Step-by-Step Guide to Make Your WordPress Content Worth Sharing

WordPress can be a powerful tool for online marketing, but the most important thing to POWER is your WordPress content, learn how!

wordpress content worth sharing


WordPress is user-friendly and flexible enough to power hobbyist bloggers all the way to big brand names like BBC America; which is the majority of online content is WordPress content.

We all know everyone likes approval especially when it comes to marketers. They take pride when they know that their content gets shared. It is especially so as 2 million pieces of content are published on the internet every day. It could be articles, reviews, blog posts, eBooks, special reports, white papers and so much more. That is why content marketers are working hard to get noticed in the internet jumble. Some content marketers out there have no clue what they are doing, and this can be demoralizing for them.

If you want to increase your audience and build back links then you really need to create content worth sharing.

I typically use WordPress for Content creating and sharing; however the steps below can really be used with any online platform to make your content worth sharing.


1. Publish Content That Has Value

If your content is not creative, useful or exciting, great promotion is not going to help much. Make sure that your content teaches your audience something. You should ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you conveying the message?
  • Do you back your statements with facts, clear explanations or how to examples?
  • What do you want your readers to learn or take away from the post?

It does not matter whether you take longer to get your content published, what matters is that you make it worth reading.


2. Use Images

When it comes to sharing content, we are talking about social media, and everyone knows social media loves images. For example, Facebook posts which have images get 2.3 times more engagement than posts without pictures. No need to fight this, this is the first level. Your content should have at least one image that’s designed to look good for social media. Level two for marketers is to ensure that part of their content gets converted into an image that works as standalone content. For example, if it is informative content, put an image of the necessary stages to follow together and then bundle those stages into one image. EWWW Image Optimizer is a good option for WordPress image compression plugin. It is because it’s easy to use and can compress and optimize your previous uploaded images in bulk.


3. Use Social Sharing Plugins

Using social sharing plugins is far to valuable of a step to skip for anyone, especially bloggers. You should add social sharing buttons on your site if you haven’t done so already. Start testing sharing tools to kick it up a notch. When you have the right plugins and tools, they can impact significantly on how many shares that you get. WordPress makes it easy for the elites on social media using tools like Social Warfare. It is also essential to use its caching plugins to lessen the load on the server and make the site open faster for the readers.

4. Write Concise and Great Headlines

The truth is that most people will not read your content. It is vital to know the secrets of writing great content for your website. Therefore, make sure your heading is captivating so that your readers can read it. Vague and boring headlines don’t get shared. The next thing your readers are likely to see after the images are headings. The photos capture the reader’s attention; however, the titles are what makes a reader know what kind of content to expect. Your content should be concise and short. The best headings include:


  • Number list (5 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Followers)
  • How To
  • Threat plus a solution (PR Crisis: Tactics to Quickly Fix a Disaster)
  • Social proof headings (Social Media: Why It Is Important)


5. Know Your Readers

Do you know who you are targeting? A lot of times, content will fall flat on its face because the writer forgot the audience that they were writing for. Anyone can write, but not all can communicate effectively. You can always outsource your content writing to professionals like Edubirdies. People like sharing content that shows an image of them that they want to project outwards. Your readers want to get seen as smart, fun, inspiring people. Create a personality of your average reader and find out the image of their ideal self that they project to the world. When you use that, you will see share numbers skyrocket.


6. Write Lists Whenever Possible

Most people love lists. It can be “7 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers and Business” or “8 Ways to Make Money Online”, the list is endless. So come up with an angle to present your content in the form of a list. Lists are easy on the eyes, and people can tell what to expect the moment they see a title. People comprehend easily information presented in a list form. It happens if you are trying to pass details that are a bit hard to grasp and require readers to go through them more than once. However, bullet points can also serve the same purpose.


7. Emotional Appeal

Your content needs to have four specific emotions:

  • Excitement
  • Surprise
  • Inspiration
  • Positivity

People are less likely to share content that’s outrageous or sad. It’s because they do not want others to experience the same negative emotion they got from the material. However, when the content evokes positive feelings, people will easily share it. People like amusing, surprising and inspiring stories. The chances are that if the material you are writing makes you feel something, there is the possibility people will feel it too. When writing, always try to spice things up through emotional triggers and good storytelling.


8. Play the Devil’s Advocate

Each time there is a hot debate on, content writers will often flock to it. It’s because they want to drive traffic to their social media platforms, blogs or media sites. It is okay, but after a while, those articles and videos start looking dull. The best way to approach this is trying to study the topic and pick a different angle to it. There is nothing wrong with swimming against the current. When you take a controversial stand on a subject, it is guaranteed to spark a debate. A good example is Religion versus Science. It has always managed to trigger people over the years. It engages people’s attention, and people typically like reading about it, commenting and sharing articles on the same.



Many bloggers flock to WordPress in the hope that their content will be read and more importantly get shared widely. WordPress features set you up for marketing success. Creating great, shareable content is not rocket science. Although it can be time-consuming, it is worth it. Posting fewer great articles is better than many okay posts. The utmost way to get that respect in your industry is to have the best content possible.