The Hottest Email Design Trends Setting the Stage for 2022

Email is still your primary form of customer communication so pay attention to these Email Design Trends That Will Set the Email Stage on Fire in 2022

email design trends 2022

As 2022 comes knocking at our doorsteps, the curiosity of what it holds in store for email marketing has us at the edge of our seats. Every year, a bevy of breathtaking email design trends holds our collective imaginations captive with their elegance, flamboyance, and their ingenuity. So, which trends are going to rule the email landscape in 2022? Here are our predictions. 



Minimalism has hogged the email design limelight for quite some time now and is well on course to continue its dominance in 2022. Minimalism emphasizes the content, makes the layout aesthetically pleasing, and gets the message across effectively. What more could you ask for?


Dark Mode

Dark Mode was a viral design trend last year, too, and is here to stay. It increases readability, renders the emails with a sophisticated look, and saves battery life. 



From instantly grabbing the readers’ attention to amplifying conversions, animation is undoubtedly going to be a weapon of choice for email marketers in the coming year.



The use of illustrations not only enhances the visual appeal of your emails but also enables you to convey conceptual messages in a highly simplified manner.


Soft Gradients

So eye-catching are soft gradients that they’re bound to get your subscribers’ eyes hooked into your emails, improving your interaction and engagement in the process.



The more interactive your emails are, the greater is the likelihood of your email audience engaging with you. Hover effect, flip and scratch effect, swiping and clicking- there’s much to choose from when it comes to selecting micro-interaction elements for your emails!


Wrapping It Up

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6 Email Design Trends for 2022

Source: 6 Email Design Trends for 2022