4 Ways to Create Content That Boosts Your Local Search Rankings

Starting local with laser targeted content can offer a really big boost in your local search rankings, site traffic and calls. ie: Get more customers!


Create Content That Boosts Your Local Search Rankings

When you launch your business you know that, apart from top-notch products and high-level services, you need to appear as high as possible on local search rankings.

Creating content is a great way to build a community and also reach people in your own community.

People are constantly connected online, and they like to stay updated with the latest information with a swipe of the finger.

What does this mean for your business?

It means if your business isn’t readily visible at the top of mobile search — you’re one too many swipes away from getting a new customer.


This isn’t new news…

We all know the importance of achieving (and maintaining) a top search ranking for your target keywords. The higher your website ranks, the more traffic it will receive, which subsequently means more sales or conversions for your business. But if your business relies on local, “walk-in” traffic, you’ll want to focus on Local Search Optimization (LSO).

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What is Local Search Optimization?

As the name suggests, LSO involves adjusting and tweaking a website so it ranks for geo-specific keyword, or when a user who lives near website’s headquarters performs a general search pertaining to its industry.

If you operate a flower delivery service in Atlanta, GA, for instance, you should focus on optimizing your website for keywords like “Atlanta florist,” “Atlanta flower delivery,” “order flowers Atlanta,” etc.


Local Searches are More Targeted

So, why is local search optimization is important?

Going back to the example mentioned above, Atlanta residents who search for flower delivery services online would be more likely to purchase the services of an Atlanta-based florist than a Californian resident. Local searches are more targeted, delivering a high conversion rate when compared to non-local searches.

It’s just that simple.


If you want people to discover your products and services, you need to appear in their local search.

This means that you need SEO and a well-written content to help you boost your local search rankings.

This article is going to help you develop your content strategy so that you will improve your local search ranking.


Search Engines Have Adjusted for Local Keywords

The next time you perform a Google search for a restaurant, store, or some other type of local service, you may notice personalized results that are tailored towards your specific location.

You can test this out by searching for “Chinese food,” at which point Google will likely reveal listings of Chinese food websites and directories that are around your city.

Google has adjusted its algorithm in recent years to place an emphasis on personalized, local searches. You can take advantage of this by properly optimizing your website for local keywords.

Knock Out Your Competitors

If you aren’t optimizing your website for local keywords, guess who’s going to take up the search engine real estate for those keywords? It’s your competitors.

Don’t let your competitors steal your customer base; optimize your site for local keywords to maintain your throne.

If you truly want to knock out your competitors and capitalize on local search impression share then now is a good time to talk about optimizing your business for local search, not just your website.

I would be remiss to exclude Facebook from local search optimization. Facebook has been playing around with improving local search features for a while now and some of them are pretty exciting. One of the most important considerations is the simple fact that no one knows your audience better than Facebook;

“With local awareness ads, businesses can quickly and easily find new customers by showing ads to groups of people who are near that business’s neighborhood. Local awareness ads are built to be more cost-effective than traditional advertising channels like newspaper while offering more precise targeting and greater reach. We think they’re the best way for local businesses to reach people near them, and the best way for people who use Facebook to discover more useful things in their area.”

Learn more here.


Now that we’re getting familiar with the importance of local search intent and locally optimized keywords, let’s get into the best ways to incorporate these into content that boosts your local rankings.

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4 Ways to Create Content that Boosts Your Local Search Rankings

1. Using the Right Keywords

By now, it should come as no surprise that you will need to include keywords in your content strategy.

And when we are talking about boosting your local search rankings, local keywords are essential. The absolute first thing you should do is conduct detailed research on the top local keywords related to your business.

