Best Photo Studios for Your Christmas Sessions in 2022

Read this article to learn where are the best photo studios for your Christmas sessions. Find out how to choose location for incredible holiday photoshoot for the best price.

Best Photo Studios for Your Christmas Sessions


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Many people like gathering with their nearest and dearest during Christmas time to celebrate this special holiday together. Besides, lots of us treat it as a wonderful chance to take group images and later arrange them into thematic albums or collages. With the best photo studios for Christmas sessions, you may forget about the hustle of decorating backgrounds, adjusting lighting systems, etc. Usually, experts in such studios take care of all nuances. The lowest hourly fee for a photo session starts at $40, which is a great deal for both amateurs and pros.


1. Mint Room Studios, Toronto

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Location: 300 Campbell Ave, Unit #300, Toronto, Ontario, M6P 3V6

Capacity: Up to 10 people

Price: From $95/hour

If you are searching for huge photo studio space for rent, Mint Room Studios is a fantastic variant. In fact, it houses 3 separate shooting locations with 7000 sq. ft. on the third floor and 1,500 sq. ft. on the second floor. There is also the Ballroom Studio, which is replete with holiday-related props. The most notable thing about this studio is that it includes 2 large windows so the space is evenly lit with natural light. Besides, it bounces off white walls, so you won’t need to fix severe lighting issues during image editing.


Every wall has a beautiful molding design and Parisian touches that are accentuated by a fancy fireplace in the middle of the room. This studio is a perfect fit for bridal, editorial, and elegant family photo sessions. Photographers and models state that a 15ft tall ceiling is a real masterpiece. Besides, it can be used for handing the most intricate props. The minimum booking time is 1 hour but if you rent it for 2+ hours, you receive a hefty discount.


2. Bellamy Loft, Toronto

Bellamy Loft, Toronto

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Location: 1230 Sheppard Ave W, #4, North York, ON M3K1Z9

Capacity: Up to 25 People

Price: From $250/hour

This is actually a boutique, blank canvas event space that can be easily turned into a great photo studio. The area is completely transformable, which is a huge bonus. You can adjust it the way you want or opt for their preset option that is in line with the theme of the shooting. The creative team has varied designs for a Christmas photo session.


While selecting the best photo studios for your Christmas sessions, keep in mind that Bellamy Loft is available in 2 variants – as studio rental and as studio rental + photography package. The shortest booking time is 1 hour. If you decided to organize the shooting here but lack offbeat DF Christmas photo ideas ( Cute Christmas Photo Ideas), you should check out FixThePhoto, Pinterest, and Inspiration Photographers websites.


3. The Photographer Studio, Avenue Edmonton

The Photographer Studio

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Location: 15607 100A Avenue Edmonton, AB Canada

Capacity: Up to 10 people

Price: From $40/hour

If you reside in Edmonton and neighboring regions and look for local photographic studios, this place is worth considering. It was created by zealous photographers for their seasoned colleagues and aspiring enthusiasts, who want to organize photoshoots in a convenient place. There is a large set of Christmas backdrops, which is regularly updated. If you feel like tweaking some elements or jazzing up the décor, you need to discuss it with the team. The minimum booking time is half an hour.


The best thing about this studio is that it’s fully customizable. You can change some minor pieces yourself or address the creators for a serious overhaul. The collection of furniture and decorations ranges includes both antique and modern objects. You can make the most off-kilter combinations. In fact, this space is suitable not only for photo sessions, but can also host gatherings, consultations, workshops, event screenings, and more.


4. Keyfootage, South Florida

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Location: 710 NW 57th St, Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33309

Capacity: Up to 10 people

Price: From $50/hour

If you are on the lookout for a thematic photo studio space for rent, Keyfootage may be an ideal option. Here you will find a Christmas tree and snowmen, manifold props and backgrounds, lighting setups, and private changing rooms. You can book it for a short photo session or one lasting all day long. If you want to work with a skilled photographer, the owner of the studio can suggest the top South Florida talents.


The studio sticks out from the crowd with its wireless trigger system, which means you can snap shots and activate lighting remotely. The list of additional options includes camera rental (5D Mark III w/ 24-105mm) – $15 or filled bathtub – $95. The booking time starts at 1 hour.


5. Lux Rae Loft, Washington

Lux Rae Loft

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Location: 819 SE 14th Loop STE 108, Battle Ground, Wa 98629

Capacity: Up to 10 people

Price: By request

By choosing this option, you can actually get access to 3 unique studios, as well as separate places for applying makeup and doing your hair. The space is large with modern and stylish decorations that can be used for different events, photo sessions included. In the period from 16th to 31st December, the team offers an additional collection of festive props for Christmas, so it is definitely advantageous to organize your shooting this time. You can use the default setting or style the props the way you want.


The most demanded objects are green couches, a flocked Christmas tree, a blanket ladder, rugs, a pre-lit X-mas tree, gold & white ornament, faux snow, pine cones, and blankets. But the range of props is whoppingly huge, so you can definitely select something for your photoshoot. In fact, you can hardly find another photo studio space for rent that contains so many beautiful props. By experimenting with different items, you can start with portrait photo sessions and then switch to taking group images.


Tips for Choosing a Photography Studio for Christmas Sessions

Tips for Choosing a Photography Studio

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Many photographers opt for studio shooting mainly because they can have full control over backdrops, lighting, and props. Taking photos outdoors is sure to have a unique appeal but a photo session may become a total mess due to changeable weather, passers-by getting into the frame, and intermittently flashing lights.


If you are looking for the best photo studios for your Christmas sessions, follow the tips below to make a proper choice.


  1. The basics for comfort. Undoubtedly you want a photo studio, which has all the necessary amenities for convenient work. You should ascertain there are good temperature controls, AV, different furniture pieces, a supply of drinking water, and private restrooms. These are basic requirements but they loom large if you plan to photograph for several hours in a row.


  1. The amount of space. Studios can be of different sizes. Sometimes, a medium-sized room is a good option, especially if you plan a portrait photo session with a bare minimum of props and accessories. However, if you will partake in a group shooting with an abundance of objects, costumes, and setups, you should choose a more spacious location. A good rule of thumb is to select a studio with ample space for the actual shooting, storing gear and props, as well as waiting and having respite.


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  1. The height of the ceiling. It is recommended to choose a studio with a ceiling height of 10ft. or more. Thus, you will have enough space for your equipment and props. Photographing in studios with low ceilings, you may face problems with lighting.


  1. The amount of artificial lighting and daylight. Don’t underestimate the importance of artificial lighting. In fact, a good studio has varied lighting sources so photographers can find those that match up their lighting equipment.

Pro tip: Steer clear of studios with many windows, as finding the balance between natural and artificial lighting can be very difficult. In fact, some studios are windowless because of such issues.


  1. Privacy. Selecting photo studio space for rent, you should pay special attention to the availability of closed-off areas. Make sure your team and clients will be hidden from other people during a photo session so that everybody can feel at ease. It is a huge bonus if restrooms are within such a private space.


Final Thoughts

Photographic studios described in this review are suitable for different types of photo sessions because they have varied props, lighting setups, backdrops, pieces of furniture, and more. Taking Christmas images in such rentals will be a nice experience and you will receive many cool pictures.