Wix for Beginners: 7 Helpful Wix Tips You’ll Need to Know

Your Beginner’s Guide to Wix Websites 2020: 7 Helpful Wix Tips Every Newbie Should Know When Building Thier First Wix website.

Wix for Beginners: 7 Helpful Wix Tips You'll Need to Know

Web design is one of the most crucial building blocks of search engine optimization. Where you place your titles, how you place titles on images, and how the pages are laid out is crucial on how well your site is set up to receive visitors.


Ideally, you want to have a well-designed site with solid search-optimized characteristics.


That’s where Wix comes in. It is a great content storage website that allows you to feature your work for free. It also provides a great alternative for other content storage sites like Joomla and WordPress.

Wix is a fantastic platform for building all kinds of websites, but how about some awesome Wix Tips to get your website ahead of the curve?


In this post, we have compiled seven helpful tips on how to use Wix for beginners:


1. Ensure that all images are high-quality

The website you are creating serves as your business’ storefront online. It is one of the few places that users could encounter your business online, so it is crucial to use high-quality photos.


Also, ensure that all the photos on your site are under the appropriate user license. Luckily, Wix has a repository of free, high-quality images that you can peruse.


2. Optimize your website for mobile-viewing

To make sure that you get as many visitors on your site as possible, optimize your site for mobile viewing.


Keep in mind that search engines can make algorithm updates without prior notice, and engines like Google prioritizes how your website performs on mobile. Thus, using mobile optimization tool can help you ensure that you will still stay on top of your game.


3. Designate page titles

Your meta title and Google title is how your website will appear on search results.


Not every page on your site will hold the same information, so it is crucial to place meta titles and short meta descriptions for all the vital pages on your site.


That way, prospects could find the exact information that they are looking for.


4. Keep your homepage free of clutter

People rarely read every word on your website. Instead, they quickly look for pages, choosing keywords and sentences.


With these behaviors in mind, it is better that you appeal to the person’s overall emotions than the word count. The less a user will have to click, read, and remember something from your site, the better they will be able to process the information that is right in front of them. As a result, they are more likely to do what you want them to do in the first place.


While text and call-to-actions are still important, ensure that you break them up into bigger subheadings and legible paragraphs. Also, use icons and images as another alternative to communicate your point.


5. Use appealing animation

Today, the average time for a visitor to stay on your website is a matter of seconds. During this time, your site visitor should be able to understand what your business is, as well as the products or services that you can provide.


A great way to appeal to your audience is the use of animations. These grab users’ attention, leading them to where you want to take them to your website. This also lets the visitor focus on the most important elements on your website.


Moreover, the right use of animations makes a more innovative and interactive effect on your site.


6. Properly set up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free. However, you still need a premium Wix plan so you can integrate it on your website backend.


Nonetheless, it is important to install web analytics on your site. That’s because it can provide you with unparalleled insight on how many users are visiting your site and how they behave once they are on it.


It shows you the pages they visit, how much time they are spending on a particular type of content, what websites referred them to your site, and a whole lot more.


Wix also provides excellent documentation on how you could set up your Google Analytics.


7. Spend time considering your template

When utilizing the Wix website editor to create your own website, you cannot switch the template halfway through without completely starting for scratch.


Other website builders like Weebly, for instance, do not allow sudden changes. However, if you have chosen Wix, you could spend time choosing the right design for your business ‒ whether it is layouts, color, look, feel, and so on.


Over to You

Wix has over 55 million users worldwide and is considered as one of the most powerful web design platforms to date. With it, making a website has never been this easy.


Wix is a great platform that could play a crucial role in the future of your business. Once you are done with the Wix tips we have mentioned, then it is time to focus more on your content.


Also, keep in mind that optimizing your site will only take you so far. Crafting high-quality content, and regularly providing readers what they want, and sharing is the key to maintaining a great Wix website.