How Cloud-Based Crawler – JetOctopus Can Boost Your Website Traffic

What is JetOctopus? Learn how to boost website traffic with this leading cloud-based SaaS crawler with real-time actionable SEO insights.


Experts state that Google changes its search algorithm around 500 to 600 times each year.


With each update, Google sets high-ranking standards to enhance user experiences and the quality of content.


Planning SEO strategies around these ever-evolving Google algorithm updates is, consequently, not easy.


A single update from Google can lead to website traffic plummeting, provided you take proactive measures to track and improve SEO KPIs.


But before getting into the ‘how,’ it’s critical to know which areas need the most attention. 


Tools like JetOctopus can help you analyze and work on SEO issues impacting your website performance.


In this post, we have shared in detail how the analytics-driven approach of the JetOctopus crawler can help you prepare a solid SEO strategy to boost your ranking and attract relevant traffic.  

How Can JetOctopus Help SEOs? 


JetOctopus is a leading cloud-based SaaS crawler that offers real-time insights and points out SEO issues. With this crawler, you can track website KPIs, such as top-performing pages, high-conversion keywords, quality of content, and more. JetOctopus offers actionable tips to fix all SEO-related problems.


The tool has a simple-to-understand user interface that ensures a smooth navigation experience. The problem-centric dashboard is responsive and takes no more than a few seconds to load. With JetOctopus, even an SEO beginner can perform website audits without any hassle.


Here’s a screenshot of JetOctopus’ user-friendly dashboard. Notice how it offers all crucial details in one place. 


jetocotpus dashboard


It can scan 200 pages per second, which means you can crawl up to 10,000 pages within a minute. 


And the best part is there are no crawling limits. 


SEO agencies, especially the big brands that need to crawl a multitude of projects fast, can rely on JetOctopus. 


These benefits make JetOctopus one of the most reliable SEO crawlers in the market.


JetOctopus Features That Can Improve Your Website Traffic


The following state-of-the-art features of JetOctopus can help you track and optimize crucial SEO metrics for gaining high website traffic.


#1: Log Analyzer


One of the top features of JetOctopus is its log analyzer module.


The log analyzer initiates the log file analysis process. It helps you understand how web crawlers like Googlebot and end-users interact with your website.


This functionality records the behavior of search engines in real-time.


With a log file, you can identify the below-shared details –


  • Frequency of Googlebot crawling
  • Number of crawled pages
  • Pages viewed but are not getting crawled
  • Number of organic visits on pages (organic traffic)
  • Crawling status of high-ranking pages
  • Mobile-first indexing status
  • Heavy and slow pages
  • Technical errors such as 404 error


Here are a couple of screenshots showcasing the bot behavior analysis. Observe how the tool offers a 360-degree view of Googlebot’s crawling activities.




For instance, if the log analyzer identifies that some of the crucial pages are not getting crawled, you need to note down those pages. After that, check your internal linking structure. Notice the crawl-priority settings in the XML sitemap and add the crucial pages. It will help Googlebot identify and crawl those top priority pages. 


Thus, logs analysis can generate valuable traffic by fostering indexability.


#2: Google Search Console (GSC) Integration


The Google Search Console (GSC) integration in JetOctopus is a powerful feature.


This feature helps you assess your existing SEO and content strategies and boost organic website traffic.


Here are the most important SEO metrics that the GSC integration tracks. 


  • Total Pages – The list of all pages on your website.


  • Total Clicks – The number of clicks on search results that attract visitors to your website.


  • Total Impressions – The total number of times your content ranks for search queries.


  • Average Position – It reflects your website’s position on Google. It depends on your website performance.


  • Queries – They signify your ranking search terms.


  • Countries – The countries from which visitors land on your website or pages.


  • Devices – It denotes the platform through which users interact with your website. For instance, mobile, tablets, laptops, and other devices.


With these metrics, you can determine the performance of your entire website and make appropriate decisions. 


Here’s a screenshot depicting how GSC offers these valuable insights in an easy-to-understand format.


For instance, if the impressions are poor, you might need to work on your target keywords in the content. With JetOctopus, you can search the most relevant keywords for distinct pages. 


Unlike the traditional GSC tool, JetOctopus offers the best tactics for optimizing content. You can’t get such clarity with the traditional GSC.


#3: Linking Explorer


The health of your website links, whether internal or external – contributes to an effective SEO strategy.  


The internal links improve users’ experience as they read your website content. 


Besides, external links direct readers from the third-party website to your website. These links help users discover relevant and helpful content on your website. 


But if the links are spammy, they can affect the trustworthiness of your website. Spammy links can lead to poor traffic and conversions in the long term.


The linking explorer module of JetOctopus helps you get rid of spammy links. It analyzes the total links on your website and the links from third-party websites. The crawler detects the spammy link fast and alerts you to remove the same. 


Notice the following screenshot that shows how linking explorer works.


As you enter the URL of the target website, it generates a detailed report showcasing the health of links. Thus, this tool helps you maintain high-quality links for scaling your SEO game. 


#4: Content Analysis


The quality of your content plays a vital role in ensuring higher rankings. 


Besides incorporating the SEO elements, such as interlinking, keywords, meta descriptions, and more, you need to take care of Google E-A-T parameters.


  • Expertise


  • Authoritativeness


  • Trustworthiness


These parameters decide the quality of your content which is imperative to attract high traffic.


The content analysis module helps you identify and filter out the following issues that might be affecting your content.


  • Pages with non-relevant information


  • Pages with duplicate content


  • Pages with poor keyword targeting


  • Pages with thin content (below 100 words)


Check out the following screenshot that shows how JetOctopus performs the content analysis.

content analysis

Working on pages with the shared issues can improve your content quality and meet the E-A-T guidelines. 


For instance, replacing the non-relevant information with legitimate data will increase your credibility. Publishing content written by experts will allow you to meet the expertise parameter. 


#5: Crawl Comparison


Your SEO plan can make or break your online ranking and visibility.


The crawl comparison feature of JetOctopus helps you keep a tab on the progress of your SEO strategy. With this tool, you can consistently track the major SEO KPIs and take necessary actions.


This module provides two crawl reports of the same project at different points in time.


For instance, you crawled content a few weeks ago and found duplicate content issues. Consider the following screenshot reflecting a similar scenario.  


Here, you will need to replace the duplicate content with SEO-specific quality content. After that, perform the crawl again to know the credibility of the updated content. 


Notice the second crawling report that shows the status of your updated content.

So, by studying crawl comparison reports, you can identify and work on the areas of improvement regularly. This practice can increase organic traffic to your website and attract quality leads.


What Are Leading SEO Experts Saying about JetOctopus?


JetOctopus has helped thousands of businesses and SEO experts succeed. Check out its feedback from the top SEO influencers, such as Fili Weise, Ann Smarty, and Lukasz Zelezny. 


Here’s a screenshot depicting their experiences.

seo reviews

We hope these reviews will ease your decision-making process.


JetOctopus Pricing


JetOctopus is quite a cost-effective tool as compared to other premium SEO crawlers in the market. It offers the most prominent features that otherwise come at high prices.

Check out the affordable pricing plans of JetOctopus –

  • Log Analyzer – 100 €, Logs 5M Pages Per Month
  • GSC Keywords – 30 €, Unlimited
  • Crawler – 20 €, Crawl 100K Pages Per Month
  • All-Inclusive – 80 €, Crawl 100K Pages Per Month

You can start with a 7-day free trial offer of JetOctopus to analyze its utility for your business.

Final Word


Website traffic is a vital parameter for attracting quality leads and boosting conversions. But if your web pages aren’t SEO-friendly, Google’s crawlers will not be able to crawl and index them. Hence, every webmaster should pay attention to their site’s SEO health, thereby improving their page ranking and organic traffic. 


JetOctopus offers in-depth and actionable insights into your website performance, allowing you to build a successful SEO strategy. 


So, invest in JetOctopus and take your SEO strategy to the next level.

(Post Images Source: JetOctopus)