There are some great tools at your disposal to help you determine the right keywords for your business based on search volume and competition:


  • Google Keyword Planner – this tool will help you find the relevant local keywords for your business. It will make your life a lot easier as you will just have to type in your business area and it will come up with suggested keywords.
  • GrabMyEssay – once you have established a list of keywords, you need some professionals to start writing your content. The team at GrabMyEssay will also analyze your keywords’ list and come with their proposals to help you boost your local search rankings.
  • SEMRush – even though you know which your keywords are, you should also keep an eye on your competition. Therefore, you will need this tool to discover which are the keywords they are using and how they use them in their content strategy.
  • Rewarded Essays – there are many talented writers here who can help you create engaging content and help you stand out of the crowd.
  • Supreme Dissertations – it doesn’t matter what is the market you want to conquer, the writers at Supreme Dissertations can help you create clear and on topic content.


Once you’ve chosen the right and most relevant local keywords for your business, you should go one level deeper to create a set that is directly tied to your city or even the neighborhood you operate in.

Try to include the selected keywords naturally in your content so that your content remains clear and has an easy flow.

Why? Because Local Keywords are Easier to Rank

While there are always exceptions to this rule, you’ll generally find that it’s easier to rank a website for local, geo-specific keywords as opposed to non-local keywords.

When you include a city, county or zip code into the search query, it reduces the amount of competition significantly.

Less competition means you’ll have an easier time ranking your website for that keyword.

Local-business owners want to be successful in their geographic area and the best way to achieve this kind of success online is through good local search optimization.


2. Connect with the Local Community

Are you actually an active member of your community?

Remember that whole “give and you shall receive” saying…

Well, whatever you give to your local community, you can expect to benefit from.

How is this connected to your content strategy and local search rankings?

Great question;

If you want to improve your visibility and create a positive reputation around your brand, you should associate your business name to the local community as much as possible.

One effective way to do so is get involved in various local events which are usually much appreciated by the community.

For example, you can support a charity cause and write about it on your website. You will not only get a better local search ranking, but you will also contour a positive reputation for your business.

Local Press

Another great option is local press, you can contact your local newspapers or magazines and talk about your implication in local events. This is a great way to not only get your business featured to local viewers, it’s a great way to begin building necessary links and citations for your local business listing.


Online Communities

Another great avenue to become more visible in your community is to take part in local forums such as alignable.

Join the community and start asking or even better answering questions.

join alignable

If you haven’t already, you better make sure your business is listed on Google my Business!

Not only is your Google business listing essential to creating visibility for local search it’s a great outlet for extending your reach to the community through posts ie: Content That Boosts Your Local Search Rankings.

Google My Business  local search

This strategy will definitely help you boost your local search rankings and will also increase the traffic on your website.



3. Company announcements

It is very easy to Create Content That Boosts Your Local Search Rankings using company announcements.

Whenever you want to talk about a new product that you are going to launch or a valuable member of your team, you can create a company announcement around it. Moreover, you can tie your announcement to the local community, explaining what a positive impact you are going to have for the local economy. Let your local target audience know about the efforts you put into improving their lives.

Also host your own event and announce your latest achievements. Delivering your content in a friendly and personable atmosphere is extremely helpful in delivering your brand message. Follow your live event up by hosting an online event to build your online credibility and improve your search rankings.

The nature of your business may impact how frequently you do this.


4. Create local guides related to your niche

You can improve your rank in local search by creating content for location-specific guides tailored to your niche.

Guides are a great way to attract customers all while establishing yourself as the authority on topics relevant for your niche.

For example;

• you can create a guide with the necessary permits in your area to develop a similar business to yours.

• or, you could create a “best of” list of other local businesses in your area.

• you can write about other businesses in your city offering services which are not in direct competition with you.

• if you are a restaurant owner, you can create a list with top 10 wedding planners and other businesses offering related services. Therefore, you will create an A to Z guide for a wedding, which can be easily organized in your location.

You don’t always have to look outside your area to make a big impact in search. Starting local and laser targeted can offer really big benefits. Starting with the tips above, you can begin to build a strong local presence. From there you can still feel out your community for guest posting opportunities to build links and drive higher rankings for your content.