How to Tweet: Tweeting Basics for Your Business

Plan on using Twitter for your business? Learn how to tweet by understanding the basics of tweeting for business so you can fly and NOT fall.

how to tweet


According to a study carried out by Twitter, 54 percent of Twitter users report taking action after seeing brand mentions in Tweets.

Twenty-three percent visit the brand’s website, and 20 percent reported visiting the brand’s Twitter page.

The study also found that 19 percent of Twitter users said they would consider trying out a brand after seeing their Tweets.


Consumers are on Twitter, ready to learn more about brands they’re curious about and make a purchase. But your business will fall flat without a plan in place. Get a foothold on Tweeting basics and learn how to tweet for your business to create a brand your customers are dying to talk about. Here’s how to get started:

How to Tweet #1: Optimize Your Profile Page

Before you send your first Tweet, your Twitter profile should be optimized and ready to go. Start with a fantastic Twitter cover photo that entices audiences to read your profile, engage or even make a purchase. Use a high-quality, clear image that incorporates your slogan or quick line of copy. The image can showcase your products, services or even surprise your audience with something amusing or beautiful like an exotic location.

Your Twitter profile also needs a powerful bio to complement your cover photo. Steer clear of any less-than-interesting language that doesn’t immediately engage your audience. Infuse a little personality, use some humor or make it heartfelt. Remember to add at least one keyword about your business or product so people can find you when surfing Twitter.

How to Tweet #2: Start Engaging

Engaging on Twitter is the key to unlocking business leads, building an audience and staying involved. Start the conversation by Tweeting out the useful information your audience wants, Retweeting others and occasionally talking about your own business. Next, start genuinely engaging with your audience. Comment on what they’re sharing, be generous with your Retweets and take time to ask and answer questions. The more you take an active, engaged interest in your audience, the more likely they are to get involved and start noticing your business.

Jet Blue is especially skilled at engaging with their audience. They regularly respond to comments, talk to customers in a relatable and personable way, say ‘thank you’ for nice comments and actively work to resolve issues.

How to Tweet #3: Tell Interesting Stories

Engagement begins with sending out some Tweets, but takes more than just sharing resources and Retweeting others. You also need to share compelling stories that people care about to put a face to your business. Tweet about the things that make your business unique and the people who help run it. For example, Amway’s Twitter profile regularly shares stories from their direct sellers who are makeup artists, post videos, share success stories and give advice.

How to Tweet #4: Connect with Influencers

Use Twitter’s search tool to look for influencers talking about your industry or using your products and services. Ideally, you want to identify influencers with large social media followings and an engaged audience. Make an effort to engage with them, share their content, Retweet and regularly add to the conversation. Over time, these influencers will take notice of your business and could become loyal fans or customers who advocate for your brand.

Turning Twitter into a powerful marketing tool for your business is a marathon, not a sprint. Put in the time to authentically, organically and actively build relationships with your audience. Then enjoy the ride and learning from your customers while waiting to see the results of your hard work.