11 Essential Blog Content Tools to Easily Write and Optimize Blog Content for SEO the Right Way

There is no point in working on blog content without focusing on SEO – use these 11 Essential Blog Content Tools to Easily Write and Optimize Blog Content for SEO.

11 essential blog content tools

While it may sometimes feel like there are so many aspects to include in your blog content in order to fuel SEO that your meaning is lost, or producing regular updates would be too time consuming there are in fact some blog content tools that can make the process simple. There is no point in working on blog content without focusing on SEO; however there is no need to be stressed about SEO when instead you can build your own formula to sure fire success by simply using the following 11 blog content tools as you write.

1.    Word Stream

This is a great tool for any business before they start writing a post as they can monitor the keywords they want to use. You can adapt your key phrases based on their relative value, and gain a better insight in the terms to use that will be best for your business.

2.    Key Word Density Checker

When you use keywords there’s a balance that you need to monitor. Using them too often can make your blog content appear spammy, which is bad for SEO, but too little can be ineffective. This tool ensures the perfect balance.

3.    Write my essay

Blog content needs to be perfect in order to fuel SEO. This includes spelling and grammar, however as creative writing may not be everyone’s forte it can help to send your content to an editor or proof reader before you post it.

4.    SEO Optimization

If you want to gain insight into what search engine crawlers see when they review your website then this is a great tool. It’s an overall view of your SEO, covering everything from keywords to meta elements.

5.    Yoast

If your business is struggling to find its feet in terms of SEO, then this business can offer you their years of experience and expertise in optimizing SEO. They’ll look into every aspect of your business and advise you on how to proceed.

6.    Do my assignment

Before you post anything online, you need to make sure it is high quality and original. One of the best ways of being sure of your quality is by sending a copy of your work to an editor or proof reader here.

7.    Ahrefs

While you may want to focus on promoting your own business, which is wise, it never hurts to keep an eye on your competitors. This helps you monitor you competitor’s activities too, so you can ensure you’re leading your industry.


8.    Easy Word Count

When you post blog content online, it is more likely to boost SEO when it’s over 1000 words, and more likely to promote engagement when it’s more than 1500 words. This website is a great way to monitor your word count.

9.    Ginger

Whether you’re at a desk or on the go this popular app will work on your device and help you with spelling, grammar, translation, and a dictionary as well as many other features.

10.  Paper Fellows

If you’re new to writing or just need some advice, support, or information, then you will probably find the forums on this website really helpful. You can chat with other writers, both amateur and expert, and trade ideas, which is great for both confidence and content.

11.  Boom Essays

Make sure you don’t cause any damage to the SEO you’ve worked so hard to cultivate by using an editor or proof reader form this website to review your content before you post it online.

There’s no simple formula to producing amazing, original blog content on a regular basis, however you can follow the above tools to make sure that your content does fuel your SEO.