1. Initial Web Consult

We always begin with a FREE initial web design consult to understand the scope of your website project, your specific goals, and who your customers are to craft a successful strategy and development process.

2. Proposal & Agreement

We will always provide you with a detailed website proposal and scoping document for the creation of a functional website that will be built from an approved mockup concept and is all-inclusive, taking into consideration brand message, front end design, website content, content management and user interface.

*Custom Website Design and Development includes admin area allowing for client management.

3. Initial Web Concepts

After we come to an agreement and receive your deposit, we immediately begin work on structuring the web design process starting with competitor research, customer understanding and initial website design concepts. For most website design projects, we typically provide 2-3 unique concepts starting with the ‘home page’ for you to review. This allows us to establish a desired global styling and then we move towards flushing out interior page concepts so that you can get a feel for the user experience and flow of the website. We then work with you to refine the website landing page concepts of your liking to perfection.

No, we don’t limit the number of revisions!

4. Web Development

There are typically 3 Master Phases for Web Development and Billing.

We generally require a 1/3 deposit to start.
Then 1/3 Payment due upon concept design approval.
A final 1/3 Payment Upon Coding completion of the approved design.

During the web design process we keep you updated with transparent reporting on progress goals and you will have access to a development URL for live review. Once approved and any additional progress billing has been paid, Pixel provides ALL developmental and finalized artwork and website owner access to you.