What Are the Best Online Text Editors for Blog Writing?

I have a blogging platform, why would I want to use an online text editor for blog writing? If you’re a blogger there are some BIG advantages to using online blog editors, learn why.

What Are the Best Online Text Editors for Blog Writing?

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The whole deal with bloggers is that they have to do a lot of blog writing quickly and efficiently.

Professional bloggers do this for their own sites as well as other sites. When it comes to quick and efficient writing for blogs, you’ll learn quickly that formatting content ‘the right way’ for online publishing isn’t alway that easy.

While publishing content online — you don’t have time to check html and proper code structure. Using online text editors will allow you to write, edit and publish quickly without having to worry about errors.

The text editor allows bloggers to edit the blog post within a few seconds.

Online text editors are used to quickly submit the content without any mistake.

Oh, and many online blog editors even suggest sentence structure and check for duplicate content while you write!

We’re going to cover the Pros of using an online text editor as well as what the Best online blog editors are and where to find them.

Pros of the Online Text Editor in Blog Writing

Online text editors provide the following benefits to bloggers when writing blogs:

  • Direct Content Uploading

The editor allows you to directly paste the document into the editor without opening a proper software for editing installed in the system.

  • Writing Options

It provides bloggers and other content creators with some best writing options to quickly edit the document.

You can use online editors to make quick and desired changes in the content. 

For example, you can create clean HTML output with the easiest WYSIWYG editing possible. If you’ve already started writing rich-text content, all you have to do is paste it the online blog editor, make your adjustments, extract HTML output from view-source mode and reuse it anywhere on the web!

  • Faster to Edit

The online editors are best to make changes quickly in the content using the best features for cross platform application.

  • Saves Time

Online editors save your precious time and allow you to quickly edit the blog post while proofing content.

This also helps you to submit the blog or any other report within the given time. Besides, manually coding HTML can be extremely time-consuming and is ripe with the potential for errors.

  • Provide Listings

The text editors also provide you with the best bullet and numbered listing options.

You can add these listings anywhere in the content just within a single click.

  • Multiple Formats

One of the best benefits of this online editor tool is that it also allows you to change the format of the document.

You can select the desired format by using the online blog editor.

For example many bloggers begin writing posts using another editor (such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word). The problem with moving your writing for websites from an outside editor over to WordPress or another online blog platform is that a lot can get lost in translation.

Have you ever noticed some extra code when switching between the visual editor and the text editor after copying and pasting text from outside of the WordPress environment?

Unnecessary tags can become tedious to manually remove. If you opt not to remove these extra code characters, it can actually hurt your ability to rank well in relevant search engine inquiries because of the “code bloat.”

  • Other Media 

You can quickly add media files, tables, and other offered features by a text editor.

  • Save the File

Here you have the option to directly copy the content from the editor or can easily save it in the system within a single click.


As a blogger, you don’t want to waste your time checking technical errors — you want an online blog editor that will get the job done.

That’s exactly why, we’re going to discuss the best online text editors that can help to edit content quickly. There are a lot of options out there, but here are our favorite online blog editors:

5 Best Online Text Editors

trix editor

1. Trix-Editor

Trix is a text editor that is widely used to edit blogs, articles, assignments, and other documents with the best features.

It provides an attractive formatted text in the web application to quickly edit reports and blogs.

Simply paste the text into the editor and start editing as:


  • File Uploading: This editor allows you to upload files directly from the system.
  • Bold & Italic: Here, bloggers and writers have the feature to Bold the text and also have an option to change the text into the Italic font.
  • Insert a Link: You can easily insert a link into the anchor text by using this text editor.
  • Headings: It also allows you to make headings within a single click.
  • Listings: This editor has the feature to create bullet and numbered listings.

2. Prepostseo

prepost seo

The online text editor by Prepostseo allows you to edit the text to make a quick content submission.

This plain text editor provides excellent features to edit blogs or any kind of document.

Directly paste the text into the editor as:


  • Emoticons & Special Characters: This editor allows you to add emoticons and special characters into the plain text.
  • Listings: It provides numbered and bullet listing features to edit blogs.
  • Insert Links & Date: This word pad online allows users to insert a date and a link into the anchor text.
  • Tables: This editor also provides a table feature to add to the plain text.
  • Find & Replace: You can quickly find and replace the specific words in the text by using this editor.
  • File Saving: It also allows you to save the file in PDF or DOC form.
  • Plagiarism & Grammar Check: You can easily check plagiarism and grammar of text by using multiple Prepostseo online tools.

3. Adresults

It is also one of the best text editors that can be used online to edit blogs and other documents.

It is widely used to edit the plain text which helps in submitting content within the given time.

Simply paste the document or write it into the editor as:



  • Empty Lines: The editor removes all the empty lines in the text.
  • Multiple Spaces: It also removes multiple spaces in the text document.
  • Replace Letters: This editor is widely used to replace lowercase and uppercase letters.
  • Capitalization: By using this editor, you can capitalize the first letter of each word within a single click.
  • Safe & Free: The editor is 100% secure and safe to use.

4. Onlinehtmleditor

The online HTML editor provides some excellent features to edit the text in the editor.

This editor can add basic text formatting to the document.

Directly paste or write the text into the online editor as:

online html editor


  • Styling and Formatting: This feature allows you to write the text in proper format with the best styling features as well
  • Tables: The editor also provides an excellent feature to add tables in the text.
  • Inserting Images: You can easily insert images and other media in the text by using this editor.
  • Embed Media: The editor allows you to embed media in resources in with a perfect output in the text.
  • Accessibility: You can easily inspect the accessibility level of the content by using this editor.
  • Font and Size: The editor provides some features to change the font and size of the text.

5. Wordhtml

This online editor comes with some unique features to edit the plain text.

This editor comes with built-in best code cleaning features.

Simply paste the content into the editor and start editing the text as:

word html


  • Formatting: The editor provides excellent features to change the format of the text to look impressive.
  • Add Listings: The online editor allows you to add a bullet and numbered listings anywhere in the text.
  • Emoticons and Tables: The editor allows you to add new emoticons and tables in the document.
  • Insert Links: You can easily insert a link in an anchor text with the help of this editor.
  • Print: You can quickly print the text written in the editor within a single click.

Wrapping Up

Online text editors are widely used by professional bloggers to quickly edit blog posts and other content.

All the pros of the online text editor in blog writing have been mentioned above.

These are free online text editor tools that will improve your blog writing — don’t wait!

Give them a try and revolutionize the way you write blog content starting today.