Make Money as a Technology Writer: 5 Top Websites that Pay

Seems like everyone is building their own personal brand these days, here are 5 ways to build your rep and make money as a technology writer.

Make Money as a Technology Writer


As the world relies on the Internet for information, there are many opportunities to make money online as a technical freelance writer. Expert articles, such as how to add YouTube videos to WooCommerce products, facts and knowledge on a particular subject or software development guidelines, are sought after by students and developers. 

Expertise is essential among today’s professionals. With the many advances in mobile software/development, more and more people are entering this career. You can use your knowledge to write and publish helpful guides. It’s good that you really will be rewarded for your contribution.

So, if you have tech experience and you’re looking to grow your own personal brand or build your reputation, as a technology writer, contribute to these sites and you do that and earn money at the same time.


The clubhouse is a collaborative project management platform. It offers easy ways for your team to work together.

They call their writing program the Write, Receive, Submit program. They accept general categories of articles written for developers and programmers. You can also write funny stories about the world engineering program on their schedule.

They offer how-to instruction/training: for $400 (with working code examples: $600) and blog posts: for $350.

2. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean deals with cloud-related products and services and requires writers who can create tutorials and guides on specific DevOps and cloud-related topics. Your job as a writer is to write tutorials on software development and cloud computing-related topics. You can also write on technical issues such as Docker, Terraform, and CI/CD.

Digital Ocean offers one of the best-paid opportunities for professional writers and offers writers up to $300 per article and $400 for more articles.

To write for Digital Ocean, you must first become part of their writing program. You need to submit a sample letter, which will be reviewed by the editors and processed further.

3. Longreads

Longreads is looking for well-written, well-written, and easy-to-understand stories that feature unique human experiences that their readers can relate to. They want blog posts, reading lists, short interviews, personal notes, memoirs, critical information, book reviews, research projects, and in-depth writing.

Depending on your application’s category, it can contain between 800 and 6000 words. 

4. Tutorialspoint

Tutorialspoint is a website for all things tech that gives you step-by-step tutorials for your programming skills.

Tutorialspoint is looking for an author who can create an excellent tutorial on subject areas: web development, information technology, big data, SAP modules, Java technology, mainframe technology, and many other technical and non-technical topics.

As a Technology Writer, The tutorial book pays between $250 and $500, depending on the topic used. They pay you through PayPal or bank-to-bank transactions. Submit your profile and some work examples to with the subject you want to present. They need a rough description of 2-3 pages.

5. Geeks for Geeks

Geeks for Geeks is an informational blog that publishes information related to computer science topics, courses, and IT career interview help. They allow computer science experts to use their expertise to help students and IT job seekers.

You can apply for an internship or freelance professional opportunity. To become part of the team, you must first submit your resume. If you choose and work for a certain period, you may also be allowed to join their professional team.

Making Money in Technical Writing

Technical writing involves providing detailed information to users to help them understand an idea, skill, or product. As a professional writer, you will be tasked with writing specialized blog posts, articles, papers, and user documentation on a specific topic or outcome.

The main goal of technical writing is to help the user understand the given topic without going through all the technical information and barriers. Below are some ways to make money as a freelance technical writer.

#1. Write for companies/websites

Many companies are looking for professional writers to join their teams to create unique content. Today, various companies are using this concept and putting their users first.

They also use professional writers to make the process easier for them and their users. Such companies are often hired on a contract or full-time basis for certain positions.

This is a great way to make money writing professional content as a business for a professional writer.

#2. Contribute to documentations

Participation and note-taking is also great way to showcase your skills and abilities. While not directly seen to earn money, it will introduce you to people and reward you with experience, which is essential when looking for a job.

I got various jobs to show some of my white paper contributions. On the other hand, some projects may contact you to update and maintain their documents for a fee.

#3. Publishing your e-book

Writing digital products like e-books is another excellent way to make money as a freelance writer. You can be crafty, direct your book to a topic that interests you, and sell products.

This is a great way to make money, mainly if your book contains helpful tips. You can earn a good amount of money just by writing e-books.

Some Tips Regarding Writing 

The more articles you write, the better your writing will be. The better your articles, the higher your chances of being accepted for publication. You get the idea!

Create a schedule

If you are new to writing, I recommend you make a schedule and stick to it. When you’re scheduling, get the program right. You may have a lot of ideas right now, and you might think you can post three articles every week. But soon, you realize that you can’t keep up with the rhythm.

Writing one essay a week is within the power of most people, and it doesn’t put too much pressure on you. Also, if you have many ideas, even better, don’t speed up the pace by posting more articles. Instead, spread it out, so you have some information for several weeks.

List of topics

Once you have a plan, study and make a list of topics. In the early years of my life, I made the mistake of blogging randomly whenever ideas came to my mind. As you probably guessed, I did not last long and had no results.

This changed when I started studying the subjects. You can research topics and keywords with tools like Ubersuggest, Google Trends, Ahrefs, and more. In my case, I am using Ahrefs. With that said, when you have a list of topics/keywords, it will be easier for you to stick to a schedule and write consistently.

Find online challenges

If you search the web for “writing tasks”, you can find a lot of content on the subject. On the other hand, blogging platforms like Hashnode have their pitfalls and problems.


There are thousands of websites on the Internet that accept custom articles from technology writers. So, if this doesn’t work for you, try something else. But always remember to read the site’s instructions before submitting to understand their requirements.

Many, if not most, companies/technologies/tools have blogs. The reason is that written materials (authors) are more powerful and valuable. Therefore, they use their blogs to share knowledge and promote their tools.

It is important to note that this is one of the ways to go from zero to writing paid articles, but not the only one. Also, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to make an effort, work hard, and be patient.