How to Step Up Your Instagram Stories Content

The Content you use for Instagram Stories will decide whether your brand will be an Instagram social success or a total flop.

How to Step Up Your Instagram Stories Content

The hottest thing this year for savvy businesses and CEO’s is Instagram Stories and with 300 million daily active users, it’s very hard to ignore. In 2018, marketers have found Instagram Stories to be one of the most effective ways to build a brand and business.


Should you be willing, eager and able to ride this wave to the peak and get you and your business off to a massive start, there are things about it that you ought to know and strategies you need to implement. Mark Zuckerberg himself is a Stories fan and the phenomenon shows no sign of dying down. Statistics say that one in five Instagram Stories receives a direct message. And that is why there is some help to how to spruce up the content of your Stories so well that your rivals would be left chewing lumps of dust and wondering what hit them!


Here goes:


Firstly, check the steps to effectively post an Instagram Story.


Open the Instagram app and click on the camera icon. Users can select the different formats – TYPE, LIVE, BOOMERANG, SUPERZOOM and so on.


Click on the while circle to take a picture and long press it to take a video. Existing images can be added by tapping on the sort of “+” on the bottom-middle of the app.


Your Instagram Stories and your whole brand aesthetic must match:

This concept is self-explanatory. Indeed, it’s heavily advisable to use the exact same design, font and palette in all your social media accounts to make all your social media posts easily recognizable to your fans. And be sure to consistently deliver high-quality content that fans won’t be able to get enough of, nor be able to find elsewhere. It also helps in creating a peculiar voice for the brand. Having the same kind of appeal on images and videos across various social platforms could help in delivering a cumulative effect.


Heavily use stickers, polls, GIFs and the like:

Stories is most definitely feature-packed. Be sure to use as much of its new-fangled features as you can, to keep your audience endlessly entertained and feeling like you really care about them and what they think. A lot of organisations use GIFs to make their stories better as it is the latest trend. Adding a GIF can be done easily by clicking on the sticker icon the top left section of the screen. Users can also search stickers based on specific topics and the results are powered by Giphy. For example, searching “happy birthday” will bring up GIFs related to birthday.


How to add a sticker to Instagram Story?


Adding stickers is easy, after selecting the image or video click the “folded smiley” at the top of the screen. Select the required sticker and pinch it to make smaller or bigger.


Use Hashtag and Location stickers:

Adding hashtags and location stickers to a story let users find the exact place if they wish to. This can potentially broaden your fan base and get you more followers who like the contents of your Stories. Also, Instagram algorithm, though not confirmed, seems to prefer the posts that have the location and appropriate hashtags. A location might make the post to have better reach as a lot of Instagram users use it to know the things happening around the location.


Apply Text, Brush, Colour:

The text, brush and colour option on Stories makes it easy to tweak and modify to your heart’s content. It also offers a way to help you stand out from the baying crowd. Text can be added by simply clicking on the “Aa” and then typing the text. Similar to stickers, the size of the text can be made bigger or smaller by pinching them. To add a hashtag, just add # symbol before the first letter.


Creating a poll can also be helpful in both customer engagement and in understanding the customer’s needs and requirements.


Swipe up the fun:

For those on the Instagram business profile who happen to have over 10k followers, Instagram recently rolled out a feature that lets them add links to their Instagram Stories. This is the “Swipe-Up” feature and lets you add links to just about whatever strikes your fancy. Be sure to use this feature well and add links that your audience would most definitely love to see. Different kinds of links i.e. link of blogs, videos and so on can be added there. This helps a lot in channelling the traffic of the Instagram account to the desired website, blog and so on.


Stories Highlights:

The Instagram Stories Highlights feature is located right below your bio and offers a totally awesome way of engaging fans. But to do that, it must be as eye-catching and thought-provoking as possible. So, get to tweaking! Also, the users who visit the homepage might see Stories, therefore, it is important to have Stories in the right way. Having captivating titles for Stories can also help the post to reach more.


Coherent Content Strategy:

With a coherent and effective strategy in place for your Instagram Stories, you can better connect with and add value to the lives of your fans and get new devoted ones too. The content of your Stories must, of course, align with your individual or business goals and objectives. A coherent content strategy involves showering fans with freebies, offering a charming and totally irresistible behind-the-scenes look, posting quotes, and testimonials and more. Also, conducting contests that suits the brand can get more reach and a valuable fan base.


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