s a great app for someone who uses marketing for a small business. Makes you no less than your big competitors.



  • User-friendly Interface
  • Provides professional-looking results
  • Easy to use titles and effects
  • Auto mix option


4. Canva

Marketing communication involves all kinds of content. From social media posts to huge hoardings on the roadside, you will need it all. And forget not, the visual communication is supposed to be striking to the eye. It has to be appealing enough for others to pay attention to it. Canva is one such app that can help you get this kind of graphic. It is a photo editing app that helps you with aesthetic templates making your work super professional and swift. With the predesigned layouts, you can save your time for choosing the right template. Add some awesome text, effects, stickers to all your designs, and let others think that you hired a designer to get it done. 


  • Intuitive Interface: Just get the app, and it will guide you on its own. It’s that simple!
  • Share your Work: You can share your work with your teammates and allow them to edit
  • Saved Designs: All designs get saved automatically
  • Canva Pro: Allows to edit more with pro elements and icons. 


5. Ad Roll

No matter if you are marketing your small business or a big one, AdRoll is your marketing best friend. This app will help you create, optimize, and deliver personalized ads across multiple platforms as well as devices. A work of dozens of workforce by a single app. Impressive, right? It is an optimization and customization expert. Using customer segmentation techniques, they come up with proper analysis and create personalized, dynamic ads based on the user’s browsing history. Retargeting campaigns is one of its key features. It ensures that the visitors are reminded about what you offer so that the interested ones can keep coming back. 


  • Reporting and Analytics: You can analyze each of your impressions and campaigns to strategize better for the upcoming campaigns.
  • Maximum Reach: AdRoll partners with Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Facebook, allowing you to reach almost the entire Internet. 
  • Advanced Techniques: Great marketing helps with advanced targeting techniques like customer segmentation and geo-targeting


To Sum Up

There is no rule on how marketing works, it’s a very mindful process that involves a lot of research and efforts. The apps just reduce the time you spend on implementation, leaving you with more time to think and strategize. These will make your marketing function better! Initially, you will find it a little tricky to operate so many apps, but once you get the hang of it, you will be a master of multitasking. Let us know how using these apps for marketing made your life easier and the business better.