6 Tools That Will Take Your Business Blog To The Next Level


Maintain a stunning, clear, and popular website with a few extra resources.

6 tools to build your business blog

One of the most popular outlets for publishing content to the web, blogs have become increasingly sophisticated and professional over the last decade. But for many bloggers, new and established alike, the focus has been on the writing, sometimes leaving other aspects like aesthetic and promotion behind. So if you’re feeling left behind on blogging tricks of the trade, add these six resources to your toolbox in order to help you make your blog even better.


1. Creative Market


Without visuals, your blog might look a little dull. But when it comes to business-oriented posts, there may not be much obvious opportunity for visuals. Because how do you visualize topics like ‘time management’ or ‘employee training tips’? Sure, there are plenty of design tricks that can make a photo-less website still look very sleek, but many blog readers really appreciate photos, videos, and illustrations. However not all bloggers have the time to produce stellar posts and jaw-dropping art to accompany them. This is where sites like Creative Market come in. You can purchase individual or large-scale rights to use materials that artists have created. Sometimes you can even get some freebies, too!


2. WordPress


Unless you have a full IT and/or communications team at your disposal, you might already be using WordPress for its ease-of-use and plugin capabilities. It has a vast amount of features that are helpful to both techies and tech-novices, though, so anyone can benefit from using this platform. You can accomplish SEO, build photo albums, organize your site structure, and more, all within its user-friendly interface.


3. Hemingway App

One of the simplest ways to take your business blog to the next level and have your readers take you more seriously is to hone your writing skills. Hemingway App can help you do just that, with a simple copy and paste function. It will then highlight some higher level writing errors that a standard word processor might not catch. Plus, you will be able to see the grade level at which you are writing—helpful information to allow you to make your content more accessible to more people.


4. The Webby Awards


Everyone needs a little blog inspiration once in a while. This is where the Webby Awards really shines. You can find the best of the best blogs by category here (including Business Blogs!). Each winner is a wealth of style, design, and content inspiration. Learn from the greatest and maybe you will see your blog among the winners someday.


5. Easel.ly


Infographics are all the rage right now, so it’s a good idea to create your own stunning design with this smart tool. Easel.ly is intuitive and user-friendly – a perfect go-to tool for creating engaging infographics that explore your niche and position your brand as a leader in the field. Visualizing interesting data in this way, you’re practically guaranteed to bring in lots of new traffic to your blog.


6. Google Analytics


If you don’t already use Google Analytics to track your blog’s metrics, be sure to set it up today. It can give you heaps of valuable information regarding your web traffic, user demographics, and more. This information will help you evaluate your marketing strategy, making sure your business makes the most efficient choice with promotional resources.


While these are six super helpful tools, they are still only a small fraction of what is out there. You’re probably familiar with the saying “there’s an app for that!” Well, the same idea applies here—there’s probably an app or website out there for whatever kind of solution you could need.