WordPress 5.3 Kirk Version Update What’s New for You?

What is New in WordPress 5.3 Kirk Version Update? The latest WordPress updates are always a little bit scary and a little bit exciting, Let’s look at the positives of Kirk.

WordPress 5.3 Kirk Version Update

When it comes to websites, WordPress is the biggest player in CMS website creation.

According to Forbes, more than 75 million websites are currently powered by the technology giant. This means that WordPress powers more than 25% of the websites on the internet.


One of the biggest ways that this platform has gained and held onto its popularity for so long is by being adaptable. It features plugins that users can implement to streamline tasks and updates that add overall functionality and security that may have been lacking before.


The latest update that WordPress has rolled out is the 5.3 Kirk version update, named after a jazz musician named Rahsaan Roland Kirk. As promised, WordPress has included features in this update that not only help users make more out of the platform but for consumers to make more out of the websites on it as well.

1. Required JSON Extension

One of the biggest technical changes between the WordPress 5.3 Kirk Version update and its predecessors is that it now requires the use of the JSON extension. This is an extension of PHP native, a scripting language, and the requirements include any versions of WordPress beyond version 5.3 as well. The update also offers full support for users of PHP 7.4.

For most users, this shouldn’t be a problem, though. This is because the JSON extension has been standard with PHP since a 2006 update. If a business or WordPress development company isn’t using the extension, the platform will detect it and display an error message. If this is the case, users can contact the web host to enable the extension.

2. New Default Theme

The new default theme for WordPress under the 5.3 Kirk version update is called Twenty Twenty. It uses bold coloring and block editing for a clear and confident web design. The theme was designed by Anders Norén who also designed the similar Chaplin theme. Twenty Twenty also allows users to change the color patterns used in the theme for extra customization within the single design set itself. It’s made to be just as adaptable as the rest of the update.

Of course, this is not the only theme available. There are still a plethora of themes to choose from. Twenty-Twenty is simply the theme that is automatically applied to new websites.


3. Better Design Features

WordPress is constantly improving and increasing what users can do with it, sometimes with the help of developers using the platform. In the case of the 5.3 update, users can experiment with more than 150 brand new features. These include the use of high-quality images that aren’t optimized, larger default image sizes, and more.

4. Editing Ease

WordPress has always had a reputation for having a user-friendly interface even to users who aren’t professional programmers. However, the ability to customize template themes such as Twenty Twenty was more difficult. With the new update, especially concerning Twenty Twenty, tinkering with the advanced settings of a user’s website design is made to be even easier.


5. Better Security

Cybersecurity is a massive concern in the technological world today. That’s why media platforms are increasing their security measures with every update they release – WordPress included.


In the 5.3 Kirk update, WordPress has added better site health checks with broadened recommendations to ensure that your site stays secure. In addition, verification of administrator emails will be sent out every six months to keep this information up-to-date.


The WordPress 5.3 Kirk version update is a non-essential update but one well-worth taking the time to install into your version of WordPress. It makes tasks like block editing and crafting the appearance of the website much easier in addition to adding stronger security measures and new default design options.


In the grand scheme of WordPress updates, the Kirk update isn’t the biggest, but it does come with some really nice features and upgrades. More importantly, updating your WordPress site helps keep it safe and secure. If your site has a lot of customizations or additional functionality, there is always the chance that running any update could break something on your site. If you’re worried about breaking your site, you can always get help from a WordPress developer to smoothly update your site.