4 Apps to Solve Programming Problems

Whether you’re a hard core coder or a freelance website designer / web developer, you will need to solve programming problems – here are 4 apps.

Solve Programming Problems



Considering how difficult programming looks from the outside, when you think of coding, you probably picture something like this;

silicon valley

Image Source: Amazon ‘Silicon Valley’


It’s understandable to automatically assume programming is a skill meant only to be learned by IT experts. 

However, quarantine has taught us all that there is no skill that cannot be learned. Once you move on from art and banana bread, you might want to try learning this seemingly difficult skill as well!

Maybe you’re already dabbling? Many graphic designers take on learning web development.

There is a lot of resources available online for those who wish to learn coding and programming. 

Regardless of whether you’re a scrappy self learner or a true ‘hard-core’ coder — you’ll need to solve programming problems.

When it’s time, skip the Googling and just refer to the 4 best Apps to solve programming problems:

1. Code Monk

To best avoid programming problems from arising, you need to get your basics sorted. This is where apps like Code Monk come in.

Offered by Hacker Earth, this app offers a curated list of various topics, each of which aims to improve the programming skills of the users. You will find weekly tutorials on topics ranging from programming basics to the implementation of codes.

Depending on your interest and level of expertise, you can choose to learn programming languages like Java or C++. Additionally, to ensure that you retain the learnings, the app features coding content to showcase your skills.

By ensuring that you have a strong programming foundation, this app allows you to secure strong codes for providers like Ecommerce sites, airg scam free apps, and websites.

2. Programming Hero

Are you a complete beginner with no prior knowledge of coding and programming?

If so, don’t worry! You don’t necessarily need a degree to learn this skill. Instead, you can use beginner apps like Programming Hero for it.

This app is for absolute beginners. So, if you are already into programming and looking for ways to solve issues that arise within your codes, this is not the app for you!

For the novices, you are likely to like how jargon-free and user-friendly this app is. The app converts programming and coding into mini-games to introduce you to otherwise difficult concepts. Hence, you will be able to understand the fundamentals of coding and gain awareness about different commands and syntax.

While you might not be ready to develop your own web application via this application, you will surely get accustomed to the coding world.

3. StackOverflow

Rather than an app, StackOverflow is a website. However, it is surely the best place to find solutions to your programming problems. This is because this site hosts a community of over 100 million users. While some of its users are coding experts, others are serious about improving their skills.

Once you sign up on the site, you can ask questions regarding programming or answer those asked by other coders. You will find various questions regarding coding platforms, programming languages, and services, etc.

The site also features an up-vote system that allows people to get quick answers to their queries. Whenever you are stuck in your programming tasks, ask your fellow experts and either get straightforward answers or links to relevant resources.

4. Grasshopper

This JavaScript teaching app is as simple as coding can get. Grasshopper has been designed by the Code with the Google team. Hence, you can count on it to be thorough and relevant to today’s world!

Designed for beginners, Grasshopper is free for all. The mobile app features a very simple drag-and-drop style code editor. Hence, if you are new to programming, it will ease you into the task by making it simple for you.

As you progress through levels, the “coding games” become more and more complex, thereby allowing you to learn all the fundamentals of programming. The features offered in the app include:

  • Visual puzzles that help in developing problem-solving skills.
  • Use of JavaScript, which is an industry-standard language.
  • Real-time feedback by the app to ensure that users are on the right track.

To keep users motivated, the app shares certificates and awards for completing each course. By the end of this app, you will likely master the basics of programming, including methods, functions, and variables. The developed problem-solving skill will help you in dealing with incoming programming problems on your own.

Ending Remarks

The world of coding and programming is quite dynamic. Bugs and problems are often unique to a given project. Only with a strong understanding of the subject and a keen eye for the source of the problem can you truly become a good coder.

Whether you are just starting out or are already into the world of programming, use any of these five apps to solidify your skills further.

For all you savvy programmers, what app do you use to solve programming problems? Do help your fellow coders out, and let us all know below!