6 Powerful Secrets to Improve Content Marketing for Your Auto Business

Many auto businesses are clinging to the standard product and service ad ops, instead of content marketing that is fundamentally tied to consumers’ on the go needs.

6 Powerful Secrets to Improve the Content Marketing of Your Auto Business

Increasing sales is the primary objective for any business and the auto business is no different.

The auto business hasn’t really changed a whole lot over the years, but they have had to adapt to technology.

Technology has by far had the biggest impact on how cars are researched and purchased.

With over 60% of prospective car buyers now choosing which car to buy and from which dealer even before they visit a dealership, it is critical that your content marketing strategy is rock solid.

According to an Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book study 88% of prospective buyers use the internet for their research.

So, What are auto businesses doing to get their content noticed?

The first step to getting noticed is to Build Trust!

Modern car shopping is dramatically different than it was 5 and 10 years ago.

When consumers actually do visit a dealership, they’re well armed with current deals, accurate MSRPs and what a specific vehicle should be going for.

Consider this: 51% of respondents in the J.D. Power 2015 New Autoshopper study say they use a smartphone or tablet to help find the make, model, price and dealership best suited to their needs.

Many businesses have learned to take advantage of the opportunities that the internet offers to make the profits they desire by offering internet pricing only options, etc. That being said, the content marketing of an auto business via the internet and social media platforms proves to be the future of growth.


Content marketing of an auto business can be a very effective marketing strategy – when done right.


It is, therefore, important that your content stands out!

Unique content that separates you from every other offer online obviously helps you land prospect customers quickly.

Unfortunately, there is no fixed formula for content marketing of an auto business.


When getting your content marketing strategy right is vital to the success of your auto business and its sales…

How do you ace the content marketing of your auto business?


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Below are six powerful secrets that will boost your car sales through content.

1. Aim at Being Unique

In the online space, everybody is working hard to promote their brand.

This involves making your brand unique such that it is easily visible to prospective customers. The best way to do this is by making sure that the auto business name ranks top in the local search results. Once the potential customers find you, the other steps follow.

Away from search result ranking, you have to keep a close eye on the market trends and the trending issues. By studying the industry and your competitors, you add onto your auto business ideas that help you stand out from the crowd.

Capitalize on Trending Issues

Whenever you are creating your marketing content, try putting forth strong discussion issues in the auto industry. Make sure that the opinions you put across are well backed with facts and the relevant data. Talk about the trending topics in the automotive industry so that you can spark discussions and interaction with prospective customers.

Connect on an Emotional Level

If you want people to pay attention, tell them how (your car brand, or your dealership) can reduce friction and increase simplicity in their life. Make your content about your consumer, not you, your product or your service.

Think Subaru…

subaru love campaign

Subaru endured 40 years of advertising let down until they switched up their messaging to really resonate with their audience with the LOVE campaign.

“Love” has tied together the attributes Subaru had been highlighting for decades, including safety and reliability. It became the umbrella for the brand’s advertising, promotions, partnerships, sponsorships, dealer and corporate websites and charity work.

Advertising Age has called the campaign “among the most recognizable and enduring marketing efforts in the automobile category.”

2. Gain the Trust of Your Clients

Content marketing for small business is not a simple journey.

It is a conglomeration of ideas and efforts. After coming up with the right auto business ideas, it’s time to engage your customer.

After all, most auto business owners reckon that the success of the business lies not only on their auto business plan but majorly on their customers. This should remind you of the phrase “Customer is key”. You will improve your content marketing for your auto business by focusing on your customers.

Ensure that the content you develop is relevant, informative and beneficial to your customers. In this case, you should provide not just the features of cars your audience might be interested in, but values they can stand behind.

The purchase process of a vehicle is a long one and if you want to increase the chance of purchase you’re going to need to provide something your audience can commit to.

Soon after establishing a customer following, much of your marketing effort should now be channeled towards maintaining this loyal customer base.

3. Learn from Your Competitors

The auto business is filled with players.

These are not just your competitors and not necessarily your enemies or haters. The faster you accept that, the better for you and your auto business. From them, you can get a few ideas of how to improve your auto business.

Brian Heckler, National Line of Business Leader, Industrial Markets at KPMG, asserts that to remain competitive, automotive companies need to focus on getting the culture right first.

You’re trying to find a window for your business in your clients’ and prospects’ minds. Examine your competitors’ websites, press releases, case studies, articles, and other promotional presentations to identify how they position their business with clients.

One thing I love to do is read customer reviews for competitors to gain an understanding of what people ‘hate’ about them. This is an easy way to capitalize on their misfortune.

auto dealer reviews

4. Make Your Content Graphical and Engaging


One of the primary content marketing goals is getting your business to be known by as many people as possible.

Similarly, content marketing of auto business should be aimed at reaching as many prospect car owners and car enthusiasts.

One of the best ways of doing this is by using pictures and car images in your content such that customers can relate well to the content.

Visual content goes a long way in delivering the intended message.

For the content marketing of auto businesses – words alone can’t do the trick.

In fact, too many words can often be counterproductive, therefore, you should break the monotony using images and other infographics. This should also apply to the overall branding and identity of the business. Featuring business logos serves a purpose to help customers associate your business with the brand messaging being delivered.

5. Keep Your Content Simple


Sometimes, simplicity is all that’s required to be effective.

Content for marketing can be long, but more importantly it needs to be clear, uncluttered, straightforward, and ultimately interesting to your audience.

Simple content is as good as informative content.
The audience does not have to think hard to deduce the idea being driven. Straightforward content helps the audience stay focused on your website and follow the topic of discussion. This way, you keep the customers close and you end up maximizing your sales.

Cluttered content increases the chances of clients wandering away from your website since they quickly get bored with your unappealing content. That said, it is essential that you introduce your ideas clearly to increase the chances of success with your content marketing.

6. Curiosity Improves Content Marketing of Auto Business

If you have already created simple, informative and relevant content…

Now, it’s time to play the curiosity card.

Catchy statements and headlines will help you draw the audience’s curiosity. This makes it easy for them to head to the CTA buttons and click on them, helping you get closer to them through conversations. The following CTA buttons help improve content marketing of your site:

  • Download buttons
  • Add-to-cart buttons
  • Sign-up buttons

The CTA buttons should be wisely used to create urgency and entice the audience to engage immediately.



Content marketing of an auto business should be in line with the overall goals of the company for guaranteed success. Luckily, the internet offers excellent marketing tools for businesses. Coming up with unique and compelling content helps you get the attention of your audience, leading to increased sales.

Do you think these strategies help improve content marketing?

Any other strategies you’d like to share. We’d love to hear from you!