Whether you’re driving down the road, flipping through a magazine, or watching your favorite show, it’s pretty clear: advertising is big business. That’s why when creating an ad campaign, it’s important to consider every aspect of the design. Where will your ads be placed? What message are you trying to send? Is this ad for a US market or a foreign market? There are so many things to consider when advertising, and these questions just scratch the surface. Without approaching advertising design from all angles, it’s possible for important and seemingly obvious things to get overlooked, and that could have catastrophic (and often times hilarious) consequences.

Sometimes an ad can be perfectly fine stand-alone, but takes on new meaning when next to another ad (as in a side-by-side billboard). Sometimes the message is poorly written and gives the ad a whole new (less-appropriate) meaning. Sometimes the ad is so bad (both in imagery and message), viewers are left wondering if it was created to be intentionally awful! Not sure how any of the top 15 funny ad fails made it to the public arena, but here they are, basking in internet infamy.