Ecommerce: What Can You Do To improve Your Online Ordering?

In just a few years, our way of shopping and of doing business with our customers has been revolutionized by the internet. Now, any company that sells something, be it a product or service, almost has to have a way of ordering over the internet in order not just to survive, but to grow.

But just because every company should be online doesn’t mean the ones who are online are doing it correctly. In fact, not following best practices is a sure way to fall behind in online sales and sales potential.

Take simple navigation: It seems easy, right? But countless companies don’t provide a logical way for you to find products much less create categories that make sense. And checkout can increase that feeling of unease, especially if it becomes slow or unwieldly or confusing.

So what can you do in order to improve your online ordering presence and make life easier, not harder, for customers?

This infographic from my friends over at AppDynamics can help.

improve your online ordering