8 WordPress Calendar Plugins For Keeping Track of Events

Looking for the best WordPress Calendar Plugins for event scheduling? We’ve listed the 8 best calendar plugins right here.

WordPress Calendar Plugins For Keeping Track of Events

The reason why so many event calendar plugins for WordPress exist is quite simply the demand. There are several business niches that require scheduling for a variety of reasons. You may be familiar with some of these already…

• Dentists
• Doctors
• Schools
• Sports Events
• Online Booking

The event calendar is a way to keep visitors or people in the group informed and updated and also allows to keep other people in loop (meetings, parties, projection completion and whatnot).

When it comes to event scheduling nothing beats the services and plugins of WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular and robust platforms in the world. Thanks to the high demand of WordPress websites for business, there are many fantastic WordPress Calendar Plugins that are very well supported.

Sometimes it can be a struggle trying to determine which plugin you should use and that’s why we have sorted out the top 8 WordPress event calendar plugins for scheduling events.


Top 8 WordPress Calendar Plugins


For all the WordPress service providers here are the top 8 WordPress Calendar Plugins that would help with your event management.


  1. Events Manager

Events manager

The event manager plugin tends to offer outstanding and excellent free services. The backend interface is manageable and accessible. In the bookings and listing area, the user can produce multiple tickets for an ample number of event.

Not only this, but the plugin provides the user with widgets that are accessible for events, locations and calendars, which will assist the user in showing their current status of activities and projects.

The user can define everything, including thumbnails, Google Maps union, form settings, event pages, formatting and configuration, email support, bookings, and more.


  1. Event Prime

Event Prime

EventPrime is a phenomenal and straightforward event calendar plugin that has an extensive collection of features and functionalities. With the help of this event management plugin, the user can construct events straight from the WordPress admin dashboard. And there is no obligation to have any previous experience to get things moving.

EventPrime is a mind bobbling and fully grown event management system that helps the user to operate for all sorts of diverse purposes. Moreover, the user needs to generate free and premium events with booking. This method alone will help all the PSD to WordPress expert to manage the business organized and effortless to operate. Other astonishing features of EventPrime involve multi-day events, drag and drop editor, widgets, shortcodes, and different assignment practices.


  1. EventOn


EventOn is a responsive and adaptable event calendar plugin. Meaning the user can add post, widgets and pages to the desired area. The plugin comes loaded with massive features along with many beautiful designs. With the help of EventOn it is easy to construct and add the events to the accessible and straightforward calendars. Not only this, but EventOn has multiple options that the user can build with.


Some of the options that are included in the plugin are the ability of it to maintaining Eventbrite and Paypal custom event colours, custom taxonomies and positive insert benefits. Use the calendar widget or take help of the built-in calendar shortcode generator. Building and continuing event calendars to the website have never been more accessible. Thus if you want to convert a static HTML site to WordPress and do not want to misplace those dates then this is the plugin for you.




  1. Event Monster

event monster


Event Monster has more than three hundred installs till date and is rated 5 out of 5 stars. This plugin is designed specifically for event registration and is presented to the users with elegant design and smooth integration. This plugin is so flexible that it tends to ensure that people have no hard to register for events that easily and effectively. This way, they can manage registration with an utterly mobile-friendly design. Some of the other features that are included in the plugin are easy user interface and complete responsive of the plan.




  1. Event Organizer


event organizer

Event Organizer is one of those plugins that tend to deliver a suitable event management solution for the WordPress environment because it resists a unique combination with default custom type post. It is one of the most intuitive user interfaces that has basic features required and some of the excellent support for one time and repeating event. The user whosoever uses this plugin is blessed with numerous features. Features that involve things like frontend submission (or if the task is to convert PSD to WordPress theme), stripe gateway, discount codes and many various free add-ons. The plugin consists of widgets and shortcodes that are versatile and flexible, with widgets or event lists, calendars, and agendas. The shortcodes are displayed as event lists or full calendars.




  1. All in One Event Calendar

All in One Event Calendar

If there is any user that is eagerly looking for a smooth and manageable event tool, then this is the right one for you. The reason is that this plugin has a clean and responsive design that lets any user interaction with a site that is more appealing. The free plugin enables the user to give an essential calendar feature and functionalities that are alluring and important.




  1. Calendar by WD

Calendar by WD

One of the most famous and well-reformed plugin, The Calendar by WD (which was earlier known as Spider Event Calendar) is a reliable and attractive free calendar plugin. It is specially designed and processed to present the audience with a highly configurable and easy-to-use events calendar.

The plugin provides the user with colour-coded categories and features to custom HTML in event descriptions are they are just the beginning of the plugin’s long list of features. Considered as one of the most detailed and customized plugins in the events calendar’s environment. This free plugin grants the user with nothing but a wide range of features to help match the requirements.




  1. FAT Event

FAT Event

Keeping things as professional as possible, FAT event plugin ensures a fantastic user experience that tends to reach desired goals with the FAT event. This event calendar is full of excellent features that are typical to enable events like a PRO.


The plugin is compatible with Google Maps, WooCommerce, supports coupons and Paypal or Stripe payments and it works well even when the user needs to convert HTML to WordPress. Social distribution, shortcode generator, gallery guide and version ready, FAT Event plays it all and parts more.


In the Nutshell


So here it is, these are some of the best calendar plugins that help in keeping track of the events. We hope that you can find a suitable plugin. With the plethora of available plugins, there is an ample number of opportunities that would tend to take a spin.


If you have any issues regarding the topic or want to learn about HTML website to WordPress conversion, then write to us on the comment section below.