If you are not moving ahead in business, then you are falling behind. There is no such thing as being still. Believe it or not, many of the tactics that you need to move ahead of your competition in business have to do with your internal structure. Here are three of the best business tactics used by Fortune 1000 companies.

business tactics

– Improving Productivity by Decreasing Pressure

Top companies such as Google and Facebook are actually some of the most laid-back environments in all of business. These companies have a gym, a snack machine and a spa on site so that their employees feel as comfortable as possible. Many of the departments in these companies also take frequent breaks, some as close together as 20 minutes. As a result, employees feel more relaxed and more able to perform at a high capacity when the pressure is on.


Employees also appreciate that their bosses do not weigh down on them with the eye of Big Brother during their shifts. Everyone is seen as an adult is capable of monitoring his or her own behavior. People who are given this kind of freedom usually live up to it, far surpassing the efficiency that one would expect in such a casual environment. If your hiring process is good, then you should have people with a personal drive as well as a great skill set. Let them put all of these things to work for you, and you will find a drastically improved productivity in your office without even trying.


– Training Your Employees

Many companies get ahead by making sure their long-term, franchise employees are properly trained in the tools of modern business warfare. For instance, many companies will look up the best IT certifications for an employee to have and pay for them to have it. Not only does the employee appreciate the ability to go to school for free, but he or she will likely be even more loyal to the company after the degree is finished. Many companies actually write a term of service into the contract that an employee must fulfill after receiving an educational subsidy, but these contracts are few and far between.


If your employees have the best IT certifications, then your business will always be compatible with the top vendors and suppliers in your industry. You will be able to work more efficiently with your customers, who are also looking at the training that your employees have when they choose a business to patronize. Create more leverage for yourself and improve the intellectual capital of your company by training employees in the right IT certifications.


– Improving Online Visibility

This tactic actually has a lot to do with the previous tactic of building up your employees with the best IT certifications. Two of those certifications may be in search engine optimization or in security, both of which will help your online visibility. Having an in-house employee efficient in search engine optimization improves your search ranking, moving your business into the eyes of a customer base that would otherwise not see you. However, building your security also keeps your ideas from leaking into the public. Your competition will be at a disadvantage as you roll out your proprietary material with no previous warning.


These are only a few of the business tactics that you can put into place to meet your competition. The best management teams will always stay abreast of new tactics that will consistently show themselves. No matter your industry, however, the above three tactics will definitely work in your favor and against the best interests of your competition.