Why Employee Engagement Is Vital to the Success of Your Company

If you’ve been hearing a lot about winning work culture lately, but are wondering why employee engagement is lacking in your business, this article will help shape your business.

Why Employee Engagement Is Vital to the Success of Your Company

“To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.” by DOUG CONANT


Employee Engagement is a buzz phrase that is fast becoming recognized as one of the most important aspects of any successful Human Resources department, and indeed is becoming an integral part of any business that employs people. Gone are the days where Human Resources was solely responsible for the hiring, firing, reviewing and payroll for all a company’s employees. These days it is vital for the success of a company that Human Resources deliver a culture whereby all employees are highly engaged and satisfied at work.

A recent survey found that only fifty-eight percent of the UK’s workforce felt engaged at work. Companies like Google and Facebook are providing winning work cultures, this helps to drive highly profitable business models through to the creation of the right working conditions for all employees. This helps employees to achieve their best performance daily, and it is becoming increasingly evident that failure to address employee engagement will lead to decrease in revenue. This is because employees who are committed to your company’s goals and values and are motivated to contribute to the overall success.

A successful employee engagement program will maximize on your employee’s capabilities and potential by giving them the motivation to come up with great ideas that will contribute to the organization’s success and their own feelings of value. An Inpulse Employee Engagement survey will help you understand how engaged, or otherwise, your employees currently are and help you to identify areas that require improvement, however here we look at the main reasons why you need to make coming to work about more than just a paycheck for your staff.

Employee Engagement Has A Direct Impact on Productivity

Employees who are succeeding in their jobs and feeling positive about their contributions to the company are 21% more productive consistently than those who aren’t. These employees enjoy feelings of value and are happy to come to work which leads to increased revenue for the company.

Finding ways to engage your staff in the overall success of the company is not only good for business but is also good for individuals.

On the flip side, disengaged employees cost companies in workplace accidents, absenteeism, health care costs and recruitment costs.

Positive Employee Engagement Will Lead to Improved Employee Retention

Employee retention is a major concern for many companies who are striving to overcome the high cost of employee turnover and recruitment. Managers and Human Resource departments will often make the mistake in thinking that employee retention is intrinsically linked to salary and promotion opportunities, but the fact is that disengaged employees are a major element leading to high employee turnover. Making your employees feel valued and engaged in their role reduces turnover of valuable talent and therefore, recruitment costs. Increasing employee engagement, in turn, leads to an increase in employee loyalty and helps drive businesses forward.

Employee Engagement Helps Create A Workplace with Positive Attitudes

Employees who are present, focused and energized will help create an engaged work culture which in turn will spread positive attitudes amongst your staff. Positive staff will help spread the good news about your company and help you beat off the fierce competition for top talent when it comes to recruitment as well as presenting a positive front to your customers.

Employee Engagement Will, in Turn, Lead to Employee Satisfaction

It stands to reason that engaged employees will feel more satisfied at work. Satisfied employees are generally happier and enjoy coming to work as they feel part of the bigger picture and are keen to help the business achieve its objectives.

Satisfaction within the workplace will also lead to cheerful employees who contribute in a positive way towards achieving a positive and happy work environment.

Engaged Employees Make Better Communicators

Engaged employees will communicate better with their co-workers, managers and customers. Helping employees connect with each other increases the output of new ideas and innovations which can often generate greater revenue for your company.

Engaged Employees Are More Creative

Engaged employees will bring new solutions and innovative ideas to the table. Making your staff feel like they are a positive contributor to the success of the business will encourage them to think of new ways to increase revenue and overcome hurdles.

Engaged Employees Increase Customer Satisfaction

People who are passionate about their work are the best people to be communicating with their customers. A positive attitude is infectious, and your customers will come away from the interaction with a positive outlook on your company. Imagine the difference of being served at the supermarket till by a disgruntled till worker compared to a cheerful, positive till worker. Your employees are often the face of your company, and as such, it’s vital they are positive and happy when interacting with your customers.

Engaged Employees Make A Positive Impact on Retention

Employees who you have successfully engaged are involved and invested in both their role and in the company. This emotional investment means that they are much less likely to leave. Low retention rates must be resolved to avoid the snowball effect. When your employees see their colleagues leave for happier jobs, they will soon follow, and you lose valuable talent that is often costly to recruit in the first place.


Engaged Employees Enhance A Positive Company Culture

Creating a culture of engagement is akin to creating a culture of success. Staff are easier to work with when they are happy and feel valued and will often go above and beyond their role because you have provided a culture where they feel their work matters. They will strive to succeed in making a meaningful impact on your business.

In Conclusion

Employee engagement goes beyond simply contributing to a positive bottom line for your company but is, in fact, essential in order to achieve and maintain a profitable business where people enjoy working and remain loyal to you and your company.