5 Awesome Pinterest Traffic Boosting Strategies in 2021 

Trying to use social to grow your business? Check out these Traffic Boosting Strategies for Pinterest in 2021.

5 Awesome Pinterest Traffic Boosting Strategies in 2021 

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Are you struggling to organically grow your brand online? If yes, then have you ever used Pinterest marketing? 


Wait, what Pinterest for marketing! But isn’t it a hobby platform?


You see, people, that’s where most marketers and online business owners are going wrong today. They are so hung up on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter marketing that they haven’t even explored Pinterest yet. This resulted in:



Since all these popular social media platforms are over-explored, their organic growth has reduced to nothing. On the contrary, Pinterest is still not much used for marketing purposes, which as a result, offers more room for organic growth. In fact, Pinterest ads can reach over 200 million people. 


So, Pinterest marketing has the full potential to boost your traffic in 2021. It’s just a matter of using the right Pinterest strategies, and your business will boom online. 


Today, you are in luck as you are about to figure out the propelling 5 Pinterest traffic boosting strategies. So, let’s get going, marketers!


What Makes Pinterest a Traffic Capturing Hub


Let’s first look at the few reasons that make Pinterest great traffic generating tool for business owners and bloggers:


  • Pinterest might be a less explored marketing platform, but it had around 459 million active users worldwide in 2020. 
  • The platform had spent $606.19 million on RND in 2020 to build a better system meeting futuristic standards. 
  • In 2021, Pinterest scored 77 customer satisfaction index points, which is way more than other social media platforms. 
  • Pinterest churns more revenue as its ARPU (average revenue per user) was $1.57 per quarter in 2020. 


5 Strategies to Drive Traffic from Pinterest 


Pinterest has better organic reach, revenue-making possibilities, and a strong user base. Here’s no reason to ignore Pinterest in 2021. So, let’s use these 5 strategies and properly rule the social media:

#1. Begin with keywords research 


There’s a high chance that you’ll be already familiar with SEO keywords. But if you aren’t, keyword research is a process of finding the popular words that people search online. 


Using the Pinterest popular keywords in your content, title, and metadata, you can dramatically increase your chances of appearing on top search results. Fortunately, Pinterest keyword research is a lot easier than Google. You don’t need to get any specific tool for Pinterest keyword research; you can simply follow these techniques:

Search bar 


The Pinterest search bar is a great place to know what people are searching for on the platform. Just type a word relevant to your product or service on the Pinterest search bar; it will automatically suggest other relevant searched keywords. 


These suggestions are drawn based on the Pinterest users’ interests and trends. So, including these keywords in your pins can definitely give you a traffic boost. 

Navigate around 


The best way to know what’s trending on Pinterest is to roam around. Type content related to your niche in the search bar and check out all the popular posts related to your industry. This will give you a better outlook on what type of content people want to indulge in. 



To find the high-performing Pinterest keywords, log into your Pinterest account > Ads > Create ad. 


Don’t worry; you aren’t actually creating an ad on Pinterest. You are just looking for more relevant keywords. So, just click on New ad group > Select strategy > Click on Keywords & Interests > Add keywords. 


Now, once you type keywords related to your brand, Pinterest will automatically show you other related keywords and their monthly search volumes. 

#2. Use your keywords wisely 


Once you have found the relevant keywords, the next step is to utilize them properly to optimize your pins. Luckily, Pinterest offers many ways to embed keywords to your pins, such as:


  • Include primary keyword in the pin’s title and description 
  • Pinterest reads text on images, so do add primary keywords to your images 
  • Add more than one high ranking keyword in the description 
  • Also, add related keywords in your Board titles and descriptions

#3. Be a consistent Pinner 


The thumb rule to drive organic traffic on social media is to stay active and engage regularly. Similarly, you need to actively and regularly pin to increase your traffic from Pinterest. 


Make it your daily target to pin at least 20 pins a day. The benefit here is that when you pin constantly, you’ll get repins frequently. This, in return, will lead to more account views, more followers, and sky shooting traffic. So, add a 15 minutes slot for pinning in your busy schedule now. 

#4. Don’t forget hashtags 


Yes, you can’t forget hashtags while creating Pinterest posts. Earlier, Pinterest hashtags weren’t that popular, but since more marketers are moving to Pinterest, it is getting a little crowded there. 


Here using hashtags in your descriptions can put your pins under the correct categories and make it easier for the Pinterest algorithm to recognize your content. 


So, use the few keywords that you have searched earlier as hashtags at the end of your pin descriptions. 

#5. Optimize your Pinterest profile 


This is the most important Pinterest traffic boosting strategy. Therefore, we are discussing it in the end. 


For businesses, Pinterest has always been a sweet place to share their products in the most visually appealing manner. But for the maximum reach, you gotta first optimize your Pinterest business account, such as:


  • Get a Pinterest business account to traffic direct towards your website 
  • Fill out all business details on your Pinterest profile so potential customers can reach you easily 
  • Always add a URL back to your website along with your pins 
  • Monitor what type of content is pinned by users from your site
  • Keep on changing your boards cover images and descriptions based on keywords 
  • Run some ads on Pinterest to promote your business among large groups and so on. 

Ending Note 

Pinterest is a great way to boost your traffic. So, marketers and business owners don’t just follow common marketing trends. Take advantage of Pinterest and revamp your marketing strategies for better in 2021. 


So, go and use these awesome 5 Pinterest traffic boosting strategies today. Oh, and don’t forget to share your experience with us. We are waiting to hear how Pinterest amplified your traffic stories.