Wizard’s Brew, a new game release from Gryphon Games, has overwhelmingly exceeded its Kickstarter Campaign goal!

Pixel is proud to announce our latest project with Gryphon Games has finished up its Kickstarter campaign with 332 backers and a whopping $22,952 in pledged funds, well exceeding the initial $10,000 goal!

WIZARD’S BREW uses several familiar game mechanics and combines their use in a unique way so that each time you play the game the experience is quite different! Wizards roam the land wielding the four elements in a quest to complete their brew — the elixir of life. Prove that you’re the world’s greatest alchemist by using powerful spells to control the elements and be the first to acquire the ingredients needed to complete your wizard’s brew.

  • A Spell-Casting, Ever-Changing card game!
  • A Race Game!
  • An Auction Game!
  • Short Rules–just 4 pages!
  • Sets up differently every game!
  • Fast set-up and generally plays in less than an hour!
  • Lots of fun interactivity between players!

Spell cards are the heart and soul of the game. You gain more Spell cards during short auctions at the start of each round, by bidding Energy Cubes.

The Spell cards generate the Element cards shown on the Spell cards. This phase takes only a few seconds while you select these powerful Element cards.

You then use these Element cards to bid on and collect Ingredients. The race to collect Ingredients is the goal of the game!

It’s a race to acquire Ingredients using Spells and Elements acquired in auctions. The Spells keep things very interesting. Only a limited number of them come up during each game and usually in very different combinations. A lot of engaging player interaction occurs as a result. Games vary in length from as little as 20 minutes to as long as one hour, seldom any longer than that!


A Commitment to Quality

Gryphon Games is committed to producing games of the highest quality, both in production and game play. We feel it is important that people who buy WIZARD’S BREW receive a game that is well made and which will be in playable condition for many years to come. With the help of Pixel Productions, Inc. providing the highest quality graphics and production, WIZARD’S BREW will be beautifully made using the best printing, box and components available.

Did you miss out on the Kickstarter Campaign? It’s not too late! Gryphon Games has set up a Preorder Incentive Program going now through June 1, 2013! Visit www.wizardsbrewgame.com to buy your copy.