Top 7 Trending Products to Sell Online in 2021 for High Profit

Looking to boost your profit with online sales? Check out these 7 high profit trending products to sell online in 2021.

Trending Products to Sell Online

Photo by Bára Buri on Unsplash

Trends have changed like crazy in the last year. No one would have expected that PPEs would become a hot commodity, or that home fitness and baking goods would reach the top of the charts.

What’s going to make for great business in 2021? Check out these trending products to sell online!

1. Peel-off face mask

A large number of the population stayed at home for a while. No free radicals, no smoke or pollution bombarding the face. However, face masks irritate the skin and can cause constant sweating and rubbing. What kinds of peel-off face masks should you invest in?


Nose strips. Oiliness and grime go hand in hand with face masks. Nose strips, especially those that remove blackheads, will be at a premium.


Activated carbon. People need something to remove impurities from their skin after a long day. An activated carbon peel-off face mask is a refreshing close to an end-of-work day.


Collagen. The face masks and their pressure and rubbing against the skin are sure to cause some stress in the skin. Collagen masks are a perfect treatment.


2. Nail polish

People learned how to do haircuts at home. Why can’t they set up their own home salon? As people learn to do more things at home instead of visiting shops and salons, retail will become even more important. 


Let’s do some quick calculations. In 1992, a nail salon’s profit on services was generally 7%, compared to 11% just 12 years earlier. On the other hand, nail polish retail had profits at 23%, and it has only been gaining since then. In 2020, 28 years later, the profits have slowly crawled up to 24% and there’s no chance of it slowing down. If you’re getting into nail polish retail, you might want to consider selling accessories and other cleansers as well. 


3. Water bottles

Water bottles? Oh yes! Reusable water bottles are becoming more of the rage. They are no longer cheap plastic things that litter up the world. They can now be responsibly sourced, eco-friendly items important for health and indispensable at home and outside.


Not sure how to market it? Just look at the savings! If an American bought a plastic water bottle every time they needed to drink, they would spend at least $6,000 dollars over 5 years. On the other hand, just keeping a few $20 good quality water bottles around, even if there was one for the home and one for work, one in the car and one in the gym bag, it would still be less than $100 over a year or so. 


4. Lingerie

If you’re into the finer points of clothing, you know that shopping for lingerie can be pretty complicated. Why not become part of the solution? Here are some things you can do to run a successful lingerie business. 


Specialize. You don’t need to sell absolutely everything to be successful. You can specialize in different types of push-up bras, sports bras, balconette bras. Specialization narrows down the audience.


Franchise. The good thing about a franchise is that the branding and products are already known to the clients. Anyone who already buys from that brand will appreciate finding an in-person or online shop nearer to them, possibly with a cheaper shipping fee. 


Know your stuff. Since 75% of women aren’t actually wearing their right lingerie size, you have an edge if you can advise women on how to find their bra sizes and choose the right lingerie for their lifestyles. 


5. Blankets

Even as the world goes back to normal, people won’t stop creating small havens in their homes. And lucky for the blanket industry, blankets wear out and seasons change! Where can you start?


Choose your blanket-style. Do you want to sell warm blankets? Ponchos that double as blankets? Camping blankets? Blankets for children? Choose your style and you’ll know your audience.


Resell or supply? If you resell, you need to find a manufacturer that makes blankets you know you can market. If you supply, you need to find out how to produce enough blankets to meet demand while keeping your prices level with the competition. 


Go online. Even before you get your store started, get those social media accounts up. Promote yourself on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With a few blankets, take promotional photos that will last the first month or so of selling. 


6. Yoga and pilates mats

Home exercise won’t go out of style, now that people are more used to the convenience and affordability of it. Exercise mats, like for yoga and pilates, will remain in high demand. Like blankets and lingerie, exercise mats wear out or need replacing every now and then. 


Choose a complementary product to promote. If you are selling one exercise product, odds are your clients are looking for similar products like small dumbbells, exercise kettles, athletic gear. As a small shop, you can partner with another small shop that sells one of these items. You can also pick something small (sweat bands, for example) to give away with your first purchases.


Know what concerns your audience. Is it price? Is it health? Is it eco-friendliness? Hover around social groups, listen in on Twitter, track hashtags. Make sure you market your exercise mats according to what your audience is looking for. 


7. Kitchen and dining room furniture

Is there any part of the house that gets renewed as much as the kitchen? Countertops, cupboards, and bar stools all get their day in the sun. First-time home buyers, especially, have quite a lot of fun redecorating that area.


Who do you want to sell to? You might want to become a contract seller, which means you get to sell in bulk to hotels and furnished condominiums. The challenge is creating the right supply chain to get the furniture to the client. If you are a domestic seller, the amount you receive might be less, but you can get personally involved and you won’t have as much problems with suppliers.


How can you build your reputation? Start with a few pieces of furniture, and use them! Put them naturally in your own home (or the home of a friend). Take photos of them in use, show how sturdy they are. Solid promo goes a long long way. 


If you follow the trends right, you’ll always come out on top. Look forward to a great 2021!