The Benefits of YouTube Video Ad Sequencing

Haven’t heard of YouTube video ad sequencing? Learn how to better engage customers and prioritize brand messaging with this powerful tactic right here.

YouTube Video Ad Sequencing


Have you heard of “YouTube ad sequencing”?

It’s an instrumental marketing tool where video advertising can be presented to an online audience in a specific sequence. This works to increase brand awareness, emphasize a point, or separate authentic and potential leads from disengaged users. In this feature, we’ll outline the benefits of this instrumental YouTube tool. 

Top Benefits of YouTube Video Ad Sequencing

Many beginner YouTubers may believe that YouTube SEO is sufficient for accomplishing their objectives. However, marketing is a never-ending activity. According to experts, video sequencing advertising is just as crucial for growing a following on YouTube as SEO is for converting viewers into paying clients.

YouTube Ad sequencing–a new marketing feature for creators–enables content delivery to your online audience through several adverts in a predetermined order. It allows you to develop a plot through engaging storytelling while inspiring viewers to take action. Read about the advantages of YouTube video ad sequencing below.

1. Get Attention From the Audience

The ideal method for YouTube video ad sequencing is captivating storytelling.
Storytelling is a tried-and-true marketing strategy, which is the primary justification for using it in ad sequencing. Viewers are more likely to remember your products or brand when compelling storytelling is used in Youtube advertisements.

Most media nerds and marketing professionals believe that excellent storytelling advertising raises audience attention and produces positive results.

2. Retain Customers

The best YouTube strategy for keeping clients is ad sequencing in videos. YouTube ad sequencing conveys the tale of your business or product by displaying videos in a particular sequence to retain customers. It should be emphasized that effective video advertisements should be imaginative. Remember that YouTube ad sequencing should entice potential clients who are about to depart without making a purchase (or any other reason).

3. Reach a Larger Audience With Time

YouTube ad sequencing has the potential to reach a broader audience, which is another reason why it’s a great marketing tactic that many YouTubers use. 

To reach a wide audience, create a broad narrative with 3-4 video ads that address every demographic. This will increase your audience size and keep them engaged. 

To see modifications made or to determine whether the number of subscribers, comments, and sharing has grown, utilize Youtube Analytics.

4. Better User Experience for Your Ads

YouTube video ad sequences improve user experiences significantly because they provide more efficient commercials and increase ad memory. When compared to a single 30-second general ad, the ad recall lift for video ad sequencing was +74% more, according to Google. Building brand lift and awareness are crucial to achieving results and scaling over time. As a result, ad sequencing incorporating a powerful narrative can win the audience over to your brand or product.

5. Build More Authority Over the Audience

Your authority over the audience will increase or improve if interesting creatives are used for your YouTube video advertising. Effective advertisements have the potential to foster positive relationships with viewers. As a result, a positive advertising appeal increases the likelihood that viewers won’t close or skip those ads when they pop up. 

6. Reward the Audience and Build More Trust

Ad sequencing for YouTube videos is one of the most potent marketing tactics to offer rewards and foster audience trust. Ad sequencing with 3-4 videos is a great way to explain what viewers will get from watching the entire advertisement. To keep your audience’s attention, come up with rewards at this stage for anyone who views your full promo.

Additionally, a satisfied and well-rewarded audience will raise your profile. They’re the most likely to spread the word about the wonderful experience they had with your most recent advertisement.

The majority of companies that run video advertisements use just one video asset. Still, with several video ads, like those seen in YouTube video ad sequencing, you can outperform your rivals by employing the capabilities in your advertiser dashboard on YouTube. Sequential YouTube advertisements help brands increase recall by 74% compared to a single 30-second YouTube ad.

Difference Between YouTube Video Ad Sequencing and YouTube Retargeting

Your target audience will be able to view video advertising in the order you specify, thanks to YouTube Video Ad Sequencing. If you wish to construct a narrative with your video advertisements, display one ad that reveals the story’s starting point first, followed by other ads that carry the story in a predefined sequence.

When Should You Deploy Video Ad Sequencing on YouTube?


Here are a few instances when YouTube Video Ad Sequencing should be used:

  1. When you want to reach a larger audience with a variety of commercials that tell a story
  2. To engage a larger audience and acquire new ones 
  3. To describe a brand through an engaging narrative and increase ad recall 

On the other hand, YouTube Retargeting targets users who have previously visited your site or engaged with your YouTube films to display your videos. Both In-Stream and In-Display campaigns can be used to target remarketing audiences on the world’s biggest video platform. 

YouTube Retargeting leverages data from your channel and Google Ad targeting. This assists your company in interacting with customers who have previously engaged with your YouTube content.

To get the most from this exercise, build a Google Ads audience list based on various YouTube actions, such as:

  • Viewing specific videos
  • Subscribing to a channel
  • Liking videos
  • Landing on a channel’s homepage

When Should You Deploy a Retargeting Strategy?


Wondering when YouTube Retargeting comes in handy? Consider using this tactic when: 

  1. Narrowing your audience to users who have interacted with your YouTube vlogs in the past
  2. Finding and retargeting users who have interacted with your content in the past and seem likely to carry out specific actions in the future (such as making an online purchase or going to a physical store)

Sequencing video ads with amazing video design and content is a very powerful tool for getting the appropriate information to target customers at the right moment. But successfully retargeting advertisements call for a well-thought-out plan.

Wrap Up

Unlike YouTube SEO, discover how people engage with each video in an ad series by using sequential YouTube video advertisements. Keeping an eye on engagement and analytics will eventually reveal which advertisements are most skipped. In turn, this will provide you the chance to improve and develop a captivating narrative that the audience wants to engage with. Use sequential YouTube video advertisements to increase leads, sales, and growth.