Best WooCommerce Plugins for your WordPress eCommerce Store

Learn Why WooCommerce Plugins are Important for Your eCommerce Store and Get the Best WooCommerce Plugins to Power WordPress.

Best WooCommerce Plugins for your WordPress

Website owners can choose from several high-quality builders to build their online store. According to Builtwith, WooCommerce is the most popular trading platform today. And what makes it so popular that 28% of all ecommerce websites are currently using it?

Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a fully customizable open-source eCommerce platform for businesses worldwide. You can go beyond traditional shopping solutions with nothing but your imagination to limit you.

It is not a standalone website builder. Instead, WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress plugin.

This means that WooCommerce doesn’t sign up for a hosting option at the checkout, but works like a third-party integration into the larger WordPress scheme. In other words, WooCommerce only acts as a builder to provide the core shopping experience in an ecommerce website.

While this is great — you’re going to need the help of the best WooCommerce plugins to build out the right shopping experience.

WooCommerce stays compact, so you can add exactly the options you want like WooCommerce Product Video plugin. It also works with the best and of course your favorite WordPress plugins, so you can keep the features you already like.

Sell Anything

From physical products and digital downloads to subscriptions, content, and even offers, you can sell anything through WooCommerce. You are in complete control, can add unlimited products and users, and accept complete orders.

You can also manage sales and cross-sales on the Related Products tab and the Learn More invoices to provide more detailed information about your products. It is a significant place for additional accompanying copyrights that appear on the product page.

Made for developers

WooCommerce developers were founded by over 350 employees worldwide and are the focus of driving this platform. They Contribute to the software that powers over 2 million active stores and work with fellow developers to shape the future of e-commerce.

Customize WooCommerce and lots of actions and clean-ups, usually AJAX backend or webhooks. WooCommerce uses the REST API that can be used to manage everything from products to orders.

Create a beautiful Ecommerce store with the Best WooCommerce Plugins

Successful sales start long before someone clicks on the buy button. Part of creating a successful eCommerce store is using the best WooCommerce Plugins to replicate your unique brand and thus create a unique experience to navigate your products, content and websites.

Choose a topic that suits you. WooCommerce is designed to work seamlessly with themes you know and love, including the annual standard WordPress themes and many popular premium themes from across the web.

Edit every part of your website – from the home page layout to the Buy button – to stand out from the crowd. Post great content and build a strong brand using WooCommerce Product Video. Use WooCommerce to integrate eCommerce with the world’s most popular content management platform.

Importance of WooCommerce Plugins

You can change all parts of your site, from the homepage layout to the Buy button. Publish great content and build a strong brand. Use WooCommerce to integrate your business with the world’s most popular content management platform.

Online stores usually require high-quality hosting and legal plugins with good customer support. They expand your online shops with functions that are not generally supplied with the original version of WooCommerce.

Finding the right plugins to make your WooCommerce website work the way you want it to be can be overwhelming. If you add the wrong plugin, your site could crash like a snail or stop working altogether.

When it comes to WooCommerce plugins, there are hundreds of options you can use to expand the functionality and give your business a boost.

The Best ‘Must-Have’ WooCommerce Plugins for your eCommerce Store  

We’ve rounded out the best free and premium WooCommerce plugins to keep your site up and increase sales. Plugins that attract buyers and take you back to your site and make it easy to update your site.


1. Booster for WooCommerce


Booster for WooCommerce

Booster for WooCommerce is similar to the Jetpack plugin, but WooCommerce. So it’s not just a thing. Instead, it offers a range of 100+ features that you can use to improve and customize your WooCommerce shop.

Add currencies and exchange rates, convert wholesale prices, set prices based on user role, and more. Customize checkboxes, create special coupons, and more.

Add your records, calculate some forms, customize different ways by currency or country, and much more. Set a minimum order quantity, add a shipping calculator, specify other shipping methods according to your terms and more—various settings for the background program as well as the option to add your emails.


2. WooCommerce Wishlists


WooCommerce Wishlists

Wish lists allow customers to plan their purchases or tell others what they would like for special events. With WooCommerce wishlists, you can create and share lists for all your customers to attract more visitors to your store. The price of the licenses starts at $79 per year.


3. Product Import Export for WooCommerce


Product Import Export for WooCommerce

Maintaining a database of WooCommerce products is not an easy task with thousands of products for sale. The export should include information such as product images, product metadata, keywords, descriptions, and product overviews.

Importing/exporting WooCommerce products from WebToffee is a plugin that makes it easy to import your products. With more than 40,000 active installations, it is available as a free and premium version.


4. WooCommerce Product Video


WooCommerce Product Video

Upload the video to the product gallery with images on one WooCommerce product page. You can only add one video to the product gallery, or mix videos and photos in the product gallery. Add a product video and instantly transform your WooCommerce product video into a fully responsive weird carousel.

When a user sees a short video about your product, the chances of selling the product increase, which is also suitable for marketing the products, plugins are fresh and easy to use.


5. PayPal Pro for WooCommerce


Paypal for WooCommerce

With over 277 million active PayPal customer accounts, it’s no wonder why WooCommerce allows you to accept PayPal payments.

The PayPal plugin for WooCommerce integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce so that you can view all of your transaction data in both WooCommerce and PayPal. Alternatively, you can use PayPal Express Checkout to make it easier for customers to shop with you.


We’ve compiled opinions on why WordPress plugins are essential to your business store as well as the best WooCommerce plugins to get you up and running. This concludes our review of the importance of WooCommerce plugins. Note, however, that with a sophisticated and powerful plugin like WooCommerce, it still has many useful features. The Best WooCommerce plugins and extensions make it easy to build your online store.