How to Create a Great Marketing Plan for Your Event

The key to any successful event is getting people to attend it. The best way to do that is with a great marketing plan for your event. Learn How.


How to Create a Great Marketing Plan for Your Event

Technology has changed the way people market an event. There are so many different ways to market an event and a big part of the decision about how to do it depends on the type of event. Other parts of the decision comes down to the budget and the ability of the person creating the marketing plan for the event.

There are plenty of budget friendly ways to market an event. Finding the right combination is one of the steps to take. In order to do that, it is important to know what the options are and what the impact of these options is. Combining all the information allow the event planner to attract the right audience to help create a successful event.

One of the keys to marketing an event is to constantly work at it. It is not enough to send out one announcement about an event and hope that it reaches enough people. It is better to send out the message through different sources to reach the widest audience. The methods to do this include social media, word of mouth and traditional marketing plans.

Facebook Offers Many Options for Marketing Events

When it comes to social media, there are plenty of platforms to choose from, but Facebook offers the chance to reach a very large audience. Because of that it is a great way to market an event. From big corporate events to a birthday party. If used right, Facebook can reach the right audience.

There are several keys to utilizing Facebook for marketing.

The most basic tool that Facebook offers is the event tool.
This is a simple format that allows you to fill in the basic information about an event and to post it on a page. A second option is to create a post that explains the details of an event. It can include pictures and other important information. The third option is to turn to paid Facebook ads.

When you post an event on a page, it is seen by people who have a connection to that page. One way to expand the number of people who see a posting on Facebook is through sharing. Share the news of your event as much as possible and encourage others to share it on their Facebook accounts as well.

Another great way to reach more people is by paying to boost your post. This allows you to target specific demographics and helps you reach the audience you need for your event.

Post Your Event More Than Once

A big mistake that many people make is only posting an event once. There are plenty of social media platforms that allow you to market your event. You need to take advantage of that. You should begin posting about an event at least a month in advance. You can then send out reminders about the event. You should not overdo the reminders. It is best to limit the number of reminders to no more than 3. When you do send out a reminder, make it a little unique by providing more information about what makes the event worth attending.

Run Social Media Ad Campaigns to Market Your Event

When social media first began, it was up to the users to market their posts. Now it is possible to turn to managed ad campaigns with social media companies. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all offer paid advertisement campaigns that can reach not only large audiences, but also audiences targeted to the specific event. It will reach people who are most interested in the type of event being held.

The social media sites have tools to help with the marketing of an event. Facebook has an engagement option that leads to a tool that allows for optimizing the ad for event response as an example. Taking advantage of these tools will help make an advertisement for the event more effective.

Turn Marketing Your Event into a Contest

For many years the best form of marketing was word of mouth. That is still true.

A great way to get people to spread the news about an event is through the use of contest. A contest will encourage people to engage with the post about the event. That engagement in the advertising can turn into increased attendance at the event. The contest can include prizes that will further market the event. T-shirts, promotional items for the event and free tickets are some of the prizes to offer. A contest can create excitement about an event that will attract more people.

Find Influential Partners

Partnering with others is a good way to market your event. If you have motivational speakers, get them to help promote your events. If you are doing something for other businesses, get their help in spreading the word for your event. Sometimes, people seeing a name of a business or person they recognize that is associated with the event is the reason they decide to go.

Snapchats and GeoFilters for Marketing

GeoFilters allow for the placement of an image over a regular Snapchat picture. A custom GeoFilter can attract the attention of anyone that sees it. There are tools available to help create a custom filter for a specific event.

Never Forget the Basics of Marketing

While technology provides new methods for advertising, the basic rules of marketing an event have not changed that much. The goal is to reach the people who will want to attend an event and give them a reason to do so.

A marketing plan is essential to the success of an event. This includes setting goals for the marketing efforts and having ways to track how well your different methods of marketing are working. It is important to make adjustments to the plan to get the best response.

Marketing an event is all about getting people excited. The event becomes the place to be with the right marketing plan. Using the right mixture of tools and creating a buzz through social media, hashtags, viral videos and word of mouth will help ensure the success of any event. Planning any type of event involves many different things, but marketing is one of the most important. If marketing is an afterthought, the results of the event may disappoint. When marketing is done well, it can help overcome any other issues that come up